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This is VERY bad guy…

i have Intel i 7 4970 and Very Hard Work with your plugin.

%16 use to processor..

Hey, This 16% usage is because there are 5 backgrounds on demo page. That’s a lot :)

Best, Boom-Apps Team

Wow amazing plugin guys! Great work! I’m looking for a project where I can integrate this very soon! best of luck with sales

Thanks man!

very nice work ! :) i whish you all the best for your sales


Hello! How to insert this to html page without Composer?

Hey, it requires Visual Composer, as stated in item description so that is not possible.

Best, Boom-Apps Team

Hi can you overlay an image or images that have transparent background or only text?

Hey, This is background so you can put on it anything you can put in Visual Composers’ row :)

Best, Boom-Apps Team


How i could use it for a full site background ? I would like switch my fixed image background by this blue smoke background?

Best regards, Jeff

Hello, Thanks for purchasing. Unfortunatelly, as stated in item description, this can add a background only to VC Row, not the whole site. This is something we consider for future updates, but such feature is not available at the moment.

Best, Boom Apps Team

I don’t known how to setup this for VC row. Could you please take some screenshot and make a document for us?

Hello, You should just add the item into VC Row and that’s it :) If it’s not working there is most likely some small incompatibility with the theme.

Best, Boom Apps Team.


MVMD77 Purchased

Is this possible to use in a non WP site?

Hello, This is WP-only plugin.

Best, Boom Apps Team


i played around with the values, but maybe you can help.

Can you tell me how I reach a non-colored background with a soft grey smoke?

I will try. Can i make the Bg transparent too?

Because of the technique used this is not possible. You can try to fake transparency with css opacity:

.vc-smokeybackground-background-bg { opacity:0.5; }

thx ;)

Just purchased this but I can not find any settings to add as VC row. please help, Is there any guide?

Hey, Please add this plugin to VC Row the same way your are adding other elements (like text blocks, etc.).

Like particles background here:

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team