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Nice addon, keep going :)

This is great! Cool!

Simple & nice, very well working.

This is something new, just bought it!

Not corrected view in browser Safari and low speed loading page, and bad view scroll page (Sorry bad english)

Hey, Which version of Safari? We’ll check what’s wrong.

Best, Boom Apps Team

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)


Hello Boom-apps… this product does not work at all at my site. its updated latest version etc. It´s not that easy to install than it sounds like on the description, isn´t it?

Hey, Please provide us a link to the subpage where this is not working (by PM if you don’t want to share). Maybe there is some conflict with your current theme. We’ll check the problem.

Best, Boom Apps

Hello boom-apps, this product is not working very well in my pages. Could you check for me? I already sent you a PM, but no response.

Hello, Thanks for purchasing. We’re sorry you have to wait. We’ve been on vacations and this information was visible.

We’re currently working hard on all the support PMs and we’re going to reply you ASAP.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, just bought it, not working. Do you have a tutorial on how to configure it?

Hey, You shoud add this to your VC row and it should work without any additional steps. This is so easy, so there is no tutorial :)

Please give us a link to a page where the plugin is not working. It might be some small incompatibility with the theme.

Best, Boom Apps Team

The page is still private. I’m using the “Good Life” theme

Hey We’d need a link to your page. Please add the plugin to new subpage and send us PM with link to

Or send us your wp-admin password also – this would speed up the troubleshooting.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hey, I’ve just bought your VC plugin to work with on one of our sites. Unfortunately it’s not working. Sent you and e-mail( yesterday :) Regards Greg

Hey, We’ve fixed and answered your email :)


varunh Purchased

Hi. I installed the plugin and tried using it from VC, but it doesn’t show up in the options. What do I do?

Hey, Please PM us with you wp-admin credentials. This very strange and it’s impossible to blind guess what causes the problem.

Best, Boom Apps Team


varunh Purchased

Hi! I wrote to you last week about a problem with this plugin. It does not show up on VC. Can you help, pls?

Hey, We missed you previous comment – sorry for that. We’ve just replied.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, I just bought your extension. How is active on the site? I installed it and nothing happens …

Hello, You should add VC Element to row you want to “Skewify”. It doesn’t “Skewify” all the rows by default.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, the demo pretty much freezes Safari on Desktop.. :/

Hey, All our plugins are tested on major browsers including Safari so this is quite strange.

Could you please provide us some more details? Which version, what model of computer, OS, etc. We’ll check this.

Best, Boom Apps Team


Just bought Skewify, uploaded and installed it. I can´t find it as an element in VC, it does not show.

Any solutions?

Hi. I´ve sent it to on 19, and then on 22 Aug. Just sent it again.

Any progress?

Just replied.

Hello just purchased it and installed. I’ve added the row but now what? I don’t get it to skew. Any idea how this will work?

Hey, Please contact us ( with a link to page where this doesn’t work. We’ll check the problem.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi! I’ve sent you an e-mail yesterday at that mailadress. :) Thanks!

Hi I still haven’t heard anything. :(

Top skew works on a row, but bottom skew only works on part of the image? See test site here and top header row:

Hey, We can see the problem.

Please PM us at with password to your wp-admin, we’ll fix it.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, I just downloaded and installed the plugin but I can’t get the row to skew. Can I you take a look if I send you credentials?

Okay, great. I’ll look for a reply (or a solution) for the problem soon.

Hey, I sent a followup email a couple days ago but have not yet gotten a reply. The rows skew now, but not correctly. If there is a background color or a background image in the row below, the area where it skews just shows a white triangle—not rest of the background image or even the row background color.

The VC demo shows stacked rows with different background colors without a white triangle on the top or bottom so I still need you guys to go in and take a look. This white triangle appears in both firefox, safari and chrome.

I sent screenshots and examples in my email.

Hey, Spam filter again – sorry. We’ve checked the problem and we have solution. This is happening because you are skewing both bottom edge of one row and top edge of the next row. Disable skewing of all bottom edges (set to 0) and enable “Move up to cover previous section” feature.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


jbbv Purchased

Hi there, I’ve been using VC Skewify Row and experienced a browser issue with this plugin.

On Safari (latest version) Skewify is only applied when I type in the url or reload the page. When navigating to the page for the first time through the menu Skewify code isn’t loaded properly. See for example.

Any thoughts?

Hey, We’ve just checked this on Browserstack and it’s working. We’ll get physical Mac device tommorow evening (CET time) and check it again.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

IS it possible to skew vertically?

Hey, No, this is not possible.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team