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As a Chinese user to tell the truth my experience is poor A variety of 504 error light repair to repair a few days invisible BUG too silent. Please solve these problems

My point is to enter the web page to download directly need to enter the password before you can download rather than share the password you need to be able to download

Is downloaded directly on the page need to enter the password instead of sharing need to enter the password The link is as follows

Then you should keep the archive private, and create users’ accounts. So every user will be able to see and download the files only after login. I hope I’ve understood your point.

Oh, I thank you for personal re-use However, users are quite troublesome to create E-mail authentication seems to be landing every background need to reset again quite troublesome


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Hi, I’m having another problem, when I activate Pretty links of error 404 Not Foud The Resource requested cloud not be found on this server

The pretty links option needs the .htaccess provided inside the main /vfm/ folder. If the pretty link is not working you don’t have the .htaccess uploaded, or your server doesn’t support .htaccess. Please read the documentation under Options > Pretty links.


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I answered the email, but I did not get a reply back!

Would not it be a good protect button link? The script leaves the direct download link fully exposed, this can overwhelm the server :(

You are right, sorry, I was looking inside my support email. The direct links access is blocked with the .htaccess provided inside your main /uploads/ directory, unless you set the option “direct links”.


Would you consider adding a payment plan for users to expand their storage ($/GB/Permanent)?

Also, are there storage options to store the file system on many hard drives x20 6TB HDs?

And, is there file encryption so if the system is breached, hackers will have a hard time decoding the files (like SHA512)?

Hi, I’m sorry but:
- For the moment no, maybe in the future, but don’t take this as a promise.
- No, because the script mainly works with its relative paths and every installation has a unique main /uploads/ directory
- No, because it would involve a file-tree synchronization, and possibly a DataBase where to store the encoded->realpath->filename associations, and the plugin would not be a “simple plug and play”, and would not be possible to update the archive via FTP (for example). By the way the direct file access is blocked via .htaccess, even if you know the real file path (which is not visible to the user)

Slow download speed What is the same as the width of the server over there? Need to modify the file?

The script itself has no limit, but the downloads are processed via php, so it depends also on your server. ( class.downloader.php, function download() ). You could possibly set the option “direct links”, under General Settings, and it will be surely faster, but the real file paths will be visible.

How do I need a password to download rather than share a link?

Administration > File Sharing > Password protected

How to add adsense ads on download page?

You can insert your code inside /vfm-admin/include/downloader.php. Feel free to send me a private message if you need further support.

Very nice script! But 2 problems: uploader cant see how many views/download was counted, cant add multiple/external server via ip. Really bad but mabye coming soon.

Hi, and thank you. The number of downloads can be viewed by the administrators inside the Statistics panel, and no, this plugin will never manage multiple/external servers via ip, i’m sorry.