Discussion on VeloRex – Gaming eSports Tournament Script

Discussion on VeloRex – Gaming eSports Tournament Script

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If you were able to create some sort of seasonal tournament for racing, you will get a lot of sales, my self included.

Hi pre sale questions please

1. Can clans register their own clan here?

2. Can clans create application for to recruit members?

3. Can Clans do clan wars ?

4. Can clane add own members and what games and what platform they play?

5. Can clans add own custom button example donation button.

Thank you

I’ve signed in to the Admin demo, and can LOOK at tournaments, but cannot find anywhere to ADD or CREATE a tournaments.

In demo, it is disabled due to security reasons


thirayu Purchased

I am trying to upload images for site setting and user profile, the data show in media menu but no any preview and when I use direct link to the files all show error 404

And how can I change website color code something like pink button to blue button

You can go to resources/views then change the btn color in the php code.

Image issue is due to incorrect symlink or incorrect APP_URL. Create symlink at the backend when it says fix the symlink. Also, change the APP_URL as your domain name in the env file

This script needs to be updated. Adding users manually and other manual tasks are not practical. It seems to be geared for a programmer and not a user trying to start a business. The UX is not user friendly. Is there a trial period so if I try it out and it does not meet my needs I can get a refund?

You can check the demo website, No trial period as of now. All the features are given. Refund policy is based on codecanyon policy

What does it support for streams? Does it support Twitch?

You have to add manually your video on stream page

Never mind. Found out how to make it support Twitch.

Thanks. If you like the script, give a good review. Thanks

where admin roles a lot of thanks mess how they sell and hide the page

You can go to settings and menus and hide them

What I mean is that neither the site nor the system can be tested because the site’s permissions are hidden. It is not possible to create or test competitions. The authority of the site administrator is not available. Also, can those who wish to participate in the competitions register?

Users cannot register to participate. Permissions are hidden for security purposes. You can check the description for details.

Found Bug in Results

After creating the results if you go to edit press save it will give error:

Illuminate\Database\QueryException SQLSTATE22007: Invalid datetime format: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column `itc`.`results`.`team_b_point` at row 1 (SQL: update `results` set `team_b_point` = , `remarks` = Date:2021-02-09 Time: 19:00, `created_at` = 2022-01-11 19:01:00, `results`.`updated_at` = 2022-01-13 14:01:02 where `id` = 1)

Even without chaining anything in the data.

Found the issue:

If one of the team have score of 0 then after save the value will be empty and on save there will be error.

So you need type 0 every time the team has no score.

So, issue solved, you can set the field default value 0 in the database settings

Yeah I tried that but it’s still blank in results page.

for live stream does this supports m3u8?

Hi, nice script, but no new update since last year, huhu

Any plan for update this script? Tq

Thanks for the comment. As of now, we cannot say anything.

Hey, I want to know that is VeloRex built in Core PHP or Laravel?


Hello, Does it support rtl languages ? is there a rest api ?

Yes, you can have rtl language. But, not all texts are traslable. No rest api yet

in the demo, i don’t see how to add and edit tournaments, does the script have tournament types ex. league, round robin, knockout, battle royale etc, does it have standings, or brackets, how is the match making?

Add, edit is disabled in demo due to security reasons. No standings yet. Match making is given input by you. No tournament type

Is there hope that we shall have such features in the future, because esports is made up tournament types, standings, rankings etc

Hi there, I had successfully installed the script but I think there’s an issue with all the image containers as all the pic I had uploaded no matter what screen it shows are all broken and not able to show.

Pls kindly assist.

Where can I find the ‘FIx Symlink’ button cant see it anywhere from my admin panel.

First delete the storage file in public folder, then login to admin panel, you will see yellow notification bar of symlink fix. Just click fix it

ok sure will give It a try thanks for your assistance

The code of the admin panel is missing. I don’t have any to upload pics to the website.


Sir upload it again the same way tutor explaining in tutorial but sir again same problem… Image is not uploading…

Please give your c panel details via email at

Hi, when this script will be updated? I am interested in buying it.

Hello, when I am uploading images they don’t seem to be able to upload. Am I missing a file permissions consideration for this script?

I’m using Cloudways to host the application.

Thank you,

please check if there is file in the storage directory:

If yes, you need to create symlink. Go to your dashboard and click fix it. If the button is not appearing, remove the storage folder in the public directory and try again

Thank you for your help! A removal and re-sym link fixed it.

Thanks. If you like the script, make sure to leave a great review. Will help a lot.

Hello, during the installation process of the velorex remplate, i cae accross the error when trying to access it from the directory as said in the documentation, but it gives an error which says

SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘u884534240_gt_admin’@’’ (using password: YES)

please help

You need to add your database credentials in the.env file

i added the credentials and that’s the error i got

Here is a tutorial :

The error is wrong database username, password. Please carefully insert them and try again using web browser hard refresh (ctrl + F5 )

Hi there, as I was going through the demo backend panel I cant seems to find any feature for add a tournament. Is it available on the paid version?

Yes. It is available in the paid version.

send me your email

check the mail i have sent you

It is working now


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