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aj2703 Purchased


I have another problem. Each footer link has 3 slides. It is set in Flex Silder Fade.

However only FIRST picture in each slide is clickable. When slide moves to second picture and than third picture. They are not clickable. This is in mobile and desktop view.


aj2703 Purchased

^^ That is from Visual Composer Support.


aj2703 Purchased

Hi. I have worked out how to do it looking at the VC example. A link for each slider is placed in the same box one under each other. Each slider in each block now opens as it should.

Slider is working great :-)


Thats great news you figured it out, I will continue to look into this .. yep, thanks for your persistence ..


mediarun Purchased

Hi, I buy Mega Footer, and we use MyMail now Mailster plugin from Envato. Could you provide html code to set up in Footer 11 them, to be working with this mailing list top rated solution ?

Hmm, i havent seen this one before, but if you leave some login details via private message I can take a look .. its not really related specifically to footer =P but if it is quick solution I can do .. ok! let me know some details here https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio

Hi there, I can’t manage to display the megafooter whatever settings I chose… Could you help me out? thank you!

Just sent it! Thank you so much!!

Hi there, could you please let me know if you’ve found the source of the problem? Thank you!

Responded via email, I think this problem will be solvable


caiello Purchased

I have installed your plugin onto my site, but the footer does not match the width of my site: http://tdtest.christopheraaiello.com

How can I correct this?

Hi, trying to work on this one now, but the database has an error connecting, I will keep trying and see


caiello Purchased

We’ve moved the site to our developer’s servers. My understanding was that you were going to make these updates to the plugin soon. If you can’t get it working, I’m going to ask for a refund.

Hi, so, no problems, I can trouble shoot on the new server if you leave some temporary login details, or, for sure we can do a refund if desired

Is the Mega Footer compatible with Mikado Hoshi theme?

Hi, so! Maybe =P

We are working out the most general way to get Visual Composer (and all its addons) working across all themes, but there can be a few issues,

Infact we have solved each issue on a case by case basis over the last few weeks .. and can do the same for your theme if it doesn’t appear correctly .. but yes, it is still a bit early days for the software .. and the best methods for Visual composer will reveal themselves over time .. ok! sorry long answer, but yep, we are committed to support case by case, and we give refunds upon request if it’s a no-go

I just purchased this. And it does not seem to be compatible with my theme? I am using LAMBDA theme and no matter what I do I cannot get it to show up on any pages. I followed the instructions included exactly.

Hi, if you can get in touch here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio with some temporary login details I can take a look at this theme issue

Hi, Your plugin does not seem to be compatible with LAMBDA theme. No matter what I do I cannot get it to work. I followed all instructions included.

Hi, if you can get in touch here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio with some temporary login details I can take a look at this theme issue

Hi Happy Robot, I wrote a comment early last week and sent you my login credentials but I did not get any reply. I am also using Lambda theme. Could-you please get back to me? I am waiting for the footer to be in place before uploading the new version of my website. Thank you so much for your precious help! Xavier

Hi Happy Robot, did you manage to check it out yesterday as proposed? Thanks..

It looks like the Mega Footer is still not activated :(

Responded via email, I think this problem will be solvable

Hi Happy Robot, sorry to bother you again, but I would really need to know if I should start looking for another solution. ;( We are already a few days behind schedule for the launch of our website. Thank you for your precious help.

Last try… :)

Hi, so sorry about this one, the Visual Composer is too custom … I can work it out but it will take some weeks … we will refund this case of course, if you can initiate a refund request I will put that through immediately

Responded via email, I think this problem will be solvable

I have tried to import the templates but after following the step by steps in http://happyrobotstudio.com/documentation/ there is no ‘pre-built-footers.xml’ in the zip I downloaded from Code Canyon.

Could you send that file to me please?

Hi, oh no, maybe it is left out of the latest release, I will send to you, please leave your contact details here:


In a private message and I will reply to your email with the file

hi there your plugin not seem to work good with my theme and ultimate, when i activate the plugin the icon of ultimate disapear and i cannot show the footer i create. can you give any help or refund me

regards Bobby

look to not work for me and i need to deliver, will use a custom solution… please refund me thanks! Bobby

Hi bobby, sure thing, some themes use very custom Visual Composer, and Mega Footer will take some time to accommodate all these,

So its Ultimate theme? Just for reference

Yes use this form to go through the refund request: http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

All the best,

- Daniel

If you can let me know the URL also maybe in private message https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio maybe I can look a bit closer to solve this themes visual composer implementation


Flucidity Purchased

Hi, I’ve just bought this plugin and have imported the demo footers – once the plugin is activated it breaks my website. Can you please assist?


Hi, sure thing, let me know some temporary login details here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio and I will look


I have created two versions of my footer and want to test to see which looks better. How do I switch which footer is activated? Currently only the first footer created appears live.

There should be a blue ‘activate this footer’ switch on each post, let me know if you can see this one


D2AP Purchased

Hello, I was using your plugin fine on my website. I just recently updated to a new version of the theme and a couple of plugins and now it doesn’t seem to be working. I have no idea what the problem is. Would you be able to take a look? Please let me know what I need to provide you with.


I will track down for you tonight the older version, if you can let me know your email in a private message here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio


D2AP Purchased

I appreciate it, but I actually just found an older version I had saved on my computer. It is working again now. My only concern now is if I need to update in the future. Hopefully everything won’t break again.

Thanks for your time!

Sure thing, no problems! Let me know anything else


Chris99 Purchased

Does this work with WPML (I need language specific footers) + TheGem (from codexthemes)?

It will work in the fronted, however the backend will still be in english .. as we have not done translations for admin area .. but any content (e.g., the actual footers, will work with WPML)


wahyoo Purchased

pre-buy question,

is this plugin work with all themes? my theme just supporting widget footer…is it ok?

Hi, the plugin will patch into the wp_footer function, so if your theme has this it should be ok .. most do ..