Discussion on Varient - News & Magazine Script

Discussion on Varient - News & Magazine Script

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Hi presale question does it has options where articles can be view by premium users who subscribe with money

Hi, no, currently our script does not have a premium membership system. Thanks.

So how do the site owner earn

Can the premium articles option be added in future plans so I can buy and wait

Can you add a weather cast ? And also I can’t access your demo admin panel

Hello, currently we don’t know if we can add this option in the future, but you can follow our updates for this. We have checked this, but we cannot see a problem. Please try it again:

Thank you.

can i request for a customize ? like the weather widget ?

do we need to pay for the third party email sender like the php mailer , swift mailer and the mailjet?

So i fixed the email settings, new problem when trying to send a News letter it crashes the site because it times out the Database how can i solve this?

Hello, the system uses Ajax post for sending emails. It sends a new request to server for each email, so there should not be a timeout issue. Please contact us via our helpdesk and send a screenshot of this problem.

why is the internal emailer not working???? ive tried numerous servers and accounts i keep getting a Connection could not be established with host [Connection refused #111] error

fixed it, changed to codeigniter set it to mail, even though im using smtp for a host, also changed godaddy settings to enable smpt

swiftmailer doesnt work so yeah my settings were correct

Glad to hear that the problem has been solved. Yes, some libraries may not work on some servers. That’s why we added two diffent library options for this. At least one of them will work.

hi i need license key for updation.. I have sent u an email.

Hi, you can always get your licenses from the “Licenses” section on our helpdesk:

Can we install this script on sub-folder and subomain?

Hello, yes, you can install it to a sub-folder or subdomain. It will not make any differences. Thanks.

I have a presage questions

1. Does it need allow_url_fopen 2 can you list all the server requirements here so I can know if my cpanel is compatible 3. Can I use it on a vps?


1. We generally use cURL. So probably you will not need this. However, if you see a problem, you can contact us. 2. These are the system requirements:
PHP >= 7.4+
cURL PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
Exif PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension

But almost all servers have these extensions in default, so our codes works almost on all types of servers.

3. Yes, you can use VPS or a shared hosting.


Your setup is 90% to where I need it, but I will need to create some modules to complete what I need. At least 1 of the modules will rely on Codeigniter’s Event Features where it will subscribe to existing events like when a post is saved or published. Are there events created in your code that allows my code to subscribe to and act on?

Hello, our script does not have this feature, but it is open-source and you can make your own edits according to your needs. Thank you.

Hi, Is there an option to make an article premium so visitor or user has to pay before viewing the article? It’s now necessary as a company to start having membership.

Hi, our script does not have a premium membership system, so this option is not available. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback. May I know if you guys are planning to implement this feature?

Some of our buyers ask us about this, but we haven’t made a full decision on this yet. Please follow our upcoming updates for this. Thank you.


gimsiti Purchased

Good day. There was such a problem. The letter “i” of the Ukrainian language is not transferred from the title. For example, when the url is created automatically from a hairpin, all letters are Latvian except “i”. The url itself looks normal on the site itself, but Google distorts it, instead of “and” characters (&?@) are displayed. Can you fix this problem. but to advise. Sometimes I forget to manually correct the url and it’s not visible. And when the page is indexed by Googlebot, this is a problem.

Hello, good day! Can you contact us via our helpdesk and send some URLs or screenshot as example for this please? We can find a solution if we can understand the problem exactly. Thank you.


gimsiti Purchased

Good day . I wrote a message on the official website. Message: #4929 (in this message, I dropped a screenshot and some urls with errors)

Good day. We have replied your ticket.

We do Android, ios ,website reskin at challenging price our price starting from 3k for reskin and setup . If anyone need any help you can drop a massage on +916296441003

sorso Purchased

Hi, me again,

There is a bug when a subcategory only consists of numbers such as “2022” – example: this will redirect you to the frontpage ( ) instead of showing you the content of the subcategory.

If it is a combination of letters and numbers it works – for example – – but not with only numbers, which is a major problem for me since categorizing festivals after year (2022 – 2021, etc etc) and wanting pretty URLs like – is currently impossible.

