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Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Nice plugin. What the SEO like on the video pages?

Thanks. :) Hello. It currently uses iframes to embed the videos. But I’ll take a look on SEO approach and probably gonna implement it if there are significant impact for SEO.

Can this be setup so the embeds are responsive?

And, can you add the provider lightcast.com? If this is something that you can help me add now this may be solution for me.

Thanks, Nate

Hi Nate,

I’ve updated vEmbed to version 1.1 with the addition of new sources which includes lightcast.com and I added cross.tv as well as they are the same service which they offer.

Previews are found here: http://demo.themeplugger.com/vembed/lightcast/ http://demo.themeplugger.com/vembed/cross-tv/

I’ve noticed for lightcast.com that they do not provide permanent URL for direct video viewing. Instead, I’ve utilized their edit URL which would then be used for vEmbed to embed it.

Like for this example link: http://www.lightcast.com/videos/edit/115271/

The above link will be recognized by vEmbed to automatically have its proper embed code.

There may be some minor issues with responsiveness as their embed code requires static sizing in which width and height are needed on the actual embed link to provide sizing and not the casual 100% width and size (fluid sizing).

Anyways, thanks. :) ThemePlugger

Oh, before I forget. I’ve uploaded version 1.1 and its awaiting for approval by the Envato Team. :)

Hi Nate,

vEmbed version 1.1 is now accepted and ready-to-go. It has the source you’ve requested. :)

Helloooooooo :)

So in other words. If I purchase your plugin my frontend users (because I blocked everyone from accessing the backend) can add YouTube video (non embeded codes) links to a field I add via users Frontend Publisher?

To reiterate .. if I purchase your plugin, I can link a field (from my frontend publisher) to the “oEmbed field” for the oEmbeded code? :)

I have a frontend publisher that I have my frontend users access so that they can add YouTube video links for their posts.

This is how the “oEmbed code field” looks like in the backend. I’d like to link this to my frontend using your plugin so that it can automatically convert the YouTube links into oEmbeds….

Thanks :)

Hiiiiiiiii :)

You can use my plugin in your frontend automatically convert supported videos like YouTube to be embed-ready with just providing the video URL.

Yeah, it would work on your oEmbed code field. Maybe I can assist you in taking a look with your current WordPress website and help you integrate it.

You can private message me your link here at CodeCanyon and I’ll make a quick survey about it.

Thanks and God bless! :) ThemePlugger

Actually on second thought. I don’t need my users to enter their YouTube Urls into a separate field. The way its done by entering a YouTube URL in the posts body is fine. So the way you have your sample set up would work perfectly. Thats exactly how I have it on my site were users enter their YouTube URL in their posts body. I’ll message you now :) Thanks~


I’ve replied to your message. :)

Thanks and God bless!

If you need to make your videos Responsive..look no further!

Get this “vEmbed”!!! Like now!!!

It will make your website better!

It will lift so much weight from your shoulders!

And you’ll save lots of money with the help of this simple plugin!

I’m no Developer. Just a man with passion and an idea for a website.

For a very long time I’ve struggled with getting my videos to become responsive as well as for them to look the way they should!

After 7 months of working with a good number of Developers and no luck in making my videos responsive I come to find “vEmbed”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you my friend and again many many thank yous! :)

PS. THEMEPLUGGERS Customer Service is amazing!

As soon as I purchased and asked for help he responded to my email within half hour and got the job done within 20-25 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its just not the plugin your purchasing..its the Customer Service as well ;)

Hello kwilliamroman,

Thanks so much for the review. I’m happy that you are satisfied with the plugin and the service I offered you. No problem at all. :)

Thanks once again and God bless!

Added a new milestone for this plugin:
Added milestone on July 26, 2014 (Release date: August 15, 2014 *roughly)
- Support more video sources
- Improve responsiveness to different devices
- Intuitive user-interfaces

Oh man this is AWESOME news :)

I look forward to the updates around 8/15!


