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Hi, on mobile doesn’t load the folders Explorer , any advise?

on chrome it loads but when i click on a folder/subfloder it refresh back to main area

I don’t know, strange though, it has been tested on IOS and Android, on various browsers

Is it possible to modify so that instead of downloading a file it opens directly in the browser depending on the extension? like the pdf files, which can be read directly in the browser


Hi, you could enable the direct links option, so the files will be passed as they are to the browser, or edit the function getHeaders() inside class.downloader.php and force the ‘attachment’ disposition


Question before purchase

1) No payment system? For example paypal, really bank, etc …..

2) Possible to integrate a contact form?

3) Can we create the subscription and pay by paypal, bank transfer etc.

4) Ability to put a download limit for example for standard users have 200MO, for example 30 days for gold users have 800MO, for example 2 months for users to have 1.5 GB, for example unlimited

A function for a lifetime of files for example 15 days, 1 month, Unlimited

How to know who downloads the files?

Thank you

Hi, there’s no payment system, and no free / premium plan, you should possibly manage manually the users via the administration panel, or build a system around the script, but I couldn’t tell where to start from.
A contact form could be easily integrated (you should build a mini form and insert it inside a script’s template part)
There’s an upload limit (the space available inside a specific folder and its sub-directories, if any assigned), but the full download sizes are not tracked.
The script has a statistic panel which tracks the downloader’s username, but only if a download is done by a logged user, not for shared links.

Olá, fiz alguns testes no sistema e fiquei com uma dúvida, por exemplo: Digamos que eu sou gerente de algum estabelecimento e existem mais 3 pessoas que também são gerentes. Digamos que o dono do estabelecimento crie 4 pastas para os gerentes e para cada gerente haja 5 pessoas sob supervisão e para cada um dos 5, uma subpasta.

Há alguma forma de atribuir uma subpasta a alguém? Os únicos que a veriam seriam o Gerente responsável, o administrador e o próprio usuário.


Hi, I’m not sure if I’ve fully understood your question, but: You have 3 “roles”: User (can view and download files), Admin (can view, download, upload files, create and edit folders.. more or less permissions settable from the administration panel), SuperAdmin (can download, upload, AND access to the administration area, here with the access to more or less areas, like general settings, users management, statistics, and translations, these permissions are settable by the MasteAdmin, which is the very first user when you install the script). All these roles (except for the MasterAdmin) can be limited inside a specific first-level subfolder of the main uploads directory, and will see only that folder and all its sub-folders.

Hi! I’ll explain… Look, I am a manager and i have 3 guys that work to Me, so I want to create a folder for myself and 3 subfolders, one for each of them.There are also 2 others managers and they also have some people working for them. I wish that by the time I was to create a subfolder for some of the people who work for me, I could choose the subfolder of it, so he would have access only to it and I could see the subfolder… I do not know if I was very clear and I’m sorry for the English … Haha

Yes, you could keep the role of MasterAdmin for yourself, and set the role Admin for your collaborators, assigning a specific folder for each collaborator. For the other managers I would possibly install different copies of VFM inside different directories, so each manager can do the same with his collaborators.

Is it possible to disable the user panel on a per-user basis?

Hi, you could possibly edit the file include/navbar.php and set some conditional statement there. Please use the contact form if you need further support.


SaoTii Purchased

Hello, I have spent a few days, and I feel very good. But the only question, in the Chinese file uploaded, encountered a false hint, English is normal. Excuse me, can you solve the problem of Chinese uploading

Hi, and thank you. I’ve just replied to your e-mail, but I’m not sure if the message has been sent.
the script should manage well also UTF-8 encoded characters, please try to upload that chinese file inside the online demo: and please let me know if you have the same problem.

What is your server? Check if it uses a UTF-8 encoding.

If you work with non english characters I strongly recommend a Linux/Apache server, and not a Windows, because it may encounter some problems with the encondings


djalfa Purchased

salve ho comprato ftp ma o notato che quando carico le foto in orinzontali dentro ftp li vedo verticali come posso fare

Ciao, lo script carica i file “cosi come sono”, quindi penso che ti stia riferendo a immagini che sono state “girate” dai meta-data, solitamente foto caricate dai dispositivi mobile, ma non solo. Sto provando a fare dei test, ma non riesco a riprodurre il problema da IOS, sia che carichi una foto orizzontale, sia che ne carichi una girata dal mobile, la riproduce come la vedo. Ti prego di inviarmi un messaggio privato usando il form di supporto, e allegarmi una foto di esempio, probabilmente ho trovato un modo per correggere questa cosa.


djalfa Purchased

ecco la foto vorrei girarle verticali ho fare un pulsante per girarle

inviami il primo messaggio con il form di contatto, così possiamo proseguire la discussione via mail, e puoi inviarmi il file originale, non uno screenshot, grazie.

your guest demo doesn’t work. login credentials wrong message. FYI

thanks for the note, it has just been fixed


kitt70 Purchased

I sent You an email , I am waiting for response

Hi, I’ve replied to your email


Too bad your script does not have an integrated payment system Because I’m always interested

Thank you


Rico1 Purchased


I’m actually using h5ai open source directory listing to provide a nice interface for downloading files for our school community, but I need something that let some users add files without using ftp.

