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install vfm onto ubuntu server 16.04 and php7.0. uploads of files under admin account results in a chunk error. new added users are not able to upload any file. what went wrong, so many issues?

Hello, for support requests please send me a private message with some more info about your installation, possibly with your purchase code. Thank you.

do you have permission to access subfolders in your script






Auser -> Access = Subfolder1, Subfolder2 Dont Access = Subfolder3, Subfolder4

Buser -> Access = Subfolder2 Do not Access = Subfolder2, Subfolder3, Subfolder4

Cuser -> Access = Folder1, Folder2, Subfolder1 Do not Access = All Subfolder

We can build such a structure with your script.

You can assign multiple first level folders, OR manually a single sub-folder per user, so:

Auser access can be Folder1 AND Folder2 (and all respective subfolders)
Buser access can be Subfolder1 OR Subfolder2 OR Subfolder3..

Good morning,

I need to ad a checkbox to accept privacy police before my user acces to the admin area. How can i add this. Can you tell me please?

Thanks, cpm

Hi, the file to edit is /vfm-admin/login.php
please contact me using the support form for more informations

presale question:

Does it support google docs/excel/word/ editing/sharing options?

No, I’m sorry, no editing option for those files.

This web app looks delicious … Only a few minor gui complaints but those could likely be customized with css.

Thank you. yes, everything can be easily customized via css, and I’m pretty open to suggestions ;)


I tested your demo

1- your script convert png images to jps, is it possible to disable this function?

2- your script reduce the quality of uploaded images, is it possible to disable this?

thank you

Hi, the script creates his custom thumbnails (inline and zoom preview), and uses the .jpg format because has the best size/quality ratio.
You can also decide the max width and height of the generated zoom previews (default is 760×800 px).
The script does NOT reduce the quality of uploaded images: the original file is uploaded as it is: if you upload a .png image, you will download a .png image, with exactly the same size and quality uploaded.