Reviews for Vanguard - Advanced PHP Login and User Management

99 Reviews

for Feature Availability

Very complete product! Please, add Discord login support! :)

for Bugs

lots of bugs in the product. I will not use it .

Author response


Thank you for your feedback! There are no known bugs in Vanguard application, so I guess that you were either unable to install it properly or your server doesn't meet the requirements for running Vanguard.... Keep in mind that you can always submit a support ticket if there are some issues with the app, or, if something is not working as it should, you can always request a refund.


for Code Quality

I bought this nearly 2 years ago, and It is absolutely amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who does or doesn't know PHP. Laravel is an easy framework to expand upon, and the Base App that Vanguard is offering alone is worth far more than the price!

for Design Quality

I have been a big fan of Milos ever since I started using his "Advanced Security - PHP Register/Login System" for my apps. Vanguard is a massive upgrade that offers so much more mainly because it is beautifully built from the Laravel Framework. If you are not familiar with Laravel, it is going to take some time learning how things work. Otherwise this app has some awesome features and already finished groundwork for expanding however you want. A huge time saver with quality coding. 5/5, highly recommend.

for Code Quality

Bought this for the feature and code quality but our experience with customer support was 5 stars as well.

for Customer Support

Awesome after sales support, fix a minor issue immediately