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Hi, I want to display many files and sub folders stored on my server where wordpress will be installed in a file manage ui on frontend but to specific user roles such as subscriber or contributor.

Also can I display files stored anywhere on my server or I have to upload files to WordPress within admin area?

I also want to protect download links so that if a user who has access, downloads a file one cannot simply copy that download link and share with others.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Hi, this is not a WordPress plugin, the script works with its custom login system and users, and can’t manage the wordpress media library because doesn’t sync the database records


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Hello Sir/Madam is there any way to rename/delete or copy the parent folder?

Hi, I replied to your e-mail

Hi,how to update to 2.7.3 version.I download and install,show 2.7.2,your demo show 2.7.3.

okey,thanks,can u tell me the approximate time,i need finish my project in time.

I send today the update to CodeCanyon, I guess next week will be approved.

okey,very thanks.


1. Can users, when signing up be allocated a folder automatically? For example with their name as the folder name?

2. Admin can edit any/all user files?

3. When admin uploads new folder to user directory can user be notified or message that new file is available?

4. User doesn’t see any options/settings in background?

5. What are the new features you mention in comments above?

6. Is fully responsive? Can be used inside WebView app?

yep, if you let the self registration open and select the option “New / username / folder” the script will create a new folder for each new user and will limit the access to that directory. Or you can select one specific folder for all the new users. Or you can create new users from the administration area, and assign whatever you want

Excellent, thanks. And you wrote this plugin yourself? You know every line of code?


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Hi, can you view the files online or can they only be downloaded? Can you create as many folders and sub-folders as you want? regards

Hi, there’s no limit for the number of folders/subfolders, and the script can preview images (jpg, gif, png), videos (mov, mp4), and play music (mp3, wav).
You can take s look at the online demo.

*edit: the supported video formats are .mp4, .webm and .flv

hello, suggest for Video player please

There’s a player integrated which supports .mp4, .webm and .flv

how to add another player like jwplayer i need it to put video file embed from this scirpts to my blog post. THe Player right now is more slower

If your blog is a WordPress you can simply enable the option “direct links” inside VFM, and paste the url of the video directly inside the post body, WordPress already has an HTML5 player integrated:

Can you add Support Ticket?

Sorry but this is a file manager, and a support ticket system is more like a forum… a totally different script.


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Hi – I have had this working for a while – files under ~500mg work pretty great – I am now finding people needing to upload 1gig+ and these are not working for me – it gets to 100% and freezes – I have left it overnight – it creates a file that is incomplete and fills up tmp folder with hundreds of 1MB files… is there a setting I am missing?

Hi, for support requests please open a ticket on the support forum, or send me a message using the support form, here I can just suggest you to empty the /tmp/ folder and to check your php error log


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thanks – tried that numerous times.


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Hi, if I use [ ] in the name of a folder, I can’t see the files inside it. I need to remove [ ] from name to see the files inside the folder, I think this is not a bug, but the system maybe thinks the name are an array or sometihing like. Maybe you can prevent to rename using this chars. I can use others symbols instead [ ] but other users could have this problem and don’t know a way to identify this.

Hi, thanks for the note! I’ve just found a fix for the issue, please send me a private message if you want it before the next script’s update.

Hi, is it possible to integrate a remote file upload system? A lot of times I just need to download a URL from a remote server and upload on my own. Thanks.

Ciao Nicola, actually cURL is supported by a lot of shared hosting providers too. It’s on by default on cPanel and Plesk.

You can also try to implement it via fopen:

Nice suggestion, thanks.


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Hello. I want to add a little “private forum” in the plugin, i mean:

I want to put comments inside the plugin, and any user of the plugin can answer to the comments.

Is it possible? Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry but the script is more file oriented than data oriented, a comment system would need a database to store all the informations.

Hi,It seems Veno don’t support non-english os.when i install veno at chinese os,there will be a lot of mistakes such as garbled text.

okey,wish u can update compatible with WIN&IIS.

Sorry, I wasn’t totally clear: actually the script works also on WIndows IIS servers, but they need a conversion of the file .htaccess (as explained inside the documentation, under “options > pretty links”), and I know that Windows may have some problems with UTF-8 encoding if you are using non english languages, so: VFM works also in Win, but works better on Apache ;)

okey,I will try,thanks.

Hello, Can I use multiple drive as an upload space ? For example , I install this script on c:\ but I want to use some space from d:\ too.

I’m sorry, the script only works on his directory, inside the same drive

Hi, i have a pre-sale question, if i upload a file as a superadmin to the folder of a admin user, can the user receive an email of this action?


Yes, if the user has an e-mail address associated you can select him before starting your upload, and he will receive the notification.