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hey friends email to codecanyon support email this script is full bug. themforest have to remove it

shanzalize, you cannot say that script is full of bug if you cannot install it. Everything is explained in tutorial videos. You can follow instructions and everything will be just fine.

Hi All.I have regretted that have bought this wizard Vadoo – Social network dating script. Answers to questions will not wait on him. I spent the whole day to run this script. Go binding to GOOGLE RECAPTCHA, MAPS, and FACEBOOK. If you do not need it You just don’t run the website. There are holes. Some parameters do not change from the admin region. Think before buying and read reviews

belhostnet, installation is relatively easy task and when you install it there is no problems. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in ability to provide full support in the last month due to my private and bussiness schedule.

For those with allow_url_fopen problem , change the include command with this one: include($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].”/includes/example_include.php”); , that will include from your document root not from http:// !

No support? When will a new update be available?

How to user block and report?

There is no block and reporting. It will be available in 1.1.3


moon695 Purchased

Hello Branko83 . 1.1.3. when is the update coming?

Last Update 1.1.2 (31.08.2017) my sport is running out no updates I don`t realy understand CodeCanyon policy, I have 4+ dating scripts that developers abandoned their work! I waited long for updates my support time runned out and when I asked for refund they said I will not gonna get refund as my purchase is old. :D This website scam site, they only want people money.

1.1.3 is in developing. You got your refund. I don’t remember that I said just like this.

Paid for a service. No support. More bugs in the script, update please !!!

I am here. Send me mail. I am giving full support again.

I see that people question are not been answered yet. I wanted to ask why is it taking too much time to load. I mean the demo seem so heavy and taking lot of time to load. Can this be improve.

I am here again. I wasn’t able to provide support for some time, now I am here to help and advice all my previous and future buyers.

Hello Branko, I am really interested in this script but i am being put off by the many negative comments i am seeing on here. Would you be available to get me up and running if i purchased this script?

Unfortunately I was able to provide full support for the last few weeks. Support is backed again. Due to some bussiness and private issues I wasn’t in ability to provide full support.


vvbody2 Purchased

Everyone should pay attention, he is a liar. Junk code can not be used, also won’t give you a refund.

Support is backed again. Due to some bussiness and private issues I wasn’t in ability to provide full support. This is not junk code. I will give you the refund.

I don’t think his code is junk but it has bugs. He never gives support. You will need to know some PHP scripting language.

Support is backed again. Due to some bussiness and private issues I wasn’t in ability to provide full support.

Hola queria consultar se puede agregar el metodo de pago de mercado pago

Be more precise please. :)


Write me to my mail please. I am giving full support again.


ossigroup Purchased

Cao Branko pisi mi na skype trebas mi


Cao Berat. Pisao sam sinoc. Dopisujem se danas. Pozdrav

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on the demo mobile responsive, add user as friend bottun not showing