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Jst bought it, looks so cool!


Great plugin!


Love it, the smooth transition!!


It is beautiful… This is missing in many places. I have a question. if my website gets slower with much effect?

CONGRATULATIONS beautiful work.

no work. buy your product. Installed and activated. I need to know how to use it. I came out this error:

I need to know how this plugin. I just bought, but not working. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your quick response. Please.

Hello, Thanks for purchasing. We’re sorry you had to wait a week for a reply. We’ve been on vacations and this information was visible.

We’re going to investigate this issue ASAP and reply to your PM.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hi Just bought the plugin. It looks great and i’d love to use it but when i add the VC element my page no longer loads. If you wanna to try to troubleshot the problem that would be great, if not, i’ll need a refund. the theme is Specular (here on themeforest) and the website is

let me know if you need anything else. thanks!

Hello, Thanks for purchasing!

It’s impossible to trobleshoot when the plugin is not turned on :) I understand that you can’t leave your website not working. Can you PM us the wp-admin credentials? We’ll check quickly what’s wrong.

Also, you have some errors in console which may (or may not) cause some problems.

If you want refund please request it using this form:

Best, Boom Apps Team


Thanks for this amazing animation plugin. I’ve faced two problems.

1. I’ve purchased your vc-gradient-background. But after installing and activating the plugin, when I used it to my row, the site doesn’t load. It shows loading but doesn’t load.

I want to add the animation on the revolution slider background. How can I do it as I don’t see vc footer in my theme. I’m using Rhythm wordpress theme.

What should I do?

Kind regards, Mahbub

Hello, This is strange behaviour. Could you please give us a link to subpage where this is happerning?

Also, you can PM us your wp-admin credentials to speed up the troubleshooting.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Please answer my mail.

Me you said there was no problem with your product. I bought it and not working. please. tell me if you’re going to respond or not. and I sent a private message, I write on the blog and do not want me to answer. I’m disappointed.

Hello, Thanks for purchasing. We’re sorry you had to wait a week for a reply. We’ve been on vacations and this information was visible.

We’re going to investigate this issue ASAP and reply to your PM.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can I use that vc gradient background behind image like

plz let me know the procedure

What is PM and how to do that?

It’s a Pivate Message. Or you can email us: whatever you prefer.

Email sent , Kindly check that

Dear, please I’d like to know if your beautiful pluginn works with avada theme of wordpress ? Thanks. Warmest regards. Michele

Yes, it does :)

Best, Boom Apps Team

I’m unable to use this gradient behind images kindly provide me your mail ID, I’ll share there wordpress credential

Hey, Thanks for purchasing. This is propably some simple issue. Please PM us:

Best, Boom Apps Team

Email sent, please solve that ASAP

Fixed and replied


ti6 Purchased

Hi presales question: i want to have this plugin not only for vc rows also for website background. Is there a chance to do this?

Hey, Unfortunatelly such feature is not available at the moments.

Best, Boom Apps Team


I bought your great plugin, which I use with the theme Uncode. The thing is that the gradient doesn’t seem to make a loop, it arrives to the last color then it stops. Why? Thanks!

Hello, Sorry for delay in answer – we’ve been on support vacations as allowed by Envato.

We’ve just checked the website on all major browsers and the gradient does loop. What OS/Browser are you using?

Best, Boom Apps Team

How can i overlay a pattern to a gradient? it would be also nice, if you do some tutorials like the question from Sambaran here bevor… This could be very helpful to use your plugin. Precisely because it bothers write a supportmail by this generally questions wich are interesting for all.

Hey, First you should add an image background to your VC Row, then add Animated Gradient Background and then apply custom CSS to make the animation transparent.

We are working on some more detailed documentation and the opacity parameter (so you don’t have to use custom css and it should be available soon. Meanwhile we offer a free support – we can set it up for you if you want.

The custom CSS would be: #vcanimatedgradient_144704333674_443135201 { opacity:0.5!important; }

Of course you have to replace the id with correct id.

Best, Boom Apps Team

You’re welcome :)

Hello, I have the gradients interested on my site and they look lovely but I am having trouble getting them to load the first time.

Half of the time when I go to the page they will not load. If I refresh the page they load but visitors are not going to know that and it kind of defeats the purpose even having it if I have to refresh every time I see it.

What can I do to fix this?

Thank You!

Hey, Sorry for delay in answer. It was a holiday in our country. We’ve tested your website on multiple devices/browsers and OS’s and everything seems to be fine.

Whats computer/device/OS/browser are you using?

Best, Boom Apps Team

hello. I am using chrome on a mac OSX El Capitan It works only after I refresh the page on both the home page and my about page.

Hello, Sorry for delay in anwer. Our team was on holiday.

We’ve checked our plugin on two Mac computers with El Captain and we can’t recreate the problem. It might be something with your computer.

There is nothing more we can do. We agree to refunds, so if your are not satisfied with our item please file for a refund here:

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hello, Can you please let me know how to configure this plugin to achieve the same look as in the demo’s first row (

Hey, Sure, here’s the shortcode: [vc_animatedgradient theid=”vcanimatedgradient_changetheid” duration=”3000” direction=”topleftrightbottom” stopscount=”2” stop1colora=”#029ccc” stop1colorb=”#9ed300” stop2colora=”#f70073” stop2colorb=”#27c4f4”]

Best, Boom Apps Team

Thanks. It would be useful to have a quick tutorial on what the various configuration options work. eg:what is ‘stop 1’ etc


mmrob Purchased


Thank you so much for this amazing product. I wantd to use it but it but it does not show anything.

I added it using Visual Composer, nothing is shown. I appended the row and added a testimonial section, nothing is shown either.

How to resolve this issue?

Best, Mahbub

Hey, This might be some easy to fix incompatibility with your theme. Please PM us with link to page where it doesn’t work.

Also you can PM us your wp-admin password – this will speed up the troubleshooting.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can this (and all your other amazing background effects) be used without WordPress? Just in a regular HTML5 / CSS3 webpage?

Hey, No, this is a Wordpress plugin which requires Visual Composer and will not work outside WP.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Does it work with fusion builder as well??

Hey, As stated in items description it works with Visual Composer only.

Best, Boom Apps Team

Hoe do you change colors there are no options available

Hey, This is most likely VC issue. The options window should look like this: (one more tab). Please update VC to recent version first.

If it doesn’t work you can always edit shortcode in classic mode. The syntax is: [vc_animatedgradient theid=”vcanimatedgradient_1447043243674_443135201” duration=”6000” direction=”topbottom” stopscount=”4” stop1colora=”#ffffff” stop1colorb=”#ffdde6” stop2colora=”#ffffff” stop2colorb=”#e2f497” stop3colora=”#ffffff” stop3colorb=”#c6fff1” stop4colora=”#ffffff” stop4colorb=”#ffc1d1”]

Best, Boom Apps Team

Can I use this with an image in the background?

You can put default picture background and add opacity to the gradient with CSS.

Best, Boom Apps Team