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Is there anyway to block downloads?

You could possibly limit the users inside certain folders. If a user can view the files, he can also download them.

Is there a best practice to keep the share file emails from going recipients spam folder?

The best practice is using an e-mail address with the same @domain.ext of the script, inside the field “send e-mails from”


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Can I replace the existing file when uploading?

Yes, with a small code edit. For support requests please use the support form.


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At the moment you can download only version 3.4.5. When can I download the new ver. 3.4.6?

From your download section, as usual. There’s already the version 3.4.6


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Ok, I now download (codecanyon-6114247-veno….zip) from this section and I open UPGRADE-README.html I see: “Current Version 3.4.5 08/10/2018”.

You are right, sorry, I forgot to update that file, but actually the script is at his latest version, just follow the generic script upgrade instructions.


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Any chance you could add SSO implementation to VFM ? such as Google OAUTH, Azure AD or SAML ? Thank You

At the moment no, I’m sorry.

When i upload a video, there is no video image or thumbnail? How do i get this as its pretty important.

Would be good to get an option to import MP4 files from Remote Location also..

There is no widely supported option via PHP to create video thumbnails, I’m sorry. You can import also MP4 files from remote, it all depends on the size of the file you are importing, and on your server’s limits.

Could you create an option disable the download of mp3 or MP4 files?

Also any reason why we cant get SSO, this would be very useful.

also integration to export/import to and from Google Drive and One Drive.

You can edit the file vfm-downloader.php to block certain extensions.
There’s no easy solution to integrate a single sign on, but there’s no reason why you can’t do that yourself, you have the full code of the script ;)
About Google drive and One drive: the script has been designed to manage files inside the same server of its installation.

Is it possible to add earning feature like per thousand or any downloads user will earn some amount money just like adfly per url visit user earns ?

At the moment I’ve no plans for that feature, I’m sorry.

(1) What happens when you activate ‘direct links’ (how is it presented in the interface) ? (2) can this also manage private files below the web root? ... and (3) can some files be public accessible (direct link) but others not? Thanks

1- that means you will be able to access to the real files uploaded, otherwise the download are processed via php (more secure)
2- The main uploads directory must be a sub folder of the script
3- No, you can set the wole archive as public (no login needed to view and download files), or private (login required)

Dear Sir, Hope you are fine? Can u add #11 Users can see assets in this folder. They cannot Upload files in this folder. for ex creat folder X, folder Y and folder S Users cannot upload files to folder Y. block (For organization).Good luck see u next time! and user can download files in this folder. folder Y

We’re eagerly awaiting our copie of… VFM4 ME & my partner

Sir, We have created 60 folders for our company for this we need Notification of file upload, active directory users and computers, private folders and files, block folders upload, chat support and chat for users, upload files for chat, .... as I said befor. bye bye good night

This a pre -order question, 1) could I assign different permission for folders inside a folder (sub folders?) 2) as a master admin can I read the passwords created for users? Thanks

1) The permissions are role related, not folder related, so you can’t set different permissions per folder, just per user.
2) All the passwords are saved encrypted, so no, you will never know the real passwords, but as MasterAdmin you can change any password.

suddenly the downloads stopped working… i get a NOT FOUND… what could be the problem?

Try disabling the “pretty links” feature, maybe you haven’t the .htaccess file inside the root of the script. For support requests please use the support form

thanks! disabling pretty links did the trick… just wonder why it worked before… thanks nicola!

Hi, any chance to add email pic/folder directly from the admin/user ex, on the share button where we get the link to have the option to email the selected picture or folder. Thank you

Sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean with picture or folder. For support requests and suggestions please use the support form, we can go on via e-mail and you can possibly send me some screenshots


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Hi – We bought your script 3 years ago and now we want to insert an image on the login screen. In your comments we see some references to this, but … do we really need to extend a new support period for an answer? Hope to hear from you :-)

Hi, you should simply edit the file /vfm-admin/include/login.php

hi! img src=” ~~ Can I use it in form? rul for use in shopping malls, etc. Thank you.

Yes, it’s possible. Hot-linking is blocked by default, but you can enable it with the option “direct links”

Does it support SSL (https) out of the box? If not, what is required for setup?

Yes it does. You should simply set your https:// url inside the field “the url of your app”