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Love the fact you made the upgrade explanation process easier… and included an illustration!!

This will make all future updates/revisions MUCH easier to follow and understand now. Great work!

I do have one question… When you say “update your general settings from the administration panel after files replacement”. Are simply saying all we have to do is is click “Save” in General setting? Just want to be sure nothing else has to be done first.

Thanks again!

Thank you, I’m glad to hear that.
Yes, you simply have to click on “save settings”, and possibly adjust the configurations when there is any new feature or setting.

Hi, pre-sales questions.. This looks very nice and am seriously thinking about making a purchase.

I’m wondering about security though. Is it possible to set password complexity rules? Also, how is the user account data (name, login, passwords) stored. Are they hashed in any way, or are they stored in plain text?

Also, would it be possible to collapse the root folder panel?

What I mean, is like in the admin backend, you can click the little minus button to collapse the settings panels, and click the plus to expand.

Ideally I would like to have this ability in the front end too (and have the previously selected state to be stored in a cookie).

I guess it is simple enough to add one’s own custom scripts and styles for this type of behaviour? So also maybe I could add my own tool-tips for hovering?

Last question, are you planning to add folder tree like behaviour at some point?

I.e, allow people to browse the sub-directory tree under each each root folder without needing to actually open each top level folder to view the sub directories?

In which case, it would make a lot of sense to have the directory tree in a sidebar..

I’m sure you must have thought about this approach, so just wondering what makes it impractical to implement?


last 2 questions if I may..

1 – do you think it would be feasible for someone with the appropriate coding skills to add a forward looking sub-folder structure with Ajax?

By which I mean to change the click action on the parent directory to open the tree in a panel below by loading the sub-menu items with Ajax?

2 – is it possible for a user to change the column layouts to put the main menu into a sidebar column of the desktop view without overwriting the core plugin code (so that the customization is not lost when an updated version of the plugin is released)?

i.e., is there a way to add a kind of Child theme for custom code in a similar way that is possible with a CMS such as Wordpress?

1- Yes! i wasn’t considering that, but there’s already a function used to print the whole file tree, you can see it in action selecting one or more files, and then: Group actions > Copy or Move.
2- Yep, I actually took a lot of inspiration from WP! You can place your customized files inside the folder /template/ (empty by default) which takes the priority over the folder /include/, so after any update you should possibly look if anything changed inside the default files.

Excellent, that’s great.

The script really looks like the nicest one I’ve seen so I’m keen to try it out (consider it a sale).

I guess now that I’ve sown the seed, you could possibly add the tree suggestion into a future version, I’ll bet quite a few people would like this feature..

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Sorry if was answered but, it’s possible to allow uploads for user role? Or Superadmin to see contents of admin folders?

any user can see all the folders unless he is limited inside a directory. To allow simple users uploading files you should do a little code modification.

Ok I can’t see that yet but you confirm that it’s possible to make a “private folder” for user/customer that can be seen only by that user (who is able to download AND upload files there) and superadmin or admin that has more privileges.

Also is that possible to make a superadmin modification so he can see every folder, even admin ones … without assigning them each time in admin panel? Because if you do that he isn’t able to make new folders in main directory. Thank you for your fast replies.

Any user/admin/superadmin by default can see every folder. Only if you assign one or more folders the user will be limited there. Take a look at the online demo: If you log-in with the second user provided (username: customer, role: admin) you will be able to see only /project-01/ and /project-02/. The role is related to “what you can do”, the folder (if assigned) is related to “where you can do it”

Hello there,

I want to download links in this way /download/xxx

I do not want this to happen /download/dl/8bbf2ad48549d4a22c7d8f3e34029d70

I want to link directly with the file name I uploaded

I’m happy if you help me

Mail did not come sir

I’ve tried again with another e-mail, please let me know.

Thank you, the problem is solved.

