VC Splitter Pro: A/B Split Testing for Visual Composer

VC Splitter Pro: A/B Split Testing for Visual Composer

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VC Splitter: A/B Split Testing Made Easy For Visual Composer

When you run a website, you might assume that more traffic equals more sales.

It’s a frequent assumption, it isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s not entirely right either.

What matters most is what actually happens when that incoming visitor lands on your website.

If you are not conveying your message effectively, you’re losing out on signups, downloads, inquiries and above all sales.

With VC Splitter and Visual Composer for WordPress, you can now systematically test what gets your audience to take action on your website.

Additionally, VC Splitter allows you to see what areas on your site are converting well, and what areas are not performing to your expectations, allowing you to adjust and make changes to improve your website.

The top websites are using site optimization to improve their user experience, but they have access to a large marketing budget and an army of programmers. With VC Splitter, you can improve your website right within the comfortable environment of Visual Composer, with no coding or massive budget needed.

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How You Can Use A/B Split Testing

When you build a website, you need to have a strategic goal in mind, whether that’s signups, downloads, donations, leads or above all sales. Even if you do not classify yourself as an “online business”, your website should have a purpose to fulfill.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want out of your website, you are missing out on a stunning amount of business. Your website should be a powerful communication tool, with the ability to interact with thousands of people. When properly A/B Testing, your site will transform into a goal oriented machine working for you 24/7 to get you more signups, leads, sales and fulfil its purpose. Your website has the potential to revolutionize your whole business.

A/B Testing With VC Splitter

A/B testing is a crucial way to find out what actively engages your visitors, and it used to be a hassle. You either needed an army of programmers or a significant marketing budget to successfully A/B Test and improve your website. With VC Splitter you can optimize your site quickly and effectively for only $29.

VC Splitter has joined forces with the number one selling page builder for WordPress, Visual Composer, to allow you to effortlessly A/B test your website. Simply hit a button to duplicate your web page, tweak it, and immediately start experimenting with headings, elements, layouts and text to find what engages your users the most. You’ll be astonished how even the smallest changes to your website can make the biggest difference when it comes to appealing to your online audience.

With VC Splitter You Can

  • Naturally Create A/B Split Tests within Visual Composer
  • Track Views, Clicks, Bounces, CTR and Bounce Rates per Split Test
  • Label, Manage and Edit Tests for Easy Management
  • Analytically determine what combinations of headings, images, text and buttons work and what needs to be improved
VC Splitter makes it easy to improve your website by determining what content gets you more clicks. Want to try it before you buy it? Take the Test Drive.

How can you be sure what Visual Composer Elements or Rows get you clicks, keep your visitors on the page or are engaging? With VC Splitter you can test multiple headings, images, text and buttons to see which grabs the user’s attention and makes them click through.

It’s extremely easy to use, and is packaged as an add-on to work naturally within visual composer. From split testing starters to analytical geniuses VC Splitter has you covered.

Simply add the headings, images, buttons and text that you want within the VC Splitter Containers, and your site now has the power to deliver one “variation” at a time to your visitors, track views, clicks, bounces, click through rate and bounce rate and allow you to compare what messaging works best.

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Due to the nature of split testing, VC Splitter currently only supports the backend editor.