Vadoo - Social network dating script

Vadoo - Social network dating script

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How to setup your Facebook api for login(Video tutorial)

How to setup your Stripe account (Video tutorial)

How to setup your PayPal account (Video tutorial)

How to setup your Fortumo account (Video tutorial)

ADMIN PAGE – CLICK HERE (admin/admin)


Update 1.1.3 (29.05.2018)

  • Full working website (Domain by your wish + Free 1 year Ipage host) for users with extended licence
  • CSS builder (At the front page)
  • New registration page
  • Twitter login
  • New modal login and registration form
  • New stickers for chat (6 in total)
  • Only Badoo theme remained
  • New Ajax modal alerts

Update 1.1.2 (31.08.2017)

  • Redesigned chat
  • Enabled credit card payments (Stripe)
  • Enabled Bitcoins payments (Stripe)

Update 1.1.1 (15.08.2017)

  • Admin can choose front page when user login (user page,index page, hot or not page )
  • 18 years old verification at the front page (optional)
  • Badoo like box on index.php page
  • Favorites page
  • Visitors page layout changed
  • HTML mails (currently for Gmail only)
  • Auto registration activation HTML email (Badoo style)
  • Auto user reminder mail (Badoo style)
  • Auto birthday HTML mail (Badoo style)
  • Birthday greetings mail (Badoo style)
  • Birthday popup greetings
  • AJAX total users counter (optional)

Update 1.1.0 (29.06.2017)

  • Admin can restrict access to men and choose how many days restriction will be enabled
  • Fixed footer margin
  • Page for restricted users
  • Badoo theme – unlimited color options instead of one
  • Matching quiz with 20 questions
  • Hot or not game (fully AJAX instead of ugly refreshing)
  • Hot or not game (User profile included)
  • Hot or not game (Pulse transition instead of slide)
  • Hot or not game (Fixed arrows problem)
  • Separate index page for mobile devices
  • New registration page for both mobile nad display devices
  • Matching percent on user profile
  • Password changer and reminder

Update 1.0.9 (07.05.2017)

  • Message blinker (Ajax refresh of unread messages)
  • Messenger for mobile devices (Mobile optimized, Viber style)
  • Badoo theme redesigned (much closer to original Badoo website)
  • Photo verification
  • Side bar improved in Badoo theme
  • New gifts (beter designed, much more pro look) – 30 in total
  • Beautiful bootstrap tooltip instead of plain
  • Admin can setup refreshing interval of Ajax (messages and blinkers) depending of his own server performances
  • Upload image redesigned (modal instead of new page)
  • User page for Badoo theme without session improved
  • User character introduced (Responsivenes, Activity, etc..)
  • Social network buttons (Facebook and twitter share)
  • Custom pages (navigation appears in footer)
  • Fixed matches bug
  • Solved online/offline bug
  • Ajax chat notifications (Both in side bar and Chat page)
  • Toggle between galeria slider and user carousel images in user profile
  • Like, unlike buttons (Badoo design)
  • Like, unlike buttons like on user page
  • Mobile navigation redesigned
  • No visitors page design
  • No friends page design
  • No matches page design
  • No criteria page design

Update 1.0.8 (15.04.2017)

  • New chat (Mix between Badoo and Viber chat), fully mobile responsive and optimized
  • Chat options in admin panel (Admin can setup chat design, refresh time and limit number of displayed messages)
  • Popularity field at the user side page

Update 1.0.7 (13.04.2017)

  • Fixed double friends problem

Update 1.0.6 (22.02.2017)

  • 2 desing themes for Vadoo (Basic, Badoo)
  • GZip enabled (Improve website speed significantly)
  • When user register with facebook, he must enter data for using website (age and password)

Update 1.0.5 (18.02.2017)

  • Preloader
  • Profile confirmation through mail
  • User can delete profile
  • When admin delete user or user delete own profile, all data connected with user are deleted (fixed bug)

Update 1.0.4 (06.02.2017)

  • Landing page
  • Users can become friends
  • Improved chat (There is no more confusing chat and contact tab)
  • Chat sound notification
  • Search users by location
  • Admin can change website background
  • Dutch language

Update 1.0.3 (13.01.2017.)

  • Multilingual support – Script detects visitor country and switch language to visitor language (8 languages, 22 countries)
  • Facebook comments on users profiles
  • User can become moderator by admin approval
  • User images review options (You can enable and disable this in admin)
  • Admin can add user interest categories
  • Fixed sidebar bug for 1280px devices

Update 1.0.2 (27.12.2016)

  • 100 fake users (You can filter them by age span and genre)
  • 8 languages (english, german, italian, chinese, turkish, portuguese, french, spanish)
  • Mailing list (Every registered user is automatically in your mailing list)
  • Improved image upload security
  • 4 paypal options for buying credits
  • User images protection by disabling right click

Update 1.0.1 (01.12.2016)

  • Added automatic update system
  • Added earnings field in Admin panel
  • Added “Buy VIP status” to sidebar
  • User can add location manually and script will add data to map (User can add even own street to map)
  • Improved internet explorer image quality (Now it is very high quality of images in IE)
  • Fixed Bootstrap modal bug in Internet explorer
  • Solved duplicate issues with username and email

Vadoo is dating site software which is based mostly on Badoo website. Beautiful design, javascript grid animation (8 in total), advanced realtime Ajax chat with emoticons, premium stickers and very friendly user interface. Spotlight, user geolocation, like or not game and many other Badoo like options like user filter.

Front end features

  • Automatic and easy instalation system
  • Grid user list with 8 beautiful animations
  • Auto grab user location
  • Users are sorted automatically by their distance from logged in user (from nearest)
  • Advanced credit system – Credits could be bought by users with Paypal and SMS
  • Users has limited chat posibilites like in Badoo. They can extend it by extend their status
  • Users can set their photos to be private
  • Users can allow other users to see their private photos
  • Users can send gifts to other users.
  • Like me or not game
  • Matches page
  • Notification page
  • Visitors page
  • Users can set data and interests

Admin features

  • Admin can set website options, CSS 3, unlimited colors and fonts, logo
  • Admin can setup prices for credits, number of credits
  • Admin can setup chat limit settings
  • Admin can add gifts and their price for website
  • Admin can manage users, change their status, give them credits
  • Tutorials for admin (Fortumo, Paypal,Facebook integration and so on…)
  • Admin can add prices for user statuses, stickers and other services.

Facebook registration and login

Users can automaticaly register and login with their facebook profile.

Paypal Payment Gateway

Vadoo offers you a Paypal payment getaway with video tutorial how to setup it.

Fortumo SMS Gateway

Vadoo offers you a SMS payment getaway with video tutorial how to setup it.

Credits: Business photograph designed by Prostooleh – Designed by Freepik

Important: All images of fake users are properly licenced and can be used in both comercial and free projects. Source: