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“Response from server side is unclear.. Please Contact administrator.. ” MY MAIL IS GOING FINE BUT this error coming.. what to do ?

Hi, it means that script throws some additional output from php script. Can you share the link that I will be able to look into it?

“Response from mailing server was unclear. Please contact administrator.” after this I check the page in F12 and i received this https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/sem_titulo-jpg--8075 Whats going on??


The requests URL looks differently that it should be. Is it possible that you are using some js frameworks which can overwrite the xhr requests?

Please also send screenshot of the response tab in view showed on sem_titulo4.png file

The response tab is failing to load data, but I’ll try to find the js that are interfering with vanilla form. I’ll tell you soon, thank you for now.


I too am getting”Response from mailing server was unclear. Please contact administrator.”

Console shows:

vanilla-form.js:361 SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at VanillaForm.processResponse (vanilla-form.js:359) at VanillaForm.requestStateChange (vanilla-form.js:391)

done. Now the green success shows !? Not sure how that fixed it, but anyway. ..

One more question please, I want the “from email” in the actual email received (not in the body) to show the senders email address. How can I do this please?

The line that I gave you, is just turn of showing the notice messages.

About the “from email”, try to set the 'emailSender' => 'your-email@domain.com' in config. It should work unless your hosting provider doesn’t block this feature.

many thanks

Hi. I’ve used your for before and I’ve purchased it again because its great. This time I need to redirect to a downloads page once someone has submitted their details. Is it possible to re-direct after submission? Thanks.

Thank you. I used the all-in-one code you supplied and its all OK now, thanks.

Just tested on mobile (using developer tools and an iphone) and I’m getting the NOSPAM message again. Fine on desktop versions.