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Nice script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! :)

Love the script. Any chance of getting .zip creation integrated?

No at the moment, but I consider this a nice suggestion, I could add it as new feature in next release. Your aim would be to share .zip files with customers, or just compress archives?

working on a wordpress plugin next?

I don’t think so, but you can already embed it in posts or pages using iFrames

looks so good, i wonder if a person can rec a small video and upload it?

as file manager does not include video recording features but you can upload any file type, including videos (big or small).

Can we exclude certain file types?

Sure! with a simple comma separated list from the administration panel

Hello @Nicolafranchini

I have a few questions. Is the client panel, and all of it’s files and folders fully secured?

Because it’s important for us that you can’t reach the files/folders by filling in a url e.g.

How does the ftp file and folderpath look like? Because we want to synchronosize our server (with the same folder structure) and upload it to the website/portal.

Is that possible?

@Nicola Great update with the Share-functionality. amazing script, rate 5-stars! :)

..somebody also suggested me a font-end user panel.. thanks to be one of the firsts who believed in this project ;)

Script is getting better and better – nice updates :)

just installed i tried it, really fantastic, congrats!

I’m glad to hear it!
thank you, your feedback is very important


is using mysql for user database ?


No DataBase is needed, users are stored in a dedicated file

I am getting this error with PDFs in the directory

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ImageServer::isEnabledPdf() in /public_html/vfm-admin/class.php on line 1148

The problem goes away if I delete the pdf files.

^ above is not correct, the comments box is stripping some code, but you get the idea, just make sure PDF is there to get the image

yes, I’m very sorry, it’s a little bug of version 1.0.1; I’ve just fixed it, and I’m going to send last release for revision, I suppose at least in a couple of days it will be available with a stable fix ;)

latest version is ready!

Hi nicolafranchini ,done a lot but not enough nicolafranchini you understand what I’m saying? I think you should work on that as security is perhaps the most important in our virtual life :), and basically work done not bad ”?file=dmZtLWFkbWluL3ZmbS1kb3dubG9hZGVyLnBocA==” GOOD LUCK

we Russian slightly different mentality “why pay, if you are able to steal” :) ,do not judge us for it :grin::grin::grin:

Of course I don’t judge you, your honest opinion was very helpful! (I understand the meaning was “beware of the risks”) thanks for your feedback ;)

Could you please explain how to enable the progress bar on server. I’m a newbie and this product is hands on the best around but I really need the progress bar to work :(

Thank you so much!

I’ll wait for the final update. Thank you for your prompt reply!

Thank you for the new updated! works like a charm! :)

Hello very promising your system. even very promising!

1 – you it plans to add ads systems?

2 – if in the future intends to implement a MySQL database to facilitate the searching of files.

3 – it is possible to share one public folder as “any person not logged this could access it?”

4 – it is possible to share 1 folder only 1 User?

5 – it is possible comaprtilhar 1 folder with several different users?

6 – has or will have audio and video player?

7 – has or will have office document reader?

8 – is to specify sizes of files to upload?

9 – is to specify the types of files to upados ex:.. zip, rar, mp3, exe,

10 – is to share files?

11 – all files are encrypted?

12 – finally to where you want to take this wonderful system?

I’m sorry for so many questions that are not seen in the description and I could not see the demonstration


Hi Diego, thanks for your interest, maybe i will put some of these question in my FAQ’s.

1- I dont’t think so, but the system is quite easy to implement if you wish to add header or footer banners (all the frontend runs on a single file)
2- This project will remain DB free, but i’m currently working on: quick search inside current folder and pagination funcionality (useful for big archives)
3- No, you can decide if keep the whole archive public or private; if the archive is public everyone can view and download files, but only “admin” users can upload, edit or delete.
4 & 5 – yes, you can assign a folder to a single user, or to multiple users
6- maybe will have, perhaps with HTML5 player, nice suggestion ;)
7- I don’t think so
8- No, the only limit is set by your server configuration (which can be overwritten with an .htaccess file)
9- You can specify which extension to exclude.
(starting from next release: for “risky” files like .php or .html the system automatically appends a .txt extension before uploading)
10- I was planning to add a “share temporary download link” feature, so it will.. (but I can’t say when)
11- Direct access to files is prevented, and system checks if current user has access to required file before processing download (and download links are encoded).
12- Who knows? I’ll add features until it will preserve its simplicity and flexibility (inside the limits of a file-system)

You can automatically notify a user via email when new file is uploaded to the server?

users don’t have email addresses associated, I preferred to keep the notification service restricted to SuperAdmin, far from spam risks

you can develop that?, if you add that, I am willing to buy the script

I can’t promise, but i’ll put this in the “maybe” list ;)

Can one same folder/file be shared among multiple users?

Yes, it’s possible with folders (and relative files inside)

Is there an option to connect this to MYSQL database?

Doesn’t need it. I preferred to keep the whole script “database free”, maybe in the future I will add an option to store users in a DB to better manage big numbers.

Really great script and support… if you could 1- add email notification for the users who have a new upload inside their folders.

2- share a file by email

this script would be unstoppable..

thanks for your great work.

File sharing just added, thank you for your feedback

Can you add download times?

maybe I will integrate a download counter in a general report panel, but I can’t promse it right now; i’m currently working on private file sharing by email as next feature, out very soon

now you can test the new “Statistics” panel inside live-preview (backend)


nice plugin just install it some comments / questions

1) I have a customer accessing multiple folder how can i do it User’s folder : there must be a way to choose from a list rather than typing with a box to select un-select folder 2) you should add a tracking system to ses what happened when a log 3) you could look into this old code there have tones of good idea

let me know

hii have just update to 1.1 and yesterday created a new language french with not yet any translation so not important but now on the top i have that does appear and i can not delete i have replace the file translation.php

would you let me know how to fix it

i reinstall it completly and styll i have this ._.DS_S

it seems an hidden file inside your translations folder, please send me a private message, so i can reply with more infos

Hi there. I like the look, and feel of this application, but there is one thing that is keeping me from clicking the “buy” button. The share feature seems limited. Do you have plans so that when you click the share button it will come up with a direct link field, and link fields similar as seen at to share on forum boards, etc. How about social media sharing with Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Hi, this script born as “private file manager”; to keep files safe direct links are prevented, and you know, “social media sharing” is the opposite of “private”... maybe in the future i will find a way to choose between “private” or “public share”.

Okay, thanks for quick response.

Send file multiple user?

Sorry Multiple Email?

Hello, at the moment you can just re-send the same attachment multiple times (changing the recipient), but that’s not an hard implementation to do, i will add more email recipients in next release.

You can play an MP3 from veno?

you can add: the user who uploaded the file and the amount of downloads that have the file?

no, i should integrate a DataBase to record detailed tracking, and i can’t promise this will be done

*edit: yes! since v1.2 there’s a little analytics system who stores daily reports ;)