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Very cool. Very fun. Bookmarked champ! GLWS


Great effect – does this only work based on user input, or can it be set to perform its own patterns without following the cursor?

Hello, Thanks!

At the moment it supports only following cursor, but such feature (own patterns) is on the todo list.

Best, Boom Apps Team

So Frickin’ Awesome!

Found it.

Is it possible to hire you to make algorithm changes to the file to create effects within specific geometries? Unique things not to be sold on CC or similar marketplaces…

Hello, Unfortunatelly at this moment it’s not possible as we’ve lots of work with new CC items :)

Best, Boom Apps Team


I need a hint: bought VC Violet Background, installed and activated it. Visual Composer came with the theme I use. But I can’t find a way to use or customize VC Violet Background. It isn’t shown in the VC elements or anywhere else. What do I have to do?

Thanks for support – Edgar

PMed the credentials yesterday. Any suggestions so far?

Hey, we;ve just replied!

Thanks for your fast support – great!

would be very cool if there was a preset of a spinning circle pattern. when i move the mouse in a clockwise circle it creates a visually stunning effect. but it would be great to have that work without it being based on the mouse follow :)

Looks rad!!!!


Great plugin!


Installed and activated the plugin but do not know how to use it , someone help me ?

Hey, Thanks for purchasing. You should have and “VC Violet Background” button in Visual Composer “Add Element” window.

Just add this element to your row.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin. It seems that it does not work with the Bronx theme. How should I solve this problem?

Hey, It would be best if you can send us private message with your wp-admin credentials. We can fix it. We can alsou troubleshoot, but we’d need a link to page where this is not working.

Best, Boom Apps Team

purchased and using on a site and love it! noticed though the background can only be set to a color…it is possible to set the color to transparent so the row background image shows with the violet effect over it?

Hey, It’s great to hear you love our plugin! :)

We’ve decided to not include such feature because, in our opinion, it doesn’t look good.

You can try yourself. In file ultraviolet.js @ line 202 replace ctx.fillRect with ctx.clearRect and set some row background.

Best, Alex Boom Apps

Hi Alex! Thanks for that! Worked perfect and looks pretty cool over a darken image :)

Hey, great! Can we see it? :)

My web site : Wordpress 4.4.2 I’ve installed the plugin. But it does not work. Please help.

Hello, Please PM us ( a link to a subpage where plugin is activated but doesn’t work. We will troubleshoot.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello there! Is it possible to make it work on top of background photo? I just realized it isn’t working.

Hello, Due to technique used to create this effect it doesn’t support background images.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hey after renaming ctx.fillRect with ctx.clearRect where do we have to write our rgba color code?


Hey, You propably want to make it work over an image? If so, that’s not possible with the technique used in this plugin – we’ve tried it :)

Best, Boom Apps

I have already used it over an image successfully..

Thanks for replying anyways .. ;)

That’s great to hear.

By the way, the clearRect function doesn’t take any color as an argument as it only cleans the canvas.


Phinos Purchased

Hi, I just bought it but when I try, why background can not be made to be transparent? I’ve been setting the background color to alpha 1% but the background does not become transparent.

Hey, Due to technique used to generate this effect the plugin doesn’t support transparent background.

Best, Boom Apps Team


Fantastic plugin! :) I’m just wondering is it possible to overlay text on it, as you’ve done in the example?


Hello, Yes, you can. Just add VC text block in the same row :)

Best, Boom Apps Team

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