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Hi, need help with the setup, have watch the document but did not understand a damn thing. Some help please!

Hi there thanks for purchasing. Do you have a test URL where the vCast plugin will be deployed?

Hi, yes i have, is it possible that the player needs to be from vcast or is it whatever player i use?

vCast plugin works with whatever player you use, provided the player is HTML 5 based. Flash video player is not supported. You have to provide initial configuration settings for vCast plugin, and it will pick up the video URLs found on the same page as the video player. If you provide a test link with content you are trying to cast, I can walk you through the required configuration steps for vCast to work with your content

Amigo não funcionou em meu site I went to that page on your website and the video player it uses does not load videos when the page is loaded. I had to first click on ‘Fechar’, then click the play button on the video player for the video to actually get loaded. You need vCast jQuery* plugin in order to integrate into your video player. The reason is because vCast needs to hook into your video player’s callback function (ie- onPlay()) so that it can successfully detect when your video player has loaded the video, which is only once the user has clicked play. If you bought the WordPress version of vCast plugin, we can issue you a refund

friend good night, so if you can reimburse me, as I also bought the other jquery but I do not know how to integrate it into my play

not a problem. Please submit a refund request and I will refund you for your purchase of vCast jQuery WordPress plugin

Hi, I want to Buy your great Plugin.
before buy i need to know some information
I am using FV Player in my website so, is this plugin work with it. or when user play any video it show the cast button?