Your product look very interesting, but I have pre-purchase questions.

1. Can I make some directories and files accessible (for download only) without the need for an account or to login? This is very important since the documents need to accessible for everyone.

2. Between the authorized updoaders (with account) can I set different rights on files and directories?

3. Your application works with PHP7 and run on NGINX server? — Or I need to add some specifics settings ?

I maybe have more questions later.

Thanks in advance.


Rico1 Purchased


“The option “require login to view and download files” is global, so you should possibly install 2 separate copies of the script: one with that option, another without. (inside 2 different main directories).”

Sorry I don’t understand what you meant here. Is that possible to remove login for users roles (view +download) and keep it for admins (manage files) ?

2. OK limite users to folder is fine.

3. I’ll try to manage.

Sorry, forget my last comment, the answer is YES! If you set the script as “public”, everyone can view and download the file lists, but you must be anyway a logged User with enough permissions to upload and edit the files and folders.


Rico1 Purchased

Thanks _

HI Can I add a new folder to the user role? I didn’t see it in the demo.

Hi, roles and folders are separated things: you can add one or more folders to any user, so that the user will access only to that folder. If the role is “User” he will be able only to download, if the role is Admin, he will be also able to upload.

Thanks for your reply, there is a problem Admin user rights can create user user?

Only SuperAdmins with access to the administration area can create new users. Available roles are: User, Admin and SuperAdmin was easier than you thought :D


Zynbot Purchased

Hello there,

I have been checking this out and looks perfect for what my company needs. But I have a few questions for you before I make the purchase. Please see below.

1. Can I divide users by company ? 2. If not, is it easy to implement something like that? 3. Can I lock down the folders to multiple people? 4. Am I able to edit multiple users at once?

Thank you for your time! This product looks perfect.

Hi, and thank you!
1&2. You can create a specific folder for each company and assign it to respective users
3. You can assign the same folder to more users, and you can assign more than one folder to each user
4. Not directly with the system panel, bu possibly with some custom php function.


Zynbot Purchased

Thank you for your great reply! I have gone ahead and purchased this and look forward to the future updates.

Just one question, are you able to create a custom php function for the editing multiple users at once for me ? I don’t mind if it costs.

Thank you and have a great day.

I’m not available for customizations, but it also depends on the type of action you want to do. Please send me a support request with some more info, maybe I can give you some suggestions.

Hello !

Is it possible to add this option : Automatic mail sending when the “user/client” have not refresh a file for more than a defined time (example: 6 months) ?

Thanks !

Hi, I’m sorry, we don’t have any file-tree to associate a file and its uploader, just a log list which keeps track of who uploaded what and when.

Dear Author, I noticed a bug suggesting way to reproduce:

1. Create some super admin users using system admin account having all permissions. 2. Logged in from created super admin account 3. Save any setting button other than the bottom one 4. It will stop displaying left menu. Reason save setting unchecking permission checkboxes. 5. Now login with system admin & see permission tab.

Feel free to write me if you face any issue to reproduce the problem.

Hi, thanks for the note, I’ve spotted the issue, the fix will be included into the next release.

ola, tenho mais 2 perguntas antes de compra. 1 – é possível coloca um limite de upload para usuários ? 2 – tem algum guia ou tutorial de instalação ?

lembrando que primeiramente vou usar em uma hospedagem compartilhada.

Hola, you can set a max available size assigning a specific different folder to every user, the script will calculate the available space inside that folder.
Yes, the script comes with its documentation, and is very easy to install.


JeetuG Purchased

Dear Author, Any response on theemon’s concern.

Yes, I’ve just spotted the issue, the fix will be included into the next release.

Olá ! é possível fazer alguma coisa para aumenta a velocidade de upload ?

Hola, the script has no explicit limit, it mainly depends on the server performances and on your internet connection. I’ve just replied to your e-mail

Why i am not able to add logo I have just download the latest script and under admin configuration i can not find this option also other feautures please check