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Well done, best of luck! :)



As you told, I’ve pmed you with my login details. Please check the error [Page does not load error]. It would be great if you could convey me the procedure to fix it.

Have a nice day! Thanks for such a nice plugin.

Kind regards, Mahbub

Hello, We’re sorry you had to wait almost a week for a reply. We’ve been on vacations and this information was visible.

We’re going to investigate the issue ASAP and reply to your PM.

Best, Boom Apps Team


It’s okay. I understand that. You’ve done a great job. Just checked the site. Will be waiting for the next update.

Warmest regards, Mahbub

Hi guys – trying to get this thing to work in VC. I have it in the row but nothing appears. Is there some sort of documentation?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing. It should work. It might be some incompatibility with theme. Please PM us a link and/or wp-admin credentials. We’ll check it!

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, I’m interested in buying some of your row animation plugins.

Do they all work on a row with a photo background. Most of the demos just show them on a colour background. I would need them to work on top of a photo.

I see the smoke one works on a photo. Do they all?

Thanks, Naomi

Hey, You can overlay any of our plugins over a photo, but not all of them will make a good effect.

Smoke, Animated gradient, Particles, Particles 3D, Sine and maybe Polygon Surface will make nice effect. You will have to use some custom CSS making the effect transparent with some of the plugins. We’ll help with that.

Best, Boom Apps Team


shs321 Purchased

How can i use this background using HTML? In your current document you have shown using PHP

Hello, This is Wordpress plugin and plain HTML sites are not supported.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, I have bought

Do you know if this is compatible with Themes from tommusrhodus ?

Hello, Our “background items” requires Visual Composer, so any theme including VC will work. Some themes however (~10% )with heavily changed html markup require simple change from our support, which we will provide for free.

We’ve sold over 700 “background items” so far and we haven’t seen any incompatible them.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I just purchased this plugin, but it seems like it’s not working on my site’s visual composer.

My purchase code is: 927d1b0e-baa3-4035-812c-8ebf62690921

The theme is Salient:

My site is login is: un: admin pw: 4QBg5yef2^)O2JA@Xwj3mM*C

Please let me know if you are able to assist. Thanks!

Hello, We’ve checked and it’s working:

Best, Boom Apps Team

Nevermind – it is working now!

Sure :)