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niiin Purchased

Hi I installed the plugin and it work but Arabic language appears as weird symbols

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘MyVBSettings’ does not have a method ‘link’

Hi, can you email me website detail links


loup20 Purchased

I have it working, however my only options are “Title and Limit” ....I see in your screen shots that I should have more options, such as limiting it to a specific forum..

Also, the image you show has a toggle between ‘Latest Threads’ and ‘Replies’ how do i do this? I dont have this option. All mine shows is recent threads w/ a broken image symbol where the avatar is supposed to be.

Then when I click a specific thread, it doesnt take me to that thred, it takes me to the forum homepage.

Can you please send me a link of your forum and wordpress website on my email or comment here. MY Email arfan67@gmail.com. So i can see what’s the problem coming on your website. thanks

Hi, I update the plugin. Now you can filter threads by forum ID.

Just installed it. Same problem as loup20, i don’t see more options than “Title and Limit”, so it is showing all the subforums when i want just to show 1 specific subforum

I See your email you are using vb4. let me check

Hi, I update the plugin. Now you can filter threads by forum ID.

Good morning Marfan,

Quick questions:

1) I’m using the latest Wordpress and version 4.2.3 of vB – should your plugin work with this combination?

2) I’m assuming your plug-in only needs DB access and the are no domain restrictions? (my forum is on a different domain from my WP site, but does have DB access to the forum DB)

3) Can you confirm only topics / posts that are visible to guests will be listed? I have several subforums most of which can be viewed by the public, BUT one is just for premium / paying members and I don’t want that forum’s topcis/posts displayed. Again I’m using vB 4.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers,


Shawn Tierney

Hi MrShawn Tierney, are you needed help for script customization..? And please don’t forgot to rate the plugin. thanks

Good morning Marfan,

Yes, if you could please guide me to the file I must edit to make your plugin ignore certain forums vs display certain forums I would greatly appreciate it.

Once I have those modifications I will install your plugin, and if it works as advertised I’ll submit a glowing review and possibly buy a second licence for another Wordpress site I operate if I decide to use it there as well.

Sincere thanks in advance,

Shawn Tierney

Yes of course I guide you. Can you email me. So i Can guide you there and send you updated plugin. My email : arfan67@gmail.com