Hi this plugin has any possibilities to add a live streams ,best regards

Hello dashija,

Are you referring to this source? http://new.livestream.com/ I’ll add that on the road map for additional video sources.

Hi nice to see this wp plugin, i need to asking about the questions, this player can embed a live tv streams ? this plugin can embed following sites videos ? Youku Movie Xunlei Kankan Movie QQ Movie 56 Movie Sohu Movie M1905 Iqiyi Movie

waiting your reply , Thanks


Hi, can we add a play list ,example some yourtube videos has a 1,2,3,4,5,6, episodes can we add and make a play list .then i am happy to get know your reply, Thanks


If you are referring to YouTube Playlist. I guess its already supported in the WordPress Embed API.

This is what i been looking for, now one question before i buy, i checked your test videos seems like this plugin blocks the popups and popunders from the other sites is that correct? also can i add my own advertisment on this?

I’m suggesting the problem is on the regular expression in parsing the video’s unique ID as this would trigger the embed process.

So how would i make sure it is right?

This might help you check if your regular expressions are right. http://regex101.com/

In your description you (maybe) forgot to mention it also supports “SoundCloud”.

Worspress by default supports Soundcloud but WP doesn’t make it “Responsive” as vEmbed does.

Thanks man! Great job!!!

Helo kwilliamroman,

Great to hear that! No problem bro. I’m glad you appreciate it. Anyways, sorry for the delay on the next update for this plugin but I’m sure you’ll love the new update for the managing different sources as it would be as user-friendly as the current user-interface. :)

Thanks and God bless!


That sounds exiting bro and I can’t wait for the update! : )

What does it help with? Is this like a php? can we add our video on another site for example, lets say i would like to add the video from youtube to the site , so is it like http://yourdomain.yt.php?v= ...., is this what this vembed – wordpress automati video embed library talking about?

Hello ramesharisha,

Sorry, this is not what vEmbed is. What vEmbed does is turn video source links into embedded video without having to place the embed code but only the video source link only.

i need couple of video providers that arent in those list , can get them soon please ?

pultlocker , shacklocker, play.it ,

videoweed movshare.net nowvideo.sx divxstage onevideo.to letwatch.us vodlocker.eu vodlocker.eu letwatch.us letwatch.us bestreams grifthost vodlocker.eu vodlocker.eu vidto.me bestreams junkyvideo skyvids.net

can u add those ? .. how long does it take to add them ?


Thanks for taking interest. That would take around a few days to integrate them.

Thanks and God bless!

cant wait to see them sir , i will buy it once u get it the update :) because that is actually a pain in the ass for me


Ok, I let you know about that.

Thanks and God bless!

Whatsup ThemePlugger,

Can I update to WordPress 4.0 and still use your plugin although vEmbed says its compatible to 3.9? : )

Thanks bro

Hi kwilliamroman,

Yeah, its safe to update 4.0 and above. :)

Thanks and God bless!

I would like to display a group of videos from a specific user. Will this plugin expand a group of videos or is for single videos at a time.

This can handle multiple videos in a single data source.

adding any more video formats in future?

Hello yoloseo,

Yep, we will be adding new video formats in the future. You can also suggest any formats as well and we will try to put that on the next update.

Thanks and God bless!

id like to understand if there are plans to support the mainstay adult tube sites? http://www.hubtraffic.com/ provides the affiliate info to which those of us using this content, leverage to drive back to. You can sign up and review “resources” (XML,CSV and API options)

Hello owwcuts2,

I’m sorry but adult sources will not be supported for this plugin.

Thanks and God bless!

hello mate

can we embed twitch.tv channel ?


in your tags there is Twitch ! but in Supports embed twitch isn’t there !? can you explain plz

Hi KazeroG,

Sorry about that. I’ll be updating you with this as I’ll be adding a new source for Twitch.tv very soon. :)

Thanks and God bless!

Does your plugin works with latest Wordpress version?

Hello dimsal,

Yes, it should work with the latest version of WordPress.

Thanks and God bless!