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Ciao Nicola, Remote upload seems broken to me. Tried to retrieve an Ubuntu ISO, but the page just reloads itself. Remote upload option is active and iso extension is allowed.

For support requests please use the support form. Check if you have any php error log, and let me know how big is the .iso you are trying to download. Consider that the remote uploader can’t use the html5 file api, so I doubt that you will be able to get 500Mb of file if your server has something less with the following values:
  • post_max_size
  • upload_max_filesize

No error logs, tried also with smaller files from

Nevermind, working now, just a litespeed caching issue.

How to prevent hotlinking?

Hotlinking should be already prevented, unless you enabled the option “direct links”. The direct access is blocked with the .htaccess provided inside the folder /uploads/, be sure you uploaded also that file, and that your server supports .htaccess (Apache does). For support requests please use the support form


kpott Purchased

Hi Nicola,

Is there a way to for the superadmins to have accès to the file upload and new folder bar in the file manager (home page directory). It only seems to work with Master admin.

Also, is there a way to have more than one MasterAdmin?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi, sorry but maybe I didn’t understand your issue.. both Admins and SuperAdmins should be able to upload files and create new folders, unless you restricted the access to some specific directory, or un-checked that permission inside the administration panel. For support requests please use the support form

You can have unimited SuperAdmins, is one of the 3 available roles, the MasterAdmin is simply the first of the SuperAdmins, and is only one, so he can control what the other superadmins can view inside the administration area.

Hi friend, when add new folder , the system add ”-” symbol , why ? example: My pictures > My-Pictures . Is posible delete this symbol ? And respect the space ? Thanks , good job.

Hi, because inside the web is not a good practice to use spaces inside names (e.g: if you upload “a file with spaces.ext” under WordPress, it will be converted in “a-file-with-spaces.ext”). That said, you can edit VFM to allow also spaces, and it “should” work well anyway, depending on the server and on the operating system. For support requests please use the support form.


jazuly Purchased

can i add ads code with java script at download page? cant share download link? i see in demo, no fiture for share download link


jazuly Purchased

Will perfect if vfm have fiture multiple file server

The browsing permissions are folder related, so you can limit a user (with any role) inside one or more specific directories (try the demo with the second user, Admin role, and you will see only 2 folders, so not all users can see all files).
I dont’ know what is multiple file server.. where did you read it? VFM can do a lot of multiple things, though ;)

We can’t manage multiple servers with a single installation, I’m sorry.


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Hi nicolafranchini,

How can i Force HTTPS on the script ? so everything will be https://

Thank You

Hi, just be sure to set the https:// url under general settings, inside the field “the url of your app”. Other than that, is all up to your server settings.

Hello, is it possible to add storage blocks? Like connect the storage to external servers like SFTP, FTP, Aws, etc?

I’m sorry, VFM only manages files inside its same server

Hello, is it possible to have a background image only on the login page?


bescoop Purchased

Please add feature for Google API login, such as this one for Wordpress

Hi, we want to be able for ‘Separate Businesses’ (A) to upload pics for their customers (b). Also ‘Individuals’ (C) can signup and upload their own pics.

1. A’s can see and edit all of Bs pics – Also have a whole quota for all Bs + Also if possible A’s can manage users as well?. 3. Bs can only see and manage their own pics and share 4. C’s can manage own pics and share

A bit like a Manager of a certain Department has access over all ‘folders’/’Users’ in their dept. But not ‘other dept’s.

Can this be done?

-“what you can do” is role related (Admins can upload and manage files and folders, Users can only view and download, SuperAdmins can access to the administration area, with more or less permissions, so they can possibly also manage the users)
-“what you can see” is folder related (you can assign one or more first-level directories, to any role, so that user will be only able to open these folders and their relative sub-folders)
- The max upload quota can be set if you assign one or more folders, and calculates the total size of the assigned folders


jazuly Purchased

can i set max upload size, for ex 500mb? and support remote url upload?

Remote url uploads are already supported, and their limit depend on your server settings (max upload filesize and max post size). For files uploaded from the pc, is possible to set a limit with a small code modification

Love your work bro!! Really Impressed! Will you in future support the access for Folder/Sub Folder/sub-folder? (Only sub-folder) Will you in future give an User read access to one folder and write access to another folder with User Role?

Hi, and thank you! Is already possible to assign sub-folders (at any level) to the users, but it must be done manually editing the users’ file, and you can’t assign multiple sub folders, but only one per user. The permissions are role related, not folder related, so you should possibly use 2 different users, one with the role Admin, and another with the role User