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ola bom dia você tem ele em português ?

No. At this moment available this language packs –

You can make your own translation pack. Translate from english to portugese.

bom dia nobre amigo não estou conseguindo instalar o sistema em meu servidor ?

Do you have cPanel on hosting?! You must set correct file permissions (chmod) 644 for directories and 755 for files. And you can see details of the php error at your cPanel. Web server error section.

nobre amigo eu já dei permissions a todos arquivos do sistema

Check your web server error log to determine php error.

voce tem um e-mail resevado para eu te manda o login de meu cpanel ?

pronto nobre amigo ja mandeu foi um erro meu aqui .. kkkkk

ja mandei o e- mail nobre amigo

VamShop installed.

obrigado nobre amigo agora mim explica ai como eu faço para deixa ele em português e si eu posso modificar todo o seu sistema ? da forma que eu precisa porque eu nao vendo nada só instalo no meu servidor e alugo para meus clientes , eu preciso de sistema para gerenciamento de clinicas hospitalar,hotel, ordem de serviço, vidraçaria,advocacia,e outro agora tudo tem que esta com a minha logo e assim criado com buscandotudo….

Get on of the sample languages and make you own based on it –


nolanw Purchased

Is there a way that I can use my purchased license code on my trial site that I was working on for two weeks? I do not want to have to recode my custom template and such… so I can save myself hours of work. Please let me know! Thank you. PS: Are you available to implement custom code on such sites? I have a couple of things I am in need of!


Yes, you can. Send ma your domain name – I’ll send you license key.

About custom works. What do you want?! Send me.

Need the License Key for product purchased


Send me your domain – I’ll make license key for you.

Please add paygate perfectmoney your code shop. thank you.

In the future versions of VamShop.

i can not install vamshop, please help me. my domain:


Please contact us – And send us info to install VamShop on your hosting. I’ll install it.

I have a small technical inquiry, suppose that I want every product filter change the price of product Ex: screen size: 15.0 -> 20$ Battery : 8 Cell -> 10$ could this happen in current version, if not is there is a way to do it…

Why not?!

ok, how can I add filters that change the price of product? Like saxoprint

Yes, when you adding attribute, you can use price modificator that change main price of product.

Does VanShop support a lazy load?

If it does not what are the tipping points, in terms of approximate items, for 3 second, 7 second and 12 second page load?

Yes, it has lazy load for css and js files.

100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights tests –

hello i am getting 500: Internal Error on my server when i try to install vamshop. make some changes in .htaccess file and get another issue

404 error

pleaseprovide the right solution so that i can successfully install it.


Can you give me access to files, i’ll try to fix. If you have cPanel on your hosting – maybe problem with file prmissions. At cPanel account requires 755 for folders and 644 for files.