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hi i m using vanilla for 2.1 version.. How to insert form in wordpress page

thank you

The instructions has been sent on your email. Please let me know if all went well.

hello i m using vanilla ver 2.1 kindly send details how to add in wordpress site. i got your instruction by mail. cannot read . The mail disappear from my inbox. so kindly send me once again

Thank you

try the provided method in wordpress. But it is not easy…not success..

hi ..your support is appreciate. But i cannot use it wordpress ….

Hi, please send me link and admin access to your WP, I’ll take a look on it. Please send me this on private message

sir, how can i send private message..please send me your email

Hi, I’ve just send you email on your gmail. When you wrote message via envato forms I got your email.

Hi ! where can I change the message of the “notification-box” when successful on my contact form ?

Thank you.

Hi, please check the manual in section “Custom messages & translations”.

Is there a way to require a group of checkbox fields? For instance, I have a handful of checkbox input fields with type=”checkbox” and their name set to “dates[]”. They are a group of dates that a user can check. When I add required=”required” to each checkbox input field, it requires each of those fields individually when rather I’d like to just check and make sure the user has checked at least one field in the group. Any suggestions?


in current version is not possible, but I can add it and send you pre-release (your feature will be released in next version of VF). Please send me private message and we can talk about the details how it should work.


You did a really nice job! Love the form.

I just have a little issue: since I have almost zero knowledge of php, I’m having troubles in customizing my form. I tried to make it work, but I get an error and i don’t know if/what i did wrong. May I ask for your help please?

This is the said error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at VanillaForm.processResponse (vanilla-form.js:359) at VanillaForm.requestStateChange (vanilla-form.js:391) VanillaForm.processResponse @ vanilla-form.js:361


thank you for your kind words and sorry for late reply! Please send me link to your website, and I’ll check it for you.

Thank you for the reply. At the moment the website is on our developing ftp. Here’s the link to the contact page: http://www.bottleneckstudio.it/linea/contatti.html

Thank you in advance!

Hi, sorry for late response. I’ve been on your website, probably you start to debug it and user `print_r` function. There needs to be nothing echoed besides the json string. Please contact me on private message to solve your issue quicker.

Hello, I purchased this template because I needed a simple php form. I downloaded it and had a look at the code and found no way to add fields to it unless I understood PHP. I need to add radio buttons, date picker and dropdown box. i didn’t realize this template was for people who know how to write code. Are you able to refund my money or can you help me add these three fields. Once I have the code I can do simple changes but thats about it. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cynthia

Hey Cynthia,

no problem, I can help you add fields or do a refund. It’s up to you which one you prefer. If you would like me to help with adding fields please send me private message using contact form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/logicartdevelopment

hey there, great plugin. everything works fine except IE11. In internet explorer 11 no “thank you for submitting” message is shown after clicking on submit. Message will be recieved but the contact form seems like it isnt working.

thanks for helping and kind regards

thanks for help! any news yet?

Hi, I can reproduce this error, but I don’t have fix yet. It’s strange behavior, since it gets the request, but doesn’t trigger showing message. I need to look deeper into it.


scell2k Purchased

hey, is there a fix for the problem?

Hi, I’m having an issue with the form. When I hit SEND, I get a blank page that only says “{result“}”.

I’ve looked over the files many times and I’m certain it’s all good. I followed the manual files to make sure I included everything that’s necessary.

Can you please help? I can PM you the webpage.

FYI: It’s on a SiteGround shared hosting, php7.1.


Hi, I’ve just emailed you on PM.


I get error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(’ in /home/www/voices-studio.pro/vanilla-form/standard-contact-form.php on line 18

I’ve just emailed you patch and instructions

Thank you very match

You’re welcome!


Does it support all html5 fields and how many columns does it support?

I have a problem with the form. When filled in the field with empty spaces it does not fix the error. Contains these spaces. can you help me?