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Hi Branko, I want a refund. I ask you for support but i never get it.

Hi Branko I just want support. Thanks

Can you send me the latest version of the script? email me

I will. And I will help you with any problem. Best regards, Branko

He’s not very good with support. You will need to know some PHP to fix bugs.

I am here for support again.

hey freinds.. Are you satisfied with the technical support provided by the man? is it working without error? can anyone do it?

If you can do it please send me an email. I just want to see your page

shanzalize, I am providing full support again. Best regards, Branko

No we are not happy his last respond whose about 1 month ago. After that he sayd that he will make update on October end, now it is November still no updates and no response, I’m thinking about refund, because script have lot of bugs.

I am here again. I am providing full support. I am sorry for all issues.

When iş the next update

In 2 weeks

waiting for update, if you fix all bugs i will buy it

I am working on it

Hi Branko

Can you let me know if I can change field label names and verbiage that is showing? Can I disable or delete some of the navigation options from the left hand menu? I’m looking to move forward with a purchase. Thank you!

Thanks Branko. I just want to be clear… if I know some CSS and some basic programming, the way you have it set up as of now is that I CAN NOT change some of the field names or verbiage in Vadoo? And I CAN NOT hire a programmer to do so?

It looks like if I buy your script, there is NOT a possibility for me or a programmer to get into the backend to change verbiage, remove modules or change the look and feel… Is that correct? I know you do customizations but you seem very busy. Can you answer this one last question before I buy elsewhere?

If I hire a programmer.. other than yourself, can THEY get into the code and change the modules, the field names and the look and feel based on my instructions? Or is the script locked somehow so only you can do the customization?


1. To buy your script (woohoo!) :) 2. To hire someone other than yourself to customize it. (I would love to work with you but I know you have many other people in the queue before me and you are likely extremely busy)

Please answer this last questions so I can move forward with your script or move forward with another, more flexible script here on code canyon. I know you said you are working on something but unfortunately, I’m in a very big hurry to get this done.

Thanks so much and thanks for your beautiful script.

jstrategy, I am ready to work with you. :) Write me to my mail and we can talk about it.


r3L4x123 Purchased

This is main issues that found:

1) Fb login not working, done this on 10 sites, but not possible to make on this one….

2) Add background image (for register page) not working.

3) Css whose broken, needed to copy.

4) Mobile facebook login button to long…

So news from world stripe started to work with google wallet an itunes for apple. You need implement those payment system whit stripe, because I’m planning on making mobile apps

When you will add ads system?

I will fix this for you. Fb login works. You need to follow instructions. I will help you with this.

author should read this and implement it to the script. nowadays websockets handles much better user’s real-time experience! So please consider to have a look on the phpclasses I provide and implement websockets chat into your script

or this


I will check it. Thanks.

any update?

can anyone tell me if this is an open source script?

Yes it is.

Register / signin page on demo is not mobile responsive. Is it fixed in the script?

Try with your mobile phone. It is responsive.


clivekuei Purchased

This is a scam. He used the buzzy database. There is no way to login admin panel. Waste my money. No idea how codecanyon can approve this one. Sham on me to trust codecanyon.

Buzzybuzz database is my database. Of course, I am using similar functions. You can write to my mail or ask for refund.

hello I want to view demo but not work in envota?? please fixit

Ok I hope you not expensive because when you do this cutomise after you have script very complete for another all clients..

hello branko it is not possible to do quotation ?

you are not available to make it evolve?


koalahost Purchased

ive just finished installing the script and it doesnt have everything that the demo is showing in the admin panel…....why is this the only reason i got the script was because of the stuff in the admin panel

@master10fr do you like to sell your license for vldpersonals ? Please get in touch with me. if I buy your vldpersonals license then you can buy this Vadoo script :) Cheers

hello Kissss, why vadoo it is not good script ? it really lacks function in the administration if not user level is sexy but it is true that vldpersonnal is more complete. but less sexy design level