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I just bought the plugin. Installed it on my test page, with WP 4.4.2 and VC 4.9.2.

Added the VC POLYGON SURFACE object and… I just get a blank row, with no polygons on it. Tried to search some tutorial but it just said to add, tweak and that´s all.

What can I do??

My purchase code is: 5d88a52f-9d84-42d4-b699-5cc47715a449

Hummm… I try it in a new page and works. Still not working on my first try. It´s ok now, thanks.

Hello, Sorry for delay in answer – we’ve been on support vacations as allowed by Envato.

If you need any help with your website please PM us ( your page address – we can fix all issues.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can I get the settings for the last one on the page (not just the colors).:


Hey, Sure – here it is:

Mesh ambient=”#555555”
Mesh diffuse=”#ffffff”
Mesh width=”1.2”
Mesh height=”1.2”
Mesh depth=”20”
Mesh segments=”15”
Mesh slices=”8”
Mesh xrange=”0”
Mesh yrange=”0”
Mesh speed=”0.0002”

Light animate=”true”
Light ambient=”#be008e”
Light diffuse=”#ff8800”
Light count=”1”
Light zoffset=”200”
Light speed=”0.0010”

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can I add content on top of this? I thought this would work like adding a backround image to a row where you can then add text on top of it…

Hey, Sure you can – the plugin would be useless if you couldn’t :) Just put your content next to Polygon Surface element, not inside it and it’ll work.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, I’m having some issues making this work. I can get it to show up on the page but I can’t get the lights to follow the mouse. They are just on auto animate. There doesn’t seem to be an option for that.

I am using the backend editor b/c my frontend VC editor disappeared… Does this work better using the frontend editor?

Hey, The plugin doesn’t support mouse following at the moment, as this was causing come incompatibility with Visual Composer. We are workign on an update to add this feature.

Personally I have always been using backend VC editor, never frontend :)

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, This is a fantastic plugin! Can i get the settings for the first (black) and second (white) example you have here?:

I couldn’t get it to be nice like that :(


Hey, thanks!

Sure, here’s for the black one:

data-mesh-ambient=”#cccccc” data-mesh-diffuse=”#3d3d3d” data-mesh-width=”1.2” data-mesh-height=”1.2” data-mesh-depth=”20” data-mesh-segments=”8” data-mesh-slices=”4” data-mesh-xrange=”0.3” data-mesh-yrange=”0.3” data-mesh-speed=”0.0002” data-light-autopilot=”false” data-light-ambient=”#333333” data-light-diffuse=”#bcbcbc” data-light-count=”1” data-light-zoffset=”200” data-light-speed=”0.0010”

and here is the white one:

data-mesh-ambient=”#cccccc” data-mesh-diffuse=”#3d3d3d” data-mesh-width=”1.2” data-mesh-height=”1.2” data-mesh-depth=”20” data-mesh-segments=”8” data-mesh-slices=”4” data-mesh-xrange=”0.3” data-mesh-yrange=”0.3” data-mesh-speed=”0.0002” data-light-autopilot=”false” data-light-ambient=”#ffffff” data-light-diffuse=”#bcbcbc” data-light-count=”1” data-light-zoffset=”200” data-light-speed=”0.0010”

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi Thanks for this great plugin(VC polygon surface). I purchased this plugin and its work finely with VC, But I need to use these effects without VC I use other themes that does not support VC! Please help me to use your plugin without VC.

Regards Amir

Hey, As stated in items description it requires Visual Composer to work.

You could extract the plugins code and make it work outside VC but this would require some programming skills.

Best, Boom Apps Team


Liked your plugin, I want to know can I use it to make animations like in the picture? To change the size of the blocks and make the transition from blue to white? My job is to do exactly the same as in the picture, only animated. –

Hey, Exactly such effect is not possible with this plugin. Playground for plugin settings is available here:

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi! please tell me you could make a revision to be able to create similar products as in the screenshot ?

Hey, I’m affraid we’re unable to do this.

Best, Boom Apps Team

hi – we just bought this but can not get it to work. the plug ins are all active as is the latest version of Visual composer.

we have put this into a visual compose block but we only see a think 1 pixel line and have no idea why… all settings do not let us adjust the height of the container it is in . . any ideas?

Hey, Please contact us ( with a link to page where this happens. We’ll check it.

Best, Boom Apps Team

please teach me. I do not know how to install on Visual Composer.

Hello, Just a the element in the same way you are adding other VC elements in page builder.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, can you give me the settings for the second example in your preview (white/light grey colors)? I want to use very light colored background to contrast with the black text on the foreground. However, it seems very difficult to achieve such light colored combination even on the fss.js playground. Can you please guide?

Hello, Sure we can help. However, the Envato system doesn’t recognize you as a buyer of this item. Could you please PM us at with this question and purchase code?