Can’t seem to find out why this is occurring either, but I suspect some kind of limitation in the code when it comes to allowed characters.


This is not a bug. This URL structure ( is used by the gallery post type. So if you open this URL, the system will search a gallery post, not a subcategory. This is an example:

However, maybe it can be good if we can change this structure. Please follow our updates. We can make a change for this in the next update.

sorso Purchased

I think it would be very beneficial if a subcategory in posts can be a number, as there is a clear use case for it, at least for me. Thank you for considering this.

But, it is also interesting that the Audio post type, which is the one I use to create my Festivals, is affected by the URL structure on a totally different post type, since the Audio post type actually doesn’t allow you to have any image, let alone multiple images or a gallery, like you can with a gallery post type or with the article (additional images) post type for instance. The wiggle room is very restrictive in that way, especially since it’s a very good software that just needs a bit of massage in some areas to become excellent.

It just seems a little odd to me. But, then again having the option to add additional post types that can be an amalgamation or mix of any of the other types, would take the software to a whole new level, which also would enhance and enable its expandability of it. Essentially making it a hybrid between framework and bundled solution, in a sense.

In fact, we realized this after you said it. In other words, while coding this part, we did not think that numbers can be entered as slug for subcategories. However, this is not a big problem. We will already upload a new update and we will change the URL structure of this post.

You should not see a URL problem for audio post as it does not have any differences between a normal post. If you see a problem, please make sure that your another post does not use the same slug.

Yes, audio posts have only one image option because we added that image for the album cover. So it can be weird if there are multiple images here.

Talk about XSS protection, How this URL will be processed: [;%26lt;script%26gt;alert(81)%26lt;/script%26gt;= ] when I run scripts to the url it works normal. is this correct?

Our script has XSS protection. There is an esc() function and we use this function to print text.

According to your report, you have to see an alert when you go to these links, but nothing happen:;%26lt;script%26gt;alert(81)%26lt;/script%26gt;=;%26lt;script%26gt;alert(81)%26lt;/script%26gt;= Running these URLs does not mean anything because nothing will happen. And this the search:;%26lt;script%26gt;alert(81)%26lt;/script%26gt;=

If you open that URL, you will see that our script deletes the dangerous characters when print this text.

So to say there is a security bug, these links need to affect your site, but nothing will happed and there is nothing to worry about. They can run anything they want, what matters is if something happens when they run it.

Also, if you see an affect when running these URLs on your website, you can report it as an bug.

Hi I need help designing a back panel for another static html site, do you know where I can find that? Thank you

Hi, unfortunately, we do not have a customization service. Thank you.

this script have mobile app ?

Hi, no, we do not have a mobile application. We sell only the web version. Thank you.

Can you fix this The article’s visitor must wait a number of seconds based on the article long. The article’s visitor must be unique within 24 hours.(admin can change the number of paid views per IP per 24 hours from the admin settings) Proxy/VPN visits will be excluded from earnings. Adblock visits will be excluded from earnings. Visitor IP changed will be excluded from earnings. The article’s visitor must have JavaScript enabled. The article’s visitor must have Cookies enabled.

Adding payment systems and constantly testing them is not easy. If we add payment systems, we cannot sell the script at this price. This is the reason. Please check all available features our demo. We can add new features in the future, but currently we don’t know which features will be added.

You can add Only Bank Transfer this time No Need Payment Getaway and you can Sell Payment getaway Plugin / Modular

If we add this feature in the future, we will think about it. Thank you.

