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possible to generate static image and also to expor the files to export as png?

Also, whats the fallback method if there is no HTML 5 supported by browser?

Hey, 1. Yes, this is canvas-based, so you just have to right click and choose “Save image as”. Some content might obstruct the cnvas so you need to remove it first using developer tools.

2. HTML5/Canvas is supported in virtually every browser: so no fallback is neccessary.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi there, I want to use your plugins with Jupiter 5 Theme from (and code-canyon) but unfortunatley it seems not compatible. Do you have any idea why? Jupiter uses a custom ‘Section’ insrtead of standard row. Maybe this is why?

Hey, This is most likely the issue. Could you please send us a link to page where this is not working? It propably requires just a small code change to fix.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can I send you a link privately?

Sure, please use or private message form on our profile page.

Hi, I just purchased the bundle of Canvas Backgrounds 2, it looks amazing! I’m testing the waves background and having a bit of a hard time to make it show up. Played around with the settings but it’s not visible on the page.

I have actually one other question, will I be able to add text over the animation? I don’t see an option to be able to select it as a background of my VC row in a way where I can than place my text block on top of it.

Thanks for your help, best rya

Hey, Thanks for purchasing. This is most likely some small incompatibility with your theme. Please PM us link to page where this is not working. Also sending us wp-admin password would speed things up. Our mail is

Text over animation is no problem. The plugins make only background. You can put whatever you want inside the row.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, wanted to let you know that it works! There was an update to my theme and once updated the backgrounds started working, they look AMAZING! Good Luck with the sales, I’m sure you will do really well. Giving you 5 stars!


Hi I did just buy this, and this dosent work, I have tried to contact you, but i didn’t get any response. I have the Mikado theme ( optimization ), And i wonder how to make it to work, Can you explain this with picture, so i can learn, how you did fix it ?

Hey, Thanks for purchasing. Unfortunatelly we didn’t get any message from you. Please PM us directly at

If none of the plugins in bundle works the it’s propably some small incompatibility with the theme. Please contact us with link to a page where plugin is activated, but doesn’t work – we’ll work on fixing it.

Best, Boom Apps Team

I wonder why this dosent work on mobile ? this is not responsive with mobile. If you use anything of this on your page, then it will be impossible to scroll down. Why is this problem ????? And why isn’t this mobile friendly ?

I see on other pages, that you guys is not giving any support for mobile problem! for 1 mounth ago you guys said, you guys are going to solve this problem, so have you guys solve this problem ???

Hey, Thanks for purchasing. Every plugin in the bundle is responsive and mobile friendly.

At the moment there is problem with one plugin which causes scrolling issues on some devices.

We have a fix for this, but it’s not yet released on Envato due to testing. Please PM us to get it ASAP. Our mail –

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello there,

i’ve just buy your plugins but it seems that this doesnt work on wordpress theme called jupiter, it is work if i put the element inside ‘row section’ but when i put it into ‘page section’ it doesnt work, can you please take a look ?

Hey, We’ve seen this before. The solution is simple – insert row section in page section. Page section is not a VC Row – it’s different, and this plugin is intended to user with VC Row.

If you need to make it work with Page Sections please PM us ( your wp-admin credentials. We’ll try to make it compatible with Page Sections.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I have purchased your plug in and have activated on my website. However, I do not manage to select it from the element list in visual composer. It appears there but can not be selected. I suspect an issue with visual composer.

Is there a way to tweak directly the css file and to apply the background directly?

Hello, Tweaking CSS is not possible. This is clearly a Visual Composer issue, so I’d suggest updating the VC to the latest version first. And if it doesn’t work please contact VC support.

Meanwhile you can always generate the shortcode for the background in some other Wordpress site and then copy it in text mode.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, Is it possible to change the Color of the “lines” in the Waves plugin?

Hey, Yes, as you can see in the demo it supports color change.

You have to select “Fixed color?” > Yes and then enter “Fixed color hue” which takes values from 0 to 360.

Best, Boom Apps Team

I do not use wordpress, I’m currently using PHP/HTML, CSS and JS. if I purchase this would i be able to insert it into my html 5 and css ? I am unfamiliar with canvas, however I just want to know if this purchase is only a wordpress plugin or if it can be used with custom coding….?

Hello, This is Wordpress plugin only. You could “extract” the code and implement it into HTML website, but this would require some HTML/JS knowledge.

Best, Boom Apps Team

The plugin doesn’t work with “Angle Theme” by Oxygenna. I’ve ensured that I’m using the latest version of Visual Composer. Also, I’m on Localhost and haven’t migrated to a Live server yet.

Now, this theme called “Angle” uses a Modified version of Visual Composer. They have a Swatch system. Each Row is assigned a Swatch. Each Swatch has a Pre-Defined background.

Let Me also add that this “Angle” theme is one of the Best Selling themes on ThemeForest and has thousands of downloads. I request You to look into this, so that We come to a definite resolution.

Kindly Revert,

Hello, We’d need access to online version of your site to debug the problem. This is most likely a small incompatibility.

Please move the website to a live server and we’ll check it.

PM us with the link –

Best, Boom Apps Team

Very clean design, good luck with sales!


Hello, i just bought your bundle but it doesn’t seem to work with the “Angle Theme” by Oxygenna. I have the latest version of VC installed and tried out all the options but nothing happens. can you please help me with this?

Hey, Sure. This is most likely a small incompatibility with the theme – easy to fix. Please PM us with a link to page where one of the plugins is enabled but doesn’t work – we’ll check it. Our mail is hello@boomapps.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

You guys are awesome. Super fast support and really nice plugins. One of my best buys on Codecanyon.


This looks beautiful! But I have some questions.

1. Is it support “revolution slider”? I want to put this effect into a revolution slider in the VC. 2 What does “canvas-based” mean? Is it the type of themes? Isn’t it compatible with all the themes with VC?

Hi! 1) It will not work with Revolution Slider. The plugins are working with Visual Composer rows only.

2) It means it’s based on HTML5 canvas element. It’s a technical detail. It will work with any theme with Visual Composer.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Thanks for quick reply. Have a nice day!!!

You’re welcome!

Ok had no clue why it don’t work with new Visual composer? How do I get a refund?

Hi, You can file for a refund here:

However, the information that this plugins works with the “old” Visual Composer has been provided in bundle item description and subitems descriptions, so this not a valid reason for a refund.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hey, any updates anytime soon?

Hey! We are not planning any new features in near future – only compatibility fixes if neccessary.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi Support, How it works with “AVADA” WP theme? Any tips and suggestions?

Hey, As far as we know Avada theme does not use Wpbakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) – it uses Fusion Builder instead, so our plugin will not work with it.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Hi! I cant add a video with the particle one. Well, I can, I just cant click to play it. Z index issue? How do I adjust it (im messing with it all I can now, ill hit you back if I figure it out, but a fast response would rock, deadline is tomorrow). Thanks either way!

I suggest you add a Z-index option in the options. LOVE your work.

Oooh I got another one for ya. When i have a row firing off particle… if I duplicate it to create a mobile only one. it gets tweaked. The particles only take up the menu area (weird, that’s not even where I put it). I.E. one works fine and the other is tweaked. Same exact row, just some text changes for better mobile layout.

Hey, We’ve started adding Z-index settings. VC Particles Background already have such setting (in Compatibility tab).

Duplicating. Have you changed the ID to unique one?

Best, David Boom Apps Team