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Hello Hello are you around

Hi, I bought the plugin. It works good in pages and woocomerce products, but it crashes the woocommerce archive page (it doesn’t scroll).


Can you please fix it?

Hi yep sorry overloaded last few days, I will look into this now

Ok, ive tried a fix for the woocommerce archive, it appears working over my side, however can you take a look and verify

I have not left the footer enabled, you can tick the “Append via hook” in Megatooer -> Settings, and then refresh and quickly uncheck, in order to test out on that live page

Ok, let me know how it looks

Oh also, there are some paddings to fix on your footer, this can sometimes be the case since we are placing the footer in a sometimes strange place outside the main document .. row paddings can be finnicky from theme to theme, however you can usually just include padding within the column, to achieve the desired layout

Hi, after I check and save ‘vcmegafooter’ in role manager, the ticked disappear and there is always error message like it wasn’t ticked. can you help me? WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5 WPBakery Visual Composer – Mega Footer 1.0.9 WordPress 4.9.1 Brando Theme

Hi if you can leave some temporary login details here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio I will ensure it is fixed

http://www.romanonunziato.it/amiko/wp-admin/ user happy_robot password happy_robot

Ok, so the Brando theme was doing its own modifications on Visual Composer, I have adjusted the plugin to take account of the Brando theme now.

Everything is uploaded and should be working.

Let me know if it goes smoothly, thanks!

Hello I need Help with the footer on Full width pages and you are not responding

MF is ignoring all adjustments on the left margin. Padding, margins, in row design options are not having any affect.

I was able to get it to shift using the column design options, row options don’t work

Yep depending on how the footer is placed as regards the ‘bootstrap container’ there may be some padding issues ..

It can be a case by case basis depending on theme, usually I just log in using temp details and I can analyse the problem, its a bit hard to do if there is no access ..

If we can go ahead with a refund, that would be great.


I’m using the Visual Composer Starter Theme and set up the Mega Footer via the custom hook. However, the custom footer just won’t show up. Any ideas?


Hi if you can leave some temporary login details here: https://codecanyon.net/user/happy_robot_studio I will take a look


goodimp Purchased


Your plugin is working great but I’m having the same issue as a few other people with the VC role manager deselecting posts and pages when I save a page. It’s not every time but it does happen quite regularly. The url is http://www.gicms2.co.uk and I’m using megafooter 1.0.9, VC 5.4.5 and the theme The7. If you can help me fix it that would be great.


goodimp Purchased

Any chance you can have a look at this for me. I’ve already sent login details.


I’ve just purchased this product and adapted my first footer from Sample Footer 5.

However, when I preview the footer or look at it “live” in Safari (no matter which device I use), it shows up for a split second, then disappears, leaving the space blank where it would have been.

It’s working fine in Chrome.

The Hide/Show this footer block toggle in that footer is to the right. And all others are turned off (to the left).

Here’s a page on my site: http://www.codependencynomore.com/homepage/

Can you offer any help with this? Thank You, Brian