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Hi there- This doesn’t seem to be working on Corpus Theme. Any ideas? Thanks! 25886e8c-3f33-4230-8170-b2e1a85f3eac Jeff

Hey, It’s propably an easy to fix incompatibility with the theme.

Please PM us to a subpage of your site where the plugin doesn’t work. You can also PM us your wp-admin credentials – this will speed up the troubleshooting.

Best, Boom Apps Team

PS. Our mail –

Will this work with Elegant themes divi builder?

Hey, Unfortunatelly no – only Visual Composer

Best, Boom Apps Teeam

can i use an image in foreground?

Hello, Out of the box it will only work with particles plugin.

Best, Boom Apps Team


Sorry but I don’t find how to modify background color on VC particles. If I use Visual Composer background color it hides vc particles animation. I use Salient template. Thank you

Hello, Please PM us with a link to a page. This is most likely easy to fix z-index issue.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi chaps fantastic effects, just wondering if this would work with the Divi Theme?

Hey, Thanks! As far as we know Divi theme uses it’s own Divi Builder. Our plugins are compatible with Visual Composer only.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi, Thank you for this interesting plugin, but VC particules background doesn’t works with Safari. Any solution ? Best regards

Hey, Thanks for contacting support. This plugin is fully compatible with Safari – both desktop and mobile. Also we’ve just retested it – as you can see here:

This might be some incompatibility or some errors in page which block rendering of the plugin.

Please contact us at with all details including: - Link to page where it doesn’t work - Version of your OS and browser - Info about your hardware.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I send you this message 2 days ago and you propose me some help:

“Hi, Thank you for this interesting plugin, but VC particules background doesn’t works with Safari. Any solution ? Best regards”

Here’s an admin access to my website. You must be logged to see the page because there is an under construction plugin : Access : VCcanvasAdmin JfhPBbwibIa&Sx1VxD58!@ef

Thank you ! Best regards,


Puchase code : 0f52dcea-d71a-49ea-9860-25d65e4a433c

Hey, You’ve posted publicly your wp-admin password. Please change your wp-admin password as soon as possible (!) and send us new one privately at

We’ll take a look on the issue today evening CET time.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

what would be causing “TypeError: canvas is null” on a fully populated canvas?

Hi, We’d need some more details on that. Please PM us ( a link to page where this error appears.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team