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Thanks for the appreciation :) Here are the answers: 1. We are always here for your help to customise the script as per your expectations. 2. You can change the logo and Branding, but as per the License Regular / Extended, Please check. 3. Yes multiple users can maintain their transactions separately. 4. There are options in configuration to enable/disable different functionality ( If you disable any functionality e.g. Items, you won’t see it in left column or anywhere else throughout the tool.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try the demo a bit more but will buy from you because out of all of the other sellers that I contacted you replied in a timely manor. Also the customization is a big piece for me so if you can do that it would be great.

Definitely we’ll be there to make customisations for you…

First of all the demo is not working. I cant enter expense amount. is it a full demo with admin privilidges or just user demo?

I have questions:

1. Is it Turkish compatible or Turkish translation does exist? 2. I want to see an admin demo? 3. Is it possible to create admins will full control and read-only user accounts? 4. Is it open source? can we make code implementations?


Hi, Expense is working fine, You need to add Items to add an expense transaction. You would a button to add Items at the bottom of the form. Here are the answers to your queries:

1. It’s Turkish compatible but translation isn’t available right now, which can be easily translated easily by anyone. 2. http://okhlites.com/demo/vaccountpackage/administrator/ demo / demo 3. There is ACL in backend to control each actions which can be performed in Frontend. 4. Yes It’s open source and you can make code implementations.

no, the demo is not working, I just tried again. I am talking about Income and Expense tabs. when you click them the menu opens. when you click “add new” another menu opens. in this menu, Quantity* and Actual Amount* tabs are not working and you cant enter any amounts. manbe you need to check again.

and how does recurring transactions work? for example, your have monthly utility bills that must be paid every month. can you schdule a monthly recurring transactions so that it automatically reduces from the budget?

one more thing, how can we easily translate it? can you explain?

Dear Quantity and Actual amount fields are not editable, These fields are calculated automatically when You add Items with the button given at the bottom of the form. You need to set up Cron Job on your sever with the Recurring transaction URL. These will be moved to income / expenses tabs automatically on the mentioned date. We have a separate language file for all the text strings used in the component. You only need to copy this file and translate the strings within this single file only.

Can this be translated into spanish or Italian?

Yes It can be done. We have a separate language file for all the text strings used in the component. You only need to copy this file and translate the strings within this single file only.

Can I have a VAT report that will show me what VAT shall I have to pay or reclaim in a specific period of time?

Hello, id like to know if is possible to import my clients around 1500, and i want to personalize the invoice according my country laws. I need to import and send the same invoice at all of course with different number. Any advice? Regards!

Hello, Yes you can import your clients in vAccount. It also allows you to customize the Invoice template as per your need.

This works with other currencies such as the Brazilian BRL? And the dates can also be changed to dd / mm / yyyy ??

Yes, You have these options in configuration panel.

Nice. Where and how do I transfer between accounts in your script?

do you have anything like this, but for multiple companies? Im looking for a theme for an accountant firm that manages multiple businesses. And each business has access only to their data.

Hello, We have a different tool for this. Please send a message via Private message Box on our Profile page

Last time when i downloaded this, it was PHP ,now it looks like it is joomla code , can you confirm what happened to the PHP version

It was built on Joomla since beginning :)

Hi, just 2 quick pre-sales questions: 1) there seems to be a bug – the totals under income/expenses in the “Amount” column are not calculated (in the demo it just says “Total: ” without the total sum at the end of the list. Can you fix this? 2) Why is there no option to select a previously added item/product under income/expenses? It takes too much time typing in the same title again and again, a quick dropdown would be much better.


Oh, and can the date format be changed to dd.mm.yyyy in the backend control panel?

Hi Do you have a desktop version in C# or vb.net with source code?

For the time being only web version is available.

this in Spanish?

The quantity is not calculated on the invoice. For example, if an item is Rs. 100 and the quantity is 3, it stil states Rs. 100 as total price. How can this be fixed?

Is there a way to state invoice number?

Replied to your support forum post, Please check and revert back there only. Please do not post same message at multiple places, It would delay the response process.

hello i did not know this is joomla plugin, how to regfund this ?

also this is not installed in enginx and don’t know what is default admin password

Hello, Please send us a direct message. You can find the option on our Profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/wdmtech to contact us.

You set a new password during the installation process. Have you uploaded the files on your server and tried to install it? A reply has been sent to your message as well, Please revert back to the message. Please try password demo / demo . You can open backend by appending “administrator” to the URL.

its sorted now. Thanks . Pls check my questions below

Hello, Quantity in income doesn’t work, suppose i see 20 cds and a price of one cd is $5. After adding income , it shows $5 no matter how much quantity i put.

Got a reply from you that’s the issues are sorted. Please share your backend & FTP login credentials via direct message on our Profile page, We’ll look into it.

Hello thanks for reply, but still the quantity thing is not working in income and expense. How to make it work ? Is that a bug ? I can see lot of people asking the same and not getting answer.

also not received email

This software cannot calculate quantity, several same questions has been asked in thier forums. None of them have been answered there, neither here.

I have asked this question in email and in here. I think the software has a problem. The author is just changing the topic in answer.

We are asking you to share the login credentials, Please check above comment.

still not solved. I think expense part is a mistake by design. Can we not enter amount manually in expense ? Its shame that brand new installation is not working with even default feature.

Very good program ,I purchased it , and i need to know the steps to translate to arabic please

I noticed this answerr – We have a separate language file for all the text strings used in the component. You only need to copy this file and translate the strings within this single file only- but i can not find this file , please send me its full path for both adminstrator and user panels , thank you for support

Here are the paths: administrator/components/com_vaccount/language/en-GB components/com_vaccount/language/en-GB

Ok < thank you very much for kind fast reply :)

Hello 1- please check this the link : http://www.leaders4u.com/nabac/administrator/ you will notice words still in english thank you

about your answer to point 3 , what is the css file path , thank you very much for kind support

You can find it in templates folder.

Import/Export Schedule Tasks (how it works) ?

If you have data in bulk, you can directly import it in vAccount to let you start using the system quickly. To know the format of the data file, you can export it. We use the same format for import/export.