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Hi robotom,

does it work with 4.1.7.? Does it work with And what happens if in amazon links are ref-tags? Would be two tags inside or will delete this tool the old one?


Hi AvenNigera,

The plugin is 99% likely to work in 4.1, it’s just that I have not tested it in that environment so I can’t confirm for sure. If for any reason it doesn’t work, I will work with you on getting it to work.

Yes this script will work with It will remove the existing tag and replace it with a tag that you specify. If you send me an example link, along with the tag you would like to add, I can show you the example output.

You can either reply directly in this thread or email me at


PS Also note that at the moment the plugin only runs on the initial post that a user creates. If they go back and edit the post with new links, it won’t process those. This is minor though and I plan on adding an update supporting edits as well very shortly if you find the plugin usefull.

Hi all,

After discussion with AvenNigera, the following is an example of the output this plugin can produce for links:

$scVBAffiliateArray$scVBAffiliateCount = ‘’; $scVBAffiliateArray$scVBAffiliateCount = ’/?tag=youridhere’;

For input:

The output of the plugin will be:

Hi arrarrgee,

I can send you a modified version that doesn’t truncate the link. Send me an email at


Will this work with VB 3.8 running DragonByte SEO?


Hi mrdon,

This plugin works with VB 3.8 but I can only say that it will likely work with DragonByte SEO although I cannot guarantee it since I have not installed their plugin.

This plugin interacts directly with the VB database for the information it needs which is why I have good confidence that this plugin will work. However, by warned that posts created by this plugin will not likely run through the SEO process unless they have a separate method for catching posts as they are created



I’m very interested about this plugin

I have in my forum more than 1K affiliate links for

like this example :

If you see the aid= is different numbers for many publishers

So I want to change the aid=222222 only to my own aid

is it possible ?

Hi secretk,

I can add this functionality pretty easily for you. If you end up purchasing the plugin, just send me an email and I’ll add the feature described.

Keep in mind that this plugin takes action on New and Edit post requests, so it would not affect existing entries. My recommendation for existing posts is to use a database query with regular expressions to match/replace the aid.


Updated file with querystring replacement support has been emailed to you. Let me know if you didn’t receive it.



Best plugin and best support I totally recommend it

Hello, I bought the program and I’ve tried, but it does not work, I dbseo disabled and does not work, I sent a message to support but not receive a response.

Vbulletin Version 4.2.3


//example affiliate $scVBAffiliateArray$scVBAffiliateCount = ‘’; $scVBAffiliateArray$scVBAffiliateCount = ’/f


$scVBAffiliateCount++; //use this to indicate new affiliate entry


Hi there,

I sent you a message on 2016-03-21 with an attachment. It may have ended up in your spam folder, so please check that, thanks!


PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …./includes/scVBReferralLinks/scVBReferralLinks.config.php:1) in …./newreply.php on line 902


¡Gracias por participar! Ahora serás llevado a tu mensaje. Si optaste por crear una encuesta, podrás hacerlo ahora. Pulsa aqui si tu navegador no te redirecciona automaticamente.


Do not close the <?php tag in “scVBReferralLinks.config.php”. So please do not include the ?> at the end of file, which may introduce whitespace and mess up your redirect headers.

Por favor, no use ?> en “scVBReferralLinks.config.php”

Hello ,may you explain to me how this plugin works?

Hi frowin2015,

This plugin allows vBulletin comments to show up on your Wordpress post pages. When new Wordpress posts are created, it can be configured to create a vBulletin thread for each post. Additionally, you can allow registered vBulletin users or guests to post directly from the Wordpress page to the vBulletin thread.

I have a demo where you can see how the guest posting and comments show up:

Here are some live examples of real sites:



CenTex Purchased

Hello, surely I have done something wrong as vBulletin Referral Links is not working for me. Most likely I have incorrectly set up the config.php file. Can I send it to you for review? Thanks in advance,



CenTex Purchased

Interesting. I’m on an iMac and the keyboard just has the one ’ character. So I copied the ’ from your reply and tried that, plus I tried again with ’ (instead of ‘) and it’s still not working. Perhaps another plug-in is interfering. I have an Ebay link re-writer as a separate plug-in, which seems to be working okay.

Ok. I sent you an email with a custom XML file with the config options loaded in. You can delete your scVBReferralLinks.config.php file once you load the custom plugin file.


CenTex Purchased

Aaaaaand that did the trick. Much appreciated and many thanks!