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Logo not showing

alos it does not change coloros the url is

problesm when saving change sit does not apply I have upload the log, changed the file permissions also colors and it does not reflect after saving

also canot find user panel, what is happening ?

Hello, for support requests please use the support form.
I see from your link that there’s a custom logo and a custom skin, so it has been edited somehow.. I can only guess that you are not logged in as MasterAdmin (the first user who installed the script), but with a secondary SuperAdmin user, and you are encountering this bug, which has been fixed and is already included into the next version, out soon.

olá! como posso muda o rodapé, onde vedo mexe no código ?

Hi, for support requests please use the support form, thank you.


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Can you add future update from admin panel, like wordpress :)

i am always crash site when update from ftp. it s so hard.

That’s not so hard, just backup the whole /vfm-admin/ folder, replace it, then re-upload the most important files: config and users. That’s it. There’s also a file-tree screenshot with colored marks about what should be replaced and what not.. ;)

Is there a possibility to bulk import basic users?

You can change server, or url, and keep the same settings and the same users, but VFM has his own users system, you can’t import users from another script.

Thanks for latest update. Only wish you would fix so we can choose custom download periods. Like forever, 30 days, 7 days or any other time period. Simply cannot use script without:)

Alguém conseguiu adicionar o codigo ads.txt do Google AdSense ? onde adicionar ?

I installed veno file manager last version and i have the following error when i try to go to file manager: DataTables warning: table id=filetable – Invalid JSON response and DataTables warning: table id=foldertable – Invalid JSON response. I installed on a Windows server, on a Godaddy linux server and on a Siteground Linux server and I always have the same error.

I solved, it was necessary to activate an HTTPS certificate otherwise the error occurs.

Thanks for your report!

Is it possible to make Veno always send an email notification to the user each time a file is uploaded to that user?

You can enable the upload notifications and select the user before starting the upload

But I mean automatically. Otherwise every time I have to remember to select the notification before starting the upload.

There’s an hidden option to automatically check all the available users on page load, without opening the popup, it should be good if you assinged specific folders to each user. Send me a support request if you need more info.

Love the script. I would love to see integration of Cloud service such as GDrive, Dropbox.

Hi, and thank you. At the moment I don’t think it will be added, as they already have their user interface, and I possibly avoid 3dr party dependencies.

Hello there! I’m really interested in your system, it seems like it fits every need that my company have. I only have one question, we have some clients with a big quantity of small files (they already have around 60.000 and they are increasing daily little by little), so we need to know how it will be the performance in that case. We tryed with Pydio and the system stays loading for 40 minutes before showing the files. ¿Had you deal with something like that before? ¿Did your system respond well?

Thanks in advance!

To clarify, I’m talking about the time that it’s going to take the file listing to show all the files in the screen.

Hi, VFM should work well also with those kind of archives, since version 2.9 we load in page only the requested files, according to the table pagination (from 1 to 10, or 25, or 50, or 100 of page 1, and so on..), but I honsetly never tried with so high numbers like yours. The performances may vary also depending on the server, and on some optional features enabled, like the folders content counter. I can offer you a refund if the script doesn’t get a reasonable loading time (let’s say less than 1 minute). Feel free to send me a message with your reports!

Ok, thanks for that, I’m purchasing the product right now.

Hello, I want to buy your plugin. But before that, I would like to know if it really meets my specifications.

Does your plugin allow you to do: create a user and this same user will be administrator of a group.

Example: I am the super administrator I sell for example 20 Gb to a person and this person is free to create for example 10 users of 2 gb each.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, the script doesn’t have any “group”, it works with “roles” (3 available), and there’s no premium plan / payment gateway. The role SuperAdmin can access the administration area and create how many users he wants, assign them one or more folders, and some available space (calculated from the total size of the assigned folders). So you could at least leave the self registration open, assign a /username/ custom folder to each new user, and a custom quota (the same for all during the registration, editable later individually). But as said, there’s no payment option.

Hi Nicola,

I’ve upgraded to the last version, on clean install and I notice some errors:

- the user avatar can’t be changed – when you click on the upload button, nothing happen - if you want to select some files or all the files from a folder, to generate a link and to send them, nothing happen – so you can’t select files

I didn’t find anything related to Privacy policy popup page

Cloud you please check the above functions?


Hi Claudiu, the avatar plugin has indeed a compatibility issue with jquery 3, thanks for the note, today I will publish the fix. But I can’t find any issue with the file selection, please send me the access to your app using the support form.

The privacy page is _privacy-info.html, edit it and remove the initial _underscore to enable the link. You can find more info inside the new documentation, under Users > Privacy policy, and also a note inside UPGRADE-README.html

Hello everyone, I am using this awesome file manager, however, I was wondering if any of you could help me with a problem I have been trying to solve in the last couple of days, when I use the global search to find a file the return file path appears as ?dir=uploads/\File_1\File_2\File_3\File_4&s=ARI, the question is how can I change the \ to / in order to open the file correctly?. BTW, I am using bitnami wamp and windows 10. Thank you guys.

I already found the solution, just added this line $dirlocation = str_replace( ’\\’, ’/’, $dirlocation ); after line 66 in file. Hope this help some of you with the same problem. Regards.

Thanks! that edit will be added to the next version

check this: your script support like this?

You can check almost all the features of VFM inside the online demo, is not clear to me what that script would do

Hello, how is the update process done? automatically ? manual? or replace the files in ftp? thank you in advance.

Hi, the updates are replacing files and folders via FTP, as simple as possible, skip a couple of files and folders, replace the rest.

It is a good script. We use it. We had to make some changes…GPDR and stuff.. maybe you can consider them. 1. Set up a password strength. now i can have users with password “1” Maybe, allow for a pattern, regex, or few options, min char, complexity. 2. Force users to change passwords after their first login. What we did, is send a reset password to their first email, instead of sending the password plain with the email.


Hi, and thank you.
Abount GDPR, I’ve added the new optional privacy html template for that, including the basic info about cookies and data used by the script
Nice suggestions about password strength (at least minimum chars) and users first login.


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Apparence > The notification sound is not saved.

Yep, just spotted, that bug should be there since v3.2. Send me a private message if you need a quick fix.

Just replied ;)


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Hi there,

We are getting “Error Generating Zip” when trying to download on the latest VFM version. Any idea how we can fix this? It was working well in our old server.

Also, for single file download, is there a method to allow for preview and single click download?

If we enable file preview, the user have to Select File/ GroupActions/ Download and no option for single file click download.

Any advise?



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Please ignore the Error Generating Zip.

The only question for setup is :-

For single file download, is there a method to allow for preview and single click download?

If we enable file preview, the user have to Select File/ GroupActions/ Download and no option for single file click download.


Hi, there’s a download button on the top left corner of the image preview, you don’t necessarily have to use the gropup actions


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Oh yes, didnt spot that.

Thanks for the tip!


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Hi bro, my web error how to fix thank bro!


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Error writing on /users/users.php, check CHMOD settings Error writing on /config.php, check CHMOD settings


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I logged in and it crashed ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECT

we have an Android app.
Can we link it with it ? any API provided ?

VFM is a web app, no api. You can use it with any browser and any device.

Ok got it, Any plans to add API in future ?
So it will be useful for all App developers to use Veno File Manager as cloud storage.

I don’t think so, I’m sorry.