Best, Boom Apps Team


sdaris Purchased

Zoinks, this is nice. Except I also cannot get any text content to appear on top of the VC Polygon element. I saw your reply to the user “halfpintpro” where you say “Just put your content next to Polygon Surface element, not inside it and it’ll work” but nothing is working for me. I’ve tried prepending to the column, adding a new column, etc. Could you post a simple screenshot link showing how you do it so I don’t have to bother you anymore? Thanks. Here’s my screenshot:


sdaris Purchased

I just sent you a PM. Please check your junk mail for my name scottdaris because my email address has been hacked lately and is on some blacklists (annoying). thx.

Hey, we’ve just replied.

Best, Boom Apps Team


sdaris Purchased

OK, I’ll make some custom CSS like you suggested. Thanks!


tocaho Purchased

Hi There, Can this be installed into a standard web page which isn’t based on Wordpress? Thanks.

Hey, Without coding knowledge – no. You’d need a web developer to do such task.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


tocaho Purchased

Thanks for the reply. I have coding skills. Could you give me a guide as to how I could implement this on my website without wordpress? I have already purchased this but didn’t realise it was a wordpress plugin. I got to excited but it’s beauty to realise!

Hey, This plugin is based on Flat Surface Shader by Matthew Wagerfield. You can download it for free from Github: Also, all the info and tutorials are included.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi, may I ask a question – why the actual plugin functionality is not allowing to follow mouse, while your demo does exactly that? My purchase decision was kind of based on the assumption that the plugin does that…

Hey, You’re right. There is such feature in original FSS.JS plugin, but we haven’t implemented that in our Wordpress plugin. We’ll add such info to products description.

If you feel mislead please file for a refund.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Thanks for your reply Alex, that’s alright, the plugin is cool enough even without this feature.


gspade Purchased

Hello, I seem to get a white screen only when i scroll down and back up, I can see it glitch in though

Hey, Thanks for contacting us.

It’s a small incompatibility with the theme. Please use custom CSS to fix it:

.vc-polygonsurface-background-bg { z-index:1!important; }

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team


gbhuk Purchased

Hi, I’m having problems with the polygon surface showing with the theme I’m using: Lambda by Oxygenna. Google Chrome shows the following error:


101 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null at setRenderer (vcpolygonsurface.js:101) at createRenderer (vcpolygonsurface.js:90) at initialise (vcpolygonsurface.js:79) at a.fn.init.$.fn.vcPolygonSurface (vcpolygonsurface.js:281) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (vcpolygonsurface.js:296) at Function.each (jquery.js:2) at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js:2) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (vcpolygonsurface.js:295) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2)

The problem doesn’t seem to exist with the standard TwentySeventeen theme. However that’s not the theme I’m using! What can you suggest to help solve pls?


gbhuk Purchased

Hi, I found the solution. The theme doesn’t echo the class ‘vc_row’ to the containing div. I’ve edited the theme and all is ok. Thanks.

Hey, It’s great to hear you’ve managed to figure this out.

Unfortunatelly some themes modify default Visual Composer html markup and there is no obvious way to prevent these issues.

We’ll be adding “custom class” setting field in our backgrounds. This is already implemented in VC Particles Background and coming soon to our other items.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

How could I use this on Beaver Builder? (way better than VC :) Thanks

Hey, As stated in muliple places in item descrption it is a Visual Composer plugin so it’s not possible to use it with other page builders.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Would you consider a version for beaver? Custom?

Unfortunatelly we don’t have any plans to create plugins to other builders that VC and since we don’t have experience with Beaver we are unable to do any custom jobs for this builder.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hello, Pre-sale question. I want to buy this plugin now but I have a question. I don’t have visual composer on my website. How can I integrate this plugin features without VC? Thanks in advance.

Hey, This is a Visual Composer plugin and it requires it to work.

There is no way to integrate this plugin to a page not using VC.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hello! Thanks for making the code available for Wordpress! Really appreciated!

However I have a question: how do I change the size of the vc polygon surface? I need to place it in a frame (something like a custom box). Are there any ways to do that? Thank you!

Hi, This plugin, as stated in description adds background to a VC Row and VC Row dimensions are determined by theme.

However, this would be possible with some small modifications of the plugin. If you have coding knowledge we can guide you with this.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Can you please send the settings for the Polygon Surface background demo ?

Hey, Thanks for contacting us! Please contact us at – we’ll reply with the settings.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Any chance of getting an additional CSS field to this so we can disable it on mobile devices? Just so we can use these classes to disable it. I love the background but it looks like butt on mobile.

Pretty please!!! :)


Hey, Sure – this is pretty simple with CSS. Please click gear icon in top right of VC and enter:

@media (max-width:767px) { .vc-polygon-background { display:none!important; } }

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

You are a legend! Thank you very much that’s exactly what I needed.

You’re welcome :)