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i have this problom when change file name to korean. what can i do?

maybe problom with uft-8 encoding

i want contact mail.

I’ve just sent you an e-mail

an please, do NOT share the script you bought, you can’t redistribute it.

Ciao Nicola,

molti dei miei utenti mi segnalano due problemi da quando ho aggiornato all’ultima versione dello script:

1- I download in modalità direct link restituiscono un file privo di estensione (anche se non riesco a riprodurre il bug) 2- I download NON in modalità direct di file pesanti (>1GB) si interrompono

Ciao Matty, 1- che io sappia il primo problema dovrebbe riguardare i download multipli come .zip, sia con che senza direct links, ed ho gia un fix per la prossima versione. 2- la modalità direct-links è stata inserita proprio per ovviare al problema dei server che vanno in timeout con i grossi file, e non è cambiato nulla nell’ultima versione.
Ti prego di usare direttamente il form di contatto per future segnalazioni o problemi


gluegl Purchased

Great Script!!!!

Questions: Are there any plans to ADD some of the security features of Codecanyon-uCLOUD script?

Account password stored using SHA256 & PBKDF2 key extender. 
Set file folders and private or public. 
Set passwords on file folders. 
IP blacklisting – block IP addresses from using the site. 
Support for https. 
Externally tested for XSS and SQL injection attacks. 
Login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Account (optional setting via admin)

Hi, and thak you.
All the features you listed are already almost covered:
-Passwords are encrypted with a unique custom key, different for each installation, not a simple md5 hash, and there’s no way to recover a password, other than resetting it.
-You can set the whole script as public or private, we can’t set permissions per folder, as we don’t have a file-tree registered where to store additional data
-There’s the password feature for shared links, not for individual files, for the same reason above
-Maybe I will add a IP blacklisting, but I never received this request, it doesn’t seem a “hot topic”.
-VFM already does support also https
-All inputs are validated and sanitized to prevent XSS attacks, the security is one of our priorities, but feel free to send me a note if you have noticed any issue.
-VFM doesn’t use a database, so, there is no way to do a SQL injection ;)
-The script born as private file manager, but I can’t exclude that implementation.


gluegl Purchased

Thanks for the response. Do hope you at least consider in the future including IP Blacklisting. Best regards,


karado58 Purchased

Before I buy, please tell me if this is possible?

1. I would like the entire organization to view folders and sub-folders content, and download, without any login?

2. I would like specific users to be able to upload, move, create sub-directories under 2 specific assigned folders only?

3. I would like a specific user to be able to administer the entire folder structure; create, move, upload, rename, etc. without being Superuser?

4. If needed I would like to be able to FTP files directly into any folder, without compromising ‘rights’ or causing any issues?

5. Since I will create a link on our main intranet site to view your script page, is it possible to have a return link at the top of your script page sending users back?

6. Lastly, will you provide email support if I run into install issues? This script will go on a Ubuntu box, running Apache?

Thank you so much!

Hi, I’d say yes for all:
  • 1- you can set the whole archive as public, so everyone can view and download the files
  • 2- role Admin, with 2 folders assigned, will be able to manage files only inside those folders (and their sub-dirs).
  • 3- role Admin, no folder assigned, will be able to manage the whole file archive, but not to access the administration.
  • 4- Yes, you can also update the files via FTP, the script will see the new archive without problem.
  • 5- you can easily edit the main layout, and add a link almost everywhere.
  • 6- with Apache you shouldn’t have any problem, by the way yes, you can send me at any time a request using the support form

karado58 Purchased

Ciao Nicola,

Thank you so much for such a quick reply!!! I’m very happy that your script will do everything my non-profit organization needs, and much more!!

I will now HAPPILY purchase your script, along with 12 month support, not because I feel I will need the extra support, but because you deserve much more then $29. dollars for such a fantastic script!!!

Thank you Nicola!!

Why the thumbnails is showing up for only my pictures but not for videos in mp4 format?

Because PHP and the GD library can only create thumbnails from images (jpg, gif, png), not screenshots from videos.


karado58 Purchased

Locked out…I enabled captcha, but its broken, now unable to login.


karado58 Purchased

Please disregard, reinstalled.


karado58 Purchased

Question was asked 2 years ago by PeteJB:

"I’d like to add private folders for certain users, but keep the other files public. Any ideas?"

Nicola reply: “Private folders are registered inside users’ accounts, so if you keep the whole script as public, we can’t know if a guest may or not access to some directories… a —> dirty solution could be to install 2 scripts in 2 different directories: /public and /private”

Is this still the case? I would like to have 1 folder and sub-folders with private access?!

Hi Joseph, I replied to your email

Hi Nicola, could you please tell me which file do I need to change if I want to send my users to a differnt file like a file.html instead of the index.php once they get log in ? thank you

Hi, you could insert a redirect in the main index, but if the logged user is redirected to index.htm, he will never be able to see the file list.. Please use the support form for your requests.

Hi, is there is anyway to use image preview instead form thumb.

Hi, yes, simply enable the feature “inline thumbnails” under Preferences > Lists

After updating to new version this error giving “can not create the destination file”, when I send any file.

That message comes if the script doesn’t find the /uploads/ folder (or how did you call it). Check that.


Vinnie981 Purchased

BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! Just what I was looking for and more! Ill be sure to buy this tomorrow.


As always: go in your codecanyon account under “downloads” and re-download the item, then follow the instructions inside of UPGRADE-README.html

any plans to support Amazon S3?

At the moment no, I’m sorry.

Does this supports ADs?

Hi, you can edit the template parts where you want to insert your banner (header, footer, download page..) and put there your js/html code

Is it possible to do new user registration using Google login, Facebook or Twiter ? Through API ? Thanks

Maybe it will be added in the future, but I can’t promise. At the moment no.


ozraksy Purchased

Hi, pdf files doesn’t show in web. I should save to computer and open. Is it normal?

Hi, pdf are served to the browser as ‘application/pdf’, so it should prompt the download only if the browser can’t handle it.

is it work on nginx? is it easy to transfer from old server to new server? thx

Hi! The online demo is working well on Nginx/Apache, but if you are referring to a standalone Nginx setup, where it is used as the primary server instead of Apache, you should consider to convert some .htaccess commands like url rewrite and deny access to the archive (more or less the same requirements of a wordpress)

and yes, it is super-easy to transfer: simply backup and copy the files. (and possibly change the script’s url value if the domain changes)

Hi, I have Veno FIle Manager too and i like it so much! but is have a few questions,

1. How do i add a user role? I want to let normal users upload files too and edit there files.

2. How do i change that other users cant see the files/maps of other users? Only there files.

3. Where can i putt notifications on the site?

That was it!

Hi Waliddd, 1- look at this discussion
For the other questions please open a ticket on the support forum, or send me a message through this form, with your purchase code. thank you.

I would buy it if it had Remote URL Upload System… :-(