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Great extension!


borayan Purchased

Since we customized the script, we would appreciate it to have security updates separately. I hope if I can update the PHPMailer to secure it without touching anything else.

Please send me a private message and if possible let me know which files did you edit.

i have a problem when create .zip from cyrillic folder. The cyrillic folder name inside .zip is with different encoding. Example: i create folder with name “тест” inside .zip folder name is “В¦¦TБTВ”. This is happened with image name too if file name is with cyrillic name. I will waiting for clearing of cyrillic bugs before buy this script. By the way I can give you the translation of Bulgarian language against discount on script.

Thanks for the note, there was a problem with UTF-8 encoded names, now you can try again the demo. the fix will be added soon to the next release. I’m sorry, but i can’t do custom prices.

Now work fine.

What happens if my file contains # or caret?

some special chars by default are removed or replaced by – , but you can edit the blacklist, if you want.


kdryildiz Purchased

Hello there, In Version 2.6.1 the user registration process is failing. Error Connection user-reg.php

Hi, and thanks for the note! please send me a line using the Support contact form, I will reply with a quick fix, which will be included in the next script’s update

Hi Nicola Franchini! I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about implanting push notifications to web browsers of mobile and pc … It could be interesting feature! All notifications go to push notification to devices in stead of email :) Let me know what you think of it … Cheers!