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Awesome work, keep going! :)

it would be great if you can make an android apps that support chromecast

Hello, vCast have auto play?? and playlist automatic???

auto playlist

When vCast plugin detects videos on the page it will add each video URL to the playlist. However, the vCast plugin currently does not support automatic playback of the playlist at this time

I added auto play feature that automatically casts detected videos.

Can this be used to send m3u8 files to the chromecast? I am looking for a way to send the content on a mobile versus having the mobile app have the coding.

No this won’t read a m3u8 file directly. vCast sends content from a webpage it scans, so the playlist & associated URLs must be in the source code of the webpage you are viewing in the Chrome browser. vCast scans the page per the configuration settings, and it will display a new playlist popup for sending the files to chromecast like in the demo

One example integration which can be done quickly is for WordPress + File Away plugin + vCast for WordPress. File Away can give directory listings of files on your site, so all you need to do is create a new page in WordPress + add Fileaway shortcode + add a container for vCast button (like an html div or whatever you want to contain the cast button). That will give you a file server capable of casting supported media files on your webserver

OK armorm2 I have installed this jQuery version in my WP installation (wp-includes directory) and have followed your example. My other plugins already use same version of jQuery lib so I omitted that part. I only have:

<script src="//"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="wp-includes/vcast-jQuery/js/vcast.jquery.js"></script>

loading in the <head></head> of the page.

Like I mentioned in your WP plugin version, I have JWPlayer as my player. How do I go about configuring the source|attribute, etc, etc. to detect the MP4 URL? Please see my post in the WP plugin version.

Right now, I don’t see the vCast button render on the page. Please refer to this test page:


Contact me via email support (at) if you still need integration help. One last demo showing how vCast can be used as a standalone cast button. In combination with File Away plugin to list files on your WordPress server, vCast plugin for WordPress turns your WordPress into a powerful remote control for your Chromecast library:

OK I got it to work with JWPlayer after many head scratching and pulling what remains of my hairline ;)

I found the vcast.jquery.js from your jQuery version release is not the same as the one in your working demo. I found this by finally using your JS copy from your server and got the cast butto to appear on the JWPlayer controls dock. I went and copied that and replaced my server copy.

Thanks. The plugin works perfectly now.


I have a request.

Instead of showing the playlist overlay as the default when clicking the cast button, can you include a switch to disable this default in the JS to go directly to the Chrome cast popup instead. I know some people wants a playlist while others, like me, will only have strictly one MP4 video URL on one page.

Thanks. Aldrin

Hi Armorm2,

Just want to extend an update.

Your jQuery plugin is working great on most PC browsers that I have tested: Chrome and Firefox mostly. I do not care about IE whether it works or not since my customers do not use it much. ;)

On mobiles, Android casting works from Chrome from the playlist overlay is displayed properly. I did not test Firefox on Android but I can guess it does not since FF does not cast from PC desktops.

On iOS the overlay is displayed in Chrome and Safari therefore vCast code is properly detecting the video URL. When pressing on “play” button it doesn’t call the Chromecast pop-up (as in the desktop would) or calling the iOS Chrome app extension.

I know that Chrome for iOS does not support Chrome plugins as in the desktops as dictated in the SDK terms. So this may be the reason why vCast tries to call the Chromecast browser plugin from JS and is not invoked.

Is there a run-around and call the Chromecast app extension in iOS instead? I am sure this is not technically impossible.

Thanks for your work! This is good stuff!


Can this be added to video.js player? I just need the button not sure what the Playlist is for as the user will be watching a video 1 by 1 not multiple.

tried installing again and nothing works, buttons do not show and throws out errors.

Can you provide a publicly accessible link/URL to a test page where you have loaded the vCast jQuery plugin? I need to be able to see in the source code of your web page the configuration you’ve used to setup your vCast button for scanning the content, and placing the button. The page required an account to be created to view the video. The documentation has a sample configuration of vCast jQuery plugin:

I like the look of this app, but wanted to know if I could integrate it with my video site that uses Hellovideo.

If you go to you can see a video that uses Hellovideo’s proprietary player, which is what I want to integrate it with.

I also want to know if this would work if loaded in an app’s browser rather than on a website on Chrome. In theory I’d like users to be able to start playing a video on this site and then hit the chromecast buttom to send it to their TV.

For what it’s worth, all I know about Hellovideo is that it uses something called Laravel. I bought it from Envato so you should be able to find info there.

Hope this helps. Thank you!

I checked out the reference page where your videos will play –

It looks like vCast jQuery plugin will do what you need – cast the video to Chromecast. Custom integration is not something I offer. See the examples in the documentation for more help getting setup:

Laravel is a PHP framework… Basically your web page is built using the PHP language. You need to find the place in the PHP code where you can insert the vCast jQuery plugin Javascript code. The PHP code you need to look for will probably also be creating the page with your videos on it. vCast jQuery plugin was built using Javascript and tested mainly in Chrome Browser on PC and mobile phones/tablet. The plugin scans the webpage it’s loaded on, and parses any video URLs it finds that matches the scan configuration. Once detected the URLs are placed into a playlist, and the Google Cast API is called in order to have user select a Chromecast to cast to. I have not tested vCast jQuery plugin loaded in an app’s browser, only in Chrome browser

Have suporte for openload?? I need for openload

Hi thanks for purchasing. What is the URL of the website where the video will play? Is it If so, what is the video player used to play files? Your video and audio encoding for the files you intend to cast must be supported by Chromecast as well

is and I use the player I need suport for this player and my plugin not work error in installation Sorry for my english

How does it integrate with jwplayer?

Hi Sorry for the delayed response… See an example of vCast jQuery plugin integration with JW Player here –

Please note placement of the cast icon onto the player is a custom integration that is not supported, though I’ve provided an example showing how vCast plugin can be integrated

como instalo isso?


to use vCast jQuery plugin on that webpage, you definitely need custom integration. My advice is to hire a web developer. That webpage uses a video player that does not load video until user clicks play button. In other words, your video player has not requested the video URL to be played until the user has clicked play button, at which point the video player is rendered on the page, and starts playing the video..

Normally custom integration involves two steps: 1) Configuring vCast plugin to detect videos on the same page(s) as your video player, and 2) place vCast button on the page either directly on the video player or somewhere else you choose to display the vCast button for your users

In your case, your video player does not load when the page gets loaded, so therefore you absolutely need to initialize vCast plugin after user clicks play on your video player. Furthermore, your video player uses iframe for display, which loads content from another URL onto the current web page. The vCast jQuery plugin code must be placed on the same page as the video player, so within the iframe.

Hi, I have a problem implementing the code, but I discovered that the problem is not in your code, but in the client’s website. Because the video, is covered by iframes, because of a plugin he added. I would like to know, if there is any way, to use this plugin to broadcast the Iframe, instead of just transmitting the video.

Hi and thank you for purchasing vCast. vCast plugin cannot work with iframe-based video players. The video must be played through an HTML 5 video player that does not use iframe. The reason is when using iframes, this is an entirely different execution context. So therefore you must load vCast jQuery plugin on both the source page, as well as within the iframe, in order to initialize vCast properly. This would create two separate instances of vCast for the user, which are mutually exclusive from each other

amigo ,ele aceita android tv ?

Good morning, you could put support for Android tv and LG os.

vCast plugin enables a webpage built with HTML/Javascript/CSS to send videos to Google Cast compatible devices. In short, if you can cast to a device such as Android TV or your Smart TV, the vCast plugin can be setup on your own webpage or website that sends videos the Cast ready devices