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Hi there : )

So how many homes have Chromeplayer?


Hi kwilliamroman,

Hard to say exactly, but Google is pushing the product heavily. They’ve recently launched in UK, and according to Google, “Since Chromecast launched, people have hit the cast button more than 400 million times to enjoy their favorite sports, music, premium movies and TV shows”

Also the upcoming Android TV is Cast Ready, so you’ll be able to cast to it from your devices just like when using the Chromecast.

Very very nice ..this is awesome!

I believe it would be really good if you include thae stats/facts in your description :)

Good idea, added to description. Thanks

I have Roku box at home. Currently I can cast YouTube videos to it from my phone. Would this allow me to cast a YouTube video that’s embedded on my site to my TV? Thanks!

No this only works for casting videos from your website to Chromecast. The video on your website must be linked directly (ex-, or the video must be played through an existing video player you use on your website. It won’t work with embedded YouTube videos, for that you will have to cast using Youtube app

Actually, I was wrong. It turns out embedded Youtube videos on your website will automatically have the cast button added by Google if Chrome is detected with the Chromecast extension….

It is explained in this article, dated back in Feb. 2014:!bGgP37

So for your website you don’t even need this plugin if all you are casting is embedded Youtube videos since they already come with their own cast button

A test page for your to see it working:

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to check this out! YOU ROCK!!! :)

How can I contact you directly?

see project page for my contact info

Will the plugin work for video? I hope so.

here is the embed code <iframe src=”//” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” class=”wistia_embed” name=”wistia_embed” allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen width=”610” height=”343”></iframe>

I looked at several pages on and the video player used on that site is a flash player. In the source code, I found a sample video URL, as one of the parameters to the flash player:

That url above came from the page located here (view source code and search for “40f784e5cf81ab63323e82d81c4a338ce7ab30a4”):

Anyways, vCast cannot play video/x-flv, or flash video, because Chromecast will not play this type of video. That type of video is only playable in an Adobe SWF flash player or similar, like the player already installed on Please see for a list of supported video file types that can play on Cast Ready devices. If you have videos on your site in a format supported by Chromecast, then vCast should be able to find their URLs and send to Chromecast


Did you know if that work with vimeo video ?



Hi. Sorry for the delay, yes vCast does work with Vimeo video. Vimeo uses an HTML5 video player, so vCast can be configured to work with the Vimeo player


Can you please point me in the direction of some instructions on how to add the button to FV Flowplayer?

Thank you very much.

I’m assuming you have – the FV Flowplayer plugin for WordPress? If you provide me a URL for the page with the video player where you plan to add vCast button, I can show you exactly how to setup

Thank you so much. Yes we have the FV Flowplayer Plugin for Wordpress installed. Here is an test page we have set up with this player:

I am sorry it took several days to respond. That is a pretty complex player, just like JW Player. It can be done though. Please note that this wordpress plugin runs on document load when the page is done loading. If your video player’s source code, or more specifically the tags you’ve configured vCast to detect, are not in the page source code when it first loads, then you cannot use vCast WordPress Plugin, but vCast jQuery plugin will work.

vCast jQuery Plugin allows you the custom functionality you need to be able to load the vCast button onto FV Flowplayer (without coding casting functionality directly onto your specific player). From the test page you provided, I could tell that FV Flowplayer is very much like JW Player in that both initially (on document load) overlay a play button on top of the area where the video player will be displayed. Once the user cliks play, then the video player’s source code is requested by ajax either from your server or a CDN, and is injected into the page to play the video. Most popular video players provide callback functions to run your own code whenever events occur, lilke say, the video is loaded and ready to play.

With vCast jQuery Plugin, you simply use one of your video player’s provided callback functions to load the vCast button. In the worst case scenario if your video player does not provide callback functions, but it still behaves similar to FV Flowplayer and JW Player, then you can always setTimeout to pause until the video source code is loaded on the page, and the vCast button will appear just after the video starts playing… More documentation on vCast jQuery Plugin here –


Just bought this WP plugin and I would like to embed along with the JWPlayer Pro. How is the “TAG” and “ATTRIBUTE” set up in backend when the JWPlayer tag uses jQuery and not HTML video format?

Example: <div id="myVideoPlayer"><script type="text/javascript">// < ![CDATA[ jwplayer("myVideoPlayer").setup({ image: 'image.jpg', sources: [{ file: 'video.mp4' },{ file:'video.mp4' }], }); // ]]>t;</script></div>

I want to place the vCast icon below the video player element.

Thanks for advice.

Since JWPlayer uses this jQuery (JSON) format, should I have bought the jQuery version and not Wordpress? Can I get a credit for that version instead? Thanks.

Yes you should have bought vCast jQuery plugin version instead if you plan to use it with JW Player. The main reason is JW Player writes the video player source code to the page after the page has finished loading. In order to properly scan the page, you must initialize vCast jQuery plugin in JW Player’s callback function for when the video has loaded…. I can issue you a refund since you bought the wrong version, however I think you must contact the Envato Help Desk according to this thread

Thanks. I will contact Envato for a credit for the jQuery version.


