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WestKC Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this. How do I make this the background of the VC row and still have my text and buttons and what not on top of it? I tried adding the ID to it and nada. Any text doesnt show up with this background.

Hey, This is most likely a simple z-index issue. Could you please PM us at with a link to page where this happens? We’ll get back to you with a solution.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Could you please post the VC code you used for the demo page that has this text on it: I work everywhere – on all modern browsers and mobile devices

BTW, I purchased your bundle and this product came as part of that.

Sure, it’s: [vc_animatedgradient theid=”vcanimatedgradient_144704333674_443135201” duration=”300” direction=”leftright” stopscount=”2” stop1colora=”#194fff” stop1colorb=”#ff0000” stop2colora=”#ff0000” stop2colorb=”#2590ed”]

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

Thank you!!! Works GREAT—tried a few other versions of this type of plugin and finally found one that works!

Thanks :)

How can I add a gradient background to a page with multiple boxed width rows?

Hey, We don’t fully understand your question, could you please rephrase it? What are you exactly trying to achieve?

Also, when you duplicate VC Gradient Background element don’t forget to change its ID parameter to unique one. That’s a common problem.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

First question… Is this a plugin? Also does it have to be animated or can you use the gradient feature with out the animation? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for contacting us!

This is a Visual Composer plugin. It has to be animated, but you can set a gradient to animate into the same gradient :) It’ll result in a gradient without animation.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

hello, how this works? i added it as element in a raw but it doesn’t do any effect at all! can you help pls?

how to make it work with my theme? it works with normal themes but not the one i use

Hi, This is most likely simple incompatibility with a theme. Please PM us ( with a link to page where plugin is enabled but not working. We’ll reply with a solution.

Best, Alex Boom Apps Team

sent it. thanks

Hello, I just purchased this plugin. How can I make the gradient work on the entire page background? Any help will be appreciated.

Best Nahum

Hey, Thanks for contacting us! This plugin is intended to work with VC Rows (as described) and not whole pages.

You could try manually overriding the css from “position: absolute” to “position:fixed” but this is not tested and outside of scope of item support.

Best, David Boom Apps Team