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I purchased this app but I’ve noticed that changing frames does not work. When you change the frame and try to save or send the image, the image defaults to the first frame.

you have something wrong please properly do that…thanks

This is in the demo. Even in this demo it’s the same issue. Test it out and see.

OK I will check that..

button more app unfortunately valentine frames has stopped, What is the solution

please properly add your play store id ….thanks

i can’t to add Frames in Application, you have added pictures in eclipse but they do not appear in the application , What is the solution

yes this is eclipse base project so you can use eclipse then changes ..

After taking a picture stopped App!

its working fine if any issue then contact on personally ….thanks

I purchased one license and I have a doubt The frames must be changed by copirights or can be used??

contact on mail..thanks

1.bug on your app; on second time on save frame, app only save first frame and duplicate this. 2. Frames are copyrigth

cool app

contact on mail….thanks

what’s new in the update ?

share and save image issue fix..thanks

Frames shape are not the same with original.

it’s same sir please check it properly …thanks

After i save image, height and width are different with original (in my samsung tablet). I should test with other mobiles. Thanks

I will check that ..

Hi, I get this error: AndroidManifest.xml:52: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘value’ with value ’@integer/google_play_services_version’). [2015-09-02 10:03:31 – Valentine Frames]

Change api level 15 up..

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android studio support?

After purchase contact on mail..thanks

Hi Author, I really want to buy this app. I need some little discussion , Please give me the contact via skype or your email. Thank you, Regards, Phong

I have no knowledge in programming. You have information on how to edit the app, change the frames. Explain how to generate the apk?

Yes also give you document

Please, you have indications of how to open the project in android studio. I have never edited an app. In your instructions you have screenshots of eclipse and not android studio, Thank you very much. I just wrote you to your gmail

Reply on mail

Hello I want to buy this android app but i am totally noob in android app creation. So Can you provide tutorial how and where to host this app and edit it ??

Yes also added document in package .thanks