Veno File Manager - host and share files

Veno File Manager - host and share files

VFM is a simple and flexible plug-and-play file manager, easy to use and plenty of options. Send files to your customers, create new users with dedicated folders, or simply use it as your personal file cloud. Access from any device, manage users and general settings from an intuitive administration panel, customize it to your brand.

- Easy installation: simply copy all VFM files to your server, do your first login and update your password. That’s it.

- No DataBase needed
- No coding skills required
- Supports any language (including Right-to-Left option)

- Chunked file uploads: with the HTML5 file api you can upload BIG files without worring about your server upload_max_filesize limit

- Retina ready Icons


  • User registration (optional)
  • Multianguage (16+ included)
  • RTL support
  • File sharing
  • Upload notifications between users
  • Custom templates
  • 25+ skins included
  • Multiple file uploading *
  • Drag & drop uploader *
  • Upload progress *
  • Remote uploader
  • Audio player
  • Video player
  • Quick image preview **
  • Files and folders name editing
  • Move files through directories
  • Copy files through directories
  • Global search through files and folders
  • Quick search module
  • Sortable items by name, date and size
  • Pagination
  • Grid or List view
  • Archive map navigation
  • Group actions
  • Download multiple files as .zip archives ***
  • Folders download
  • Multiple users permissions
  • Multiple folders per user
  • Optional max quota per user
  • E-mail notifications to new users
  • User panel
  • Profile picture & default avatars
  • Analytics with daily / weekly / monthly reports
  • Export statistics in .csv format
  • Password recovery
  • IP blacklist / whitelist
  • Optional CAPTCHA security code
  • Custom E-Mail HTML templates
  • Pretty links ****
  • Hotlinks prenvented ****
* Upload Progress, Drag & Drop and Multiple Upload are not supported by IE 9 and earlier versions
** Thumbnails preview for .pdf files requires ImageMagick
*** ZipArchive class needs the Zip extension installed (usually enabled in most servers)
**** Pretty-links and Hotlinking-block need .htaccess and mod_rewrite


For support request consult the Support Forum, or send me a message through the Contact form

Latest updates

16/01/2018 - Version 3.0.2

-Fix: avoid login notification to admin area
-Fix: activate registration bug
-Update: pre registration process improved + expiration time option
-Update: link cloud-upload icon inside empty folder
-Update: DE lang update: thanks to 53NORD
08/01/2018 - Version 3.0.1

-Minor bug fixes
01/01/2018 - Version 3.0

-New: Global search for files & Folders
-New: get requested files and folders via ajax (loading speed improved for big archives)
-New: zip functions with preloaders
-New: Greek language
-Update: HTML5 uploader improved
-Update: icon for file type "subtitles" 
-Fix: zip dir with utf-8 names
05/11/2017 - Version 2.9.2

-New: remote upload system
-New: download statistics as .csv files
-New: datepicker inside statistics panel
-Fix: stable fix for big uploads problem raised in some servers since v 2.9.0
-Update: accept multiple comma separated emails for the log notifications
-Update: Disable Gzip / output compression / output buffering which may cause wrong download estimated time
-Update: class.uploader.php
-Update: click also on input field to start upload
-Update: Resumable js v1.0.3
-Fix: statistics multiple file downloads marked as folders
-Fix: set relative path to downloaded .zip folders inside logs
-Fix: data-ext missing to rename link inside dropdown menu

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