Great script! I do have an issue with user management though. What I need is to have some users who can see all folders (on an on-going basis, like a Super Admin) but NOT have access to the Administration panel. So I need to either create an Admin with the ability to see everything or a Super Admin who can’t see the Administration panel. I was thinking a work around might be a simple if/then to hide the actual Administration link in the menubar unless the User ID = Master Admin. Any thoughts on this approach? Does the Master Admin have a specific ID? I noticed that when you start creating users the ID’s start at 0.

Problem solved. I was able to create a simple if/then based on username to display or hide the Administration link in the navbar.

Hi, and thank you!
Every user by default can see any folder, regardless the role (can be User, Admin or SuperAdmin). Only if you assign one or more folders that user will be limited there.
About SuperAdmins: since version 2.7 you can set arbitrary permissions to all SuperAdmins, showing them more or less sections of the administration area, and the MasterAdmin (the first user) will be the only one who will see the full administration panel. Maybe you don’t need to set any custom if/else.
If still having doubts please use the support form, so we talk via e-mail.

Allowed memory size

The allowed size is folder related, you must assign one or more directories to the users. (if I have understood your doubt)

Hello dose your system support login via google, we use google apps in our company so I need to know if users can login with their current login

Also, Can I set permissions for the user to access some folders ?

Hi, you can set specific folders per user, so they can see only these directories, but the script only uses its login system.

anyone idea how to setup user registration processe. pleases thanks

Hi, I replied to your e-mail

Hi! I am interested in your script. But I have 2 query. 1st can I get Global search option for super admin. 2nd Or I want to make a user that can only upload the file but can not view the files uploaded by other users or admin. Thanks, Vineet

Hi, and thanks for your interest.
1- the global search is not available because we don’t have a file-tree, I’m sorry.
2- you could assign a specific directory per user, so everyone will be able to see only his files, uploaded in his folder.


53nord Purchased

Hi Nicola, it would be really nice to add the possibility/permission that only admins can generate download links (share function). What do you think?

Nice suggestion. At the moment you can obtain that result editing a couple of files, with the condition “is admin” in addition to “sharing enabled”. Send me a private message for more informations.

i want to purchase this app , but i have some few questions ?? does it have unlimited user registration assigned to folders. can we make a folder secured for only uploads no download..

Hi, yes, there is no limit to users with assigned folders, but the download option is the only available for all logged users, you can at least assign a different folder per user, so he will be able to upload/download files only inside his folder


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hello, it’s possible upload to external?


upload send to amazon s3 for stored and do not fill our vps and exploiting the speed of amazon


Hi Zick, i’m sorry but the script can’t connect to remote servers, it mainly works with relative paths.

Great script…but help! I’ve started to set up my directory structure and all of the sudden the New Directory area is disabled. I don’t even have that many folders created yet. It seems like there is some sort of limiter on…because if I delete any one folder it will then allow me to create a new folder, but once I do the button goes disabled again. I can’t see any setting for number of folders/files etc. anywhere in the admin panel. How do I fix this? Thanks.

Hi, there’s no limit on how many folders you can create, but by default the “new folder” button is disabled until you type the name of the new directory to be created inside the field. If this is not the issue, please send me a private message with the url of your installation and a SuperAdmin access, thank you.

I figured it out. I was doing repetitive folder names and just selecting from the auto-suggestion pull down for the field. It does not recognize that there is content entered when you do that. Thanks for the quick response!!

Thank you for the report. That part is managed via javascript, I will try to detect the field’s change also selecting browser suggestions

Hello my friend has a connection with gdrive?

Hi Diego, I’m sorry, you can only manage files inside your server.

Hi, my dear friend,

I wonder when the last version is coming up with additional features?

Please let me know, and kindly send me the link that help to communicate with you through envato market.

Wish you all the best,

Hello, and thank you. i’m planning to publish an update with few minor fixes, but there isn’t any new feature at the moment. If you need support after purchase you can use the contact form