I need to display one of my wordpress page with mp3 audio on my tv can I do this with your plugin…???

No this plugin will only send videos to the tv from your webpage

hi, can your plugin automatically detect youtube & vimeo videos on my current website and start chromecast?

Hi fairosfedora. Embedded videos on a webpage will automatically have the cast button added by Google to allow users to cast videos to Chromecast when viewing a webpage in Chrome browser, on PC and mobile devices that support casting. As for Vimeo, since the videos are played through an html5 player on the vimeo website, vCast should work. You will have to configure vCast correctly to scan the Vimeo video, and place the vCast button in your desired location on the page or directly on the video player (custom integration not supported). Any web developer should be able to configure vCast if your video and video player are supported

Hi there

am wondering if this “app” could cast a webpage (digital signage) to chromecast ? In fact, i want Chromecast reads / gets directly the webpage from internet. It’s know as “Custom Receiver”.

Today Google Chrome can cast webpage to ChormeCast but computer can’t be powered off … signal is lost.

Thank you

This will let you cast to your Chromecast using a device like a PC, mobile phone or tablet as the sender device. Once you send the content to Chromecast, this will let you continue using or even power off the sender device and signal will still be active on Chromecast

Hi, would this pull from the Vimeo videos I have running through a player on ?

Hi – yes this can work with the HTML5 based video player on your website. However I do not offer custom integration, which you would likely need. Also you probably would need the vCast jQuery plugin instead of the WordPress version

No that would mean an entire application, and this is a simple button you configure and place per your webpage(s) needs. The button is configured to identify URLs assumed to be videos pre-formatted with proper encoding for a Chromecast device

I can’t figure out how to log into the support website. Did I miss login information emailed to me?

Hey. Send me support requests directly at Please note however I don’t really do custom integration into your specific video player and/or WP theme. I can provide assistance/general direction if you have a developer ready or someone technical I can speak with to do the initial configuration of the plugin. Once the plugin is configured, it should scan + cast videos automatically from your video player on your website

It seems this plugin hasn’t been updated for awhile…is it up to date with current versions on WO?

Hello WineGuy. Do you have a specific question other than supported version of WordPress?

I have sent the request to your email, do you want me to post it here in public?

vCast Button for WordPress works in WordPress version 4.7.2. You should have no problem installing and activating the plugin. You will need to configure the plugin for your theme

Do I can add to my page where I already have streaming player, like this? Thanks!

Yes you can add vCast button jQuery Plugin on webpages that have an existing HTML5 video player (flash based video player not supported). Some video players like JW Player require user to click Play Button displayed over the entire video player, prior to the actual video playing (ie- when the video is actually loaded into the DOM in the browser). To successfully integrate vCast jQuery plugin in these video players, you need to hook into the video player callback functions such as onPlay(), so vCast jQuery Plugin can detect the video urls when they get loaded by the player into the DOM/browser window

Hi, this plugin works with the last wordpress version? THANKS

I just tested it. vCast Button for WordPress works in WordPress version 4.7.2. You should have no problem installing and activating the plugin. You will need to configure the plugin for your theme

Help me pls how install?? I will upload in my folder plugin or in panel wordpress pluins and error in instalation

vCast plugin for WordPress is installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You just copy the contents of the zip from CodeCanyon to your plugins folder in your WordPress installation directory. Is there a specific error reported by your WordPress installation after* you install vCast plugin?

You need to make sure you are configuring the vCast settings according to your WordPress theme. vCast settings for scanning your page are specified via the vCast admin settings panel, where you setup vCast to work specifically with your WordPress theme. Different themes have different CSS, so for placement you may have to note the CSS used in your theme and specified in the vCast settings

hi armorm2 I just purchased you plugin an would like to use it with my site but doesnt sims to be working i have a fv flow player

hello allbusinesshq – Can you provide URL to a test page where you have vCast installed on your website? Thanks for purchasing!

Here is the link to the page were i am testing the player

i have purchase both the wordpress vcast plugin and the vcast jQuery

the player i am using the the following one ref link below

thank you

kind regards

Hi allbusinesshq – the link to your test page doesn’t seem to work. I get a page with an error message – “Oops, you exceed CPU usage limit”....

Your video player is based on HTML 5 which means vCast should work provided you have initialized vCast correctly. The setup instructions for vCast WordPress plugin are here – Above is a page with the same flowplayer. Since FV Flowplayer is HTML-5 based, you need to look at the source code of the player and use the HTML tags from the player to specify to initialize vCast, following the setup instructions for vCast WordPress plugin or jQuery plugin. In the example above, the tag(s) containing the video are “source” and the tag attribute(s) are “src”. Hope this helps!

vCast plugin (both versions) will only send video content to Chromecast. But it can be configured for many different WordPress and custom website templates

‘m seeing that your plugin does not support local server? I’m trying to use it from a local server but it just shows the logo on tv and nothing happens, everything seems to happen well if installed on a server on the internet.

Ok. working now! The issue it is that: I was using a dns server on my network, and I had to setup, as you guided me by email, the wordpress address to something like and then the video load on chromecast sucessfully. thank you.