Ready Module For Varient Script: Text To Speech (Listen the Article) | Push Notification | Social Media Auto Post | Content Paywall, Premium Content | Newsletter Automation Module | Location Based News Module | Live Blog |

I am experienced full stack developer i can customize Varient – News & Magazine & Infinite – Blog & Magazine as per your Need. Below are the most needed customization for a news website to be run smoothly…

1- Push Notification: i have done Push notification module for all types of post. Push notifcation module will have Custom Title, Description and Image. if you leave Blank These fields it pick post title, summary and post main image for push notification. when anyone visit your website he/she will get a popup to subscribe for push notification and there is a well icon also on website to manage push notification like subscribe or unsubscribe. Cost of this Module is $140

2- Send Custom Push Notification: with this feature you can send custome push notification to subscribers by linking old post with custom title, description and image. this module will help you to promote your old published articles. Cost of this Module is $80

3- Autopost On Social Media:

The Social Media Auto Publish lets you publish posts automatically from your varient admin panel to social media networks like Facebook page , Twitter. here you also can write your own custom title, description and image for social media post. if you leave blank these fields this will pick post title, summary and main image of post. this feature helps you to reach more people without publishing post mannualy from facebook and twitter page. now on one click your post will be published on your website, facebook page and twitter. Autopost On Social Media Module Cost is $ 280

4- Live Blog:

Have a story you need to put out asap? With the live blogging feature from Varient Editor, you get to share stories faster than ever without having to wait for approvals or reviews!

Push out stories as and when you like! You can always go back and add more data to them while retaining the publishing time and date.This Feature is very exclusive and few publisher around the world have this feature.

The LiveBlog is the a template for live blog type stories. this will publish your content in real time as you type in varient editor and click save your content will be published on website. you can cover cricket match live commentry, Footbal match update, election coverage in real time. Google loves live blog so it indexed faster than normal article/post and google high ranked it faster in despite of domain authority or page authority so you can also earn more money through google ads (Adsense). Live Blog Module cost is $250

5- Script Installation Service: if you need script installation service on your server (Cpanel Hosting) i can provide this in $20

6- Newsletter Automation- We will do Newsletter automation. so your newsletter subscriber will get automatic news article in their mail box. this will include [Custom Newsletter Mail Template, Custom Email Confirmation Email Tempalate, Custom Category Page to choose Prefred news category for Subscriber etc.. Cost for this Module: $199

7- Content Paywall and Pay per Article (Premium Content): Still chasing the pennies-per-click model? Generate predictable reader revenue with Content Paywall – we Developed and intelligent subscription management platform to tap into the hidden strength of subscriptions. Module Cost: $350

8- Location Based News Module: This Module Let you post articles/ News for a specific location like Continent, Country, City. it also support RSS feed, so you can enable RSS feed for Location based module.

Text to Speech Module: Not in a mood to read? The “Text to Speech” module now offers its readers an option to “listen” to articles with the new text-to-speech functionality. Just tap on the headphone icon displayed on the top of the story and the app will read the article back to you as if you were streaming a song on a music app. $200

10- Andorid App: if you need android app for (Varient – News & Magazine & Infinite – Blog & Magazine Script) i can provide you ready to publsih apk with all credentials you need to publish on play store. if you want to app publsih from us on your play console account we can do that too.

Cost of Android App+Publishing on your Play console account is $ 600 App Source Code with publishing on your play console account cost Is $1200.

For Demo: WhatsApp us: +91 9522586484 email:


VenomPT Purchased

Hello, Your Script Is Really Awesome and Fast – But I Stuck in How to delete or modified a sub-links and sub-category?

Hello, thank you! You can manage your links from the “Navigation” section and you can manage your categories in the “Categories /Subcategories” sections in the Admin panel.

Excellent work, can you please include the following features:

1. In the future will Stories be implemented?
2. In the future will a recipe theme be implemented?
3. Will Wasabi be implemented in the future?
4. How many domains is it for?
5. How do I do if I want more than 2 domains?
6. Can PopAds be included?
7. Is it possible to program the content/articles?
8. How do I program the articles?
9. Can I improve the color or appearance of the reactions a lighter yellow or "3D" animations similar to Facebook?
10. Is it possible to hide the Modified text of an article?
11. Will any of these features be implemented in the next update?

Thank you for your attention.

Hello, thank you. You can use the script on only one domain. However, you can change your domain when you want to change it. For other questions, please follow our updates. We can’t say anything about them yet. Thanks.

In google search console while i am trying again and again indexing then it always show this issue

Duplicate without user-selected canonical These pages aren’t indexed or served on Google

see below image


Hello, please report this issue via our helpdesk. Thanks.


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