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Hi, I am interested in Adding an Auto Responder to the current script. I purchased the plugin a while back and my support has expired, but hopefully you can still help me. This is the first time I’m looking to add this. Thanks

Hi, please send me private message and I’ll guide you how to add autoresponder :) Thanks, Michal

Awesome form. All working very good thank you.


The contact form losses styling. I have bootstrap theme and it’s doesn’t respect the layout.


please send me url to your work and I’ll check it for you.

You have any idea how to be solve the problem.

Can be resolved or it won’t going to work with my site.


just checked your website. Please wrap the form with following div element <div class="form-container"> ... vanilla form code goes here </div>

It’s working thanks.

Hi – my form was working perfect – Emails now go into my spam GMAIL folder. This only started happening the last 7 days or so. Any ideas??

Hi, this happens because gmail’s spam filter recognized the repetitive emails as spammy. The best way to prevent marking those messages as spam is to add the form email to the whitelist: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-whitelist-a-sender-or-domain-in-gmail-1172106

Hi, Does your form have 1) field verification 2) “required” fields. Thank you


current version support email verification only. But if you need some other kind of verification let me know. The required fields are supported.



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Hi :)

I’m having issues with the “Response from mailing server was unclear. Please contact administrator.” message. Have had the form on my business server for tests and showing the patron, that worked fine. Now I uploaded the website to the client’s server and the error massage is shown. PHP 7.0 is working. Can you please help, as I am really not familiar with php at all :(


it complains that the inc/Utils.php file has not been found. Did you upload inc folder?


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Oh my, I missed a complete folder. Thanks a lot, very stupid ;)

Cool, I’m happy that it worked! :)


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Hey, The contact form sends emails but tells the user “response from mailing server was unclear Please contact administrator.”

form.js:294 SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0(…)

Is there anyway you could help me solve this?


This error is rised when php server returns data in wrong format. It’s very often that to the returned data server adds error message. Please check if you uploaded all files (the inc folder), because server can complains about it and throws an error. If you want to get full error message please check the request response using chrome dev tools or send me link to your website and I’ll check it for you.

Hello, does your has the elements “dropbox, check boxes, radio buttons, and upload files?


does your form…..


The Vanilla Form has elements that are in demo. It supports: - select/dropbox - text inputs including phone number and email - buttons - checkboxes and radio buttons

The upload file is not supported since the JS part of vanilla form doesn’t support uploading files.

problem “Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 Subject contains invalid characters”
how can the subject be put utf8 ?
Tnx :)

Any help please;

Hey, I got your email and just replied. We can continue to solve it by email communication.

problem solve!
tnx!! :)

Hi when receiving a message to my email, how can i make it possible to reply to that email directly, because the recipient im currently seeing it my email i need to see the email of the sender so that i reply instantly.


It’s ok if you see your email as a sender. But when you click reply button in your mail app the email from contact field will be pasted into receiver field.

ok i can see it work in outlook buy why not in smart phone like blackberry?

I haven’t tested it in Blackberry. I’ve tested it on iOS, Android and Windows Phones phones worked well.

If you want to, you can override the sender email in config. Please add (or update existing entry) to config declaration: 'emailSender' => filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'contact', FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL),

Hi, I inherited the maintenance of a website that uses Vanilla Forms. I was asked to add a second form, but it simply will not work. There are several issues, but the most important are the styling as the radio buttons or checkboxes do not show up(for Marital Status, for example) and the fact that the submit button displays {result“} on a new page. There is already a contact form that does work. Any ideas? New form is at http://greatsmilesfamilydentistry.com/patient-registration/ and the working form is at http://greatsmilesfamilydentistry.com/contact/ Any insight to this issue would be fantastic!


That snippet worked, thank you! The owner of the website doesn’t have the manual files. The developer of the website kept all documentation to himself and refused to hand it over.

Now the submit button has a warning “Couldn’t bind to submit button”.


those two links might help you in future: It’s a working demo. Here you can see how the HTML syntax needs to be built http://envato.szepielak.com/vanilla-form/ Here is manual, some handy options might be found here. http://envato.szepielak.com/vanilla-form/manual/

You get the warning because your submit button is outside the form. You have got syntax error somewhere in your HTML form markup. Please check where the form ends via Developer Tools.

Thank you. I will certainly check into this.

Hello :) I have 2 Vanilla forms working just fine on 2 separate pages…but now I would like to put both of them on the same HTML page…is it possible?

Of course it’s possible. Just put them in one page and initiate them. Remember that you pass both references to initiation script.

If you do it using jQuery or using `document.querySelectorAll` you don’t need to change anything in your script.

THank You :) ...for now , when I put the 2 forms in the same page it gives a blank page to the 2nd form when Submit with lots of gibberish on it…I am not sure to understand your mean when you say “initiate them”...each of them have a different php file…

The PHP file doesn’t matter. You need to run JS script to initiate them. Please send me URL to the page and I’ll take a look on it. You can send it via private message.

Sorry I thought this was private link…

I’ve just responded you on your email