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Hi, may I know do you have the file that we can modify?

Hi there, can I get response from you by today?

Hi, Thank you for your purchase! Tell me what kind of file you need, and I’ll send you this file. Or a can modify it.

You can freely modify any game source files.

well done! GLWS ;)

Thank you very much!

How can I share my score on facebook??

Sorry, but you cant. in this version.

Hello, I’d like to know if you can modify the game so at a precise number of heart, the game stop and popup a text customizzable. Eg: after 20 hearts game end and show a message the could be, “You win this is the coupon code” It’s possible?

Sorry, but I’m busy with other projects now. The game comes with the original project with all source. If you are good in the “Construct 2” you will be able to modify the game as you need.