Discussion on vCardGo SaaS - Digital Business Card Builder

Discussion on vCardGo SaaS - Digital Business Card Builder

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I have few suggestions about vacard. Please see if you can include in future updates.

1. Try to provide an option for mangaing landing pages from super admin dashboard like in your Whatapp shop app. Please also add option to create custom pages. Present given options require more in the coding part except for logo and few other places.

2 in the present card complete url is also given along with the icons. This compromises the look of card. Better give option to select show url for each social media. So we can decide whether to give just icon or details plus icon.

For example. It is good to show phone number but for facebook showing complete url is not asthetic.

3. Please also create an option to duplicate a complete card. This will have multiple uses.. When I have to create cards for multiple services I can duplicate that and edit only the necessary feild. This will save time.

When I have to give cards for my team I can give them similar cards and ask them to change only their name designation etc.

I am not sure about the coding challenge you may have.. Please consider for further updates if possible


Sure, we will plan. already made notes.

How to create a pages? About us and others?


hostinax Purchased

I’ve been using your fantastic business card management script, and I wanted to share some ideas that I believe would enhance its functionality and user experience.

Firstly, I think it would be highly valuable to incorporate a statistics feature into the script. This feature could track and display information such as the number of visits each digital business card has received, the click count on the “Add Contact” link, and the click count on the website link and others options, Having access to these statistics would provide users with valuable insights into the performance of their digital business cards, helping them make informed decisions on optimizing their content.

Furthermore, it would be great if users could create customized roles within their accounts. These roles could grant specific permissions, allowing users to manage only certain cards within their account, rather than having access to all cards. This would be particularly useful for businesses and organizations where different team members need to collaborate on managing various cards, but with different levels of access.

I understand that implementing these features might require some development effort, but I believe they would significantly enhance the script’s functionality and make it even more appealing to a wider user base.

Thank you for your attention to this request, and I look forward to seeing how your script continues to evolve.

Thanks, we will plan.

Can you please reply to my ticket

1) I have a client who wants your saas software, can I buy it with the regular license and sell it to my client? and charge the configuration service on a server. 2) if I buy a Regular license; I can make modifications to the software. 3) The extended license; Does it allow me to modify and sell the same software many times?

Extended License.

for more detail please ask to envato.

how do i contact evanto?

You can find support option.

Hi There, the script is very good. But have a major concern on how the payment details of clients are stored as its a major breach of GDPR. What are you doing to encrypt peoples payment details as currently they are being stored is plain site and anyone can access them via the database or admin.

We will implement it.

Do you have a timeline on this?

Can you please share more detail here so we can plan it soon?

There are some words translated into Spanish that are not correct, where can I do the translation manually?

Yes we have language manager for same.

Hello I reviewed Saas Software. It looks very good. I want to buy. But I couldn’t see the difference between Regular and Extended in the explanations.

I want to create digital cards for different companies and sell them. I also want to buy your mobile application for Vcard. In summary, I want to create carts for the personnel of different companies. Can I do this with a regular license? I would like to buy an extended license, but it is too expensive for me.

Thank you.

yes but as per license policy you need extended license.

I purchased the Sass product but unfortunately I can’t add the plans. How should I do it?

You may missing something, please ask here

1) Do you have any future plan to integrate with 2checkout and paddle payment gateways?

2) Can our subscribers add their own payment gateways credentials to receive payments on their products, services and hourly/fixed appointments.

3) is there any restriction from your side on regular licence?

1. We will plan

2. Not now

3. You can not charge end user as per envato license policy.

is the sourcecode fully included with regular licence?

Hey there, I noticed you now have the NFC writer Admin app. This is fantastic. My Only pre purchase question is do you have any implementation for me to be able to sell my Business cards. Or would this need to be done on another platform like Shopify?

Thank you

You can use it with vCardGo or vCardGo SaaS. and with app write NFC card. you can sell manually.

Understood. But like shopify. Do you have a section I can list my cards and sell them? I offer a metal card. A plastic card etc etc and want an all in one solution to sell my cards and use the software also.

No but we will plan.

Hi, Please give a reply on my ticket, thank you

Please check my tickets , giving internal server error for login registration page

Please response then

Already did, you don’t need to add comment each time.

PRE PURCHASE >> Brother, I will ask this as clear as possible in order for both the question and the answer to not go against codecanyon’s t&c. Does this web-based software, have any limitation when it comes to both licences available? or is the software being bought, exactly identical in both cases without any limitation?

In SaaS version, can each user setup their own custom domain?

Yes. on each business.

Is it possible to configure our Local Sri Lankan Payment gateway?

We will plan. you can send some documentation on

Hello, I have sent you a ticket as we want to purchase this product. Please could you get back to us asap. Ticket number: 1692187631.

Will reply sure.

Hi, Please check my ticket, urgent , thank you

Hello Rajodiyinfotech Please some major updated Blog, refferal system, page example policy terms and conditions contact us. Seo, robot TXT, sitemap. Thank you

We are planning. If you can share more detail for each feature on then it will be nice.

Thank you


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