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Is there a porn video on your preview? :O

Not any more. It was uploaded by someone using the demo. Soon it will be set to automatically reset every 10 minutes.

@mpc – nope this is classic nude cuesport ; )

also seen the porn video in preview – fake or not it’s inapprobiate.

Someone else uploaded the porn a few hours ago. Do you really think that a Software Developer would upload pornographic material in his own demo application?

As I said before, there is no quallity in your layout, that’s why low sales. 11 items in portfolio you would be Elite Author for a long time, if you would pay attention to details, not cloning your own items adding a bit of different styling everytime.

Mind your own business, maybe?

Does it require FFMPEG?

also, I uploaded a video without being registered, is this something that can be changed in the Control Panel?

also, any way to resize the video output? my screen res is 1920×1080 and when I uploaded a test video, it shows the video is bigger than my screen itself.

  1. Yes, FFmpeg is required to transode videos & create thumbnails.

  2. This software has Usergroup Permissions, which can be modified by the Site Admin (you). The demo allows anonymous upload for testing purposes.

  3. Uploaded videos are left “as is”. However, this can also be modified..
  4. .
  5. The size of the video player should change dynamically when resizing your browser screen, as the entire site uses Responsive Design. The video player can also be set to render at specific dimensions if you wish.

Thank you for your interest.

Hi, where can I contact someone (or email), in regards to any miscellaneous inquires regarding personal freelance projects. I need to contact somebody in regards of a refund on an earlier project. Thanks for your time.

Hello, can somebody please respond to my inquiry? Thanks

I don’t see any kind of categories for videos or video keyword tag input for seo?

Hello, I have sent you an email. We are interested in your script. We would like to purchase it if you can provide us with custom development (merging your script users and a Joomla K2 database).



Thanks for your purchase.

Yes, we can assist w/ your custom project. Please send a message here:


can i have admin access to check the panel control ?

also is the script can provide for every video multi Quality 360,720 ?

if not can you optimise it ?

The Admin demo is currently not available, because it needs to be set to disable changes.
For converting to multiple formats you will need to modify the conversion process.

Hi, I installed your script on a subdomain, now I would like to put it in an iframe, but it’s keep being redirected towards the original page. Do you maybe know why? Best, zivuska

Thanks for your purchase!

Search & remove from the templates:

if ( != window.self) { top.location.href = document.location.href; }

Hello, your company owes me $120 USD from a project that was never started dating back to November of 2014. Please get back to my emails or answer me here.

Hi, I installed the script but It’s not working, can you take a look, please?

I’ve put this on a subdomain but it looks like the video is not uploading. The url is

hi is it possible to embed youtube video by users ?

Hello could you please add some screenshots of the admin dash and are you ever going to add categories or maybe tags? thanks

Seems really nice, maybe add a theme that has caption on the video “video title” so people know what they are going to be listening to?