Vacation and Travel Management Tool

Vacation and Travel Management Tool


The vacation and travel management tool (VTM) is a tiny webtool with two goals: 1) VTM creates transparency in a team which user is available, on vacation or on a business trip. 2) VTM supports the request process for vacation, business trips or periods of absence.

I developed VTM for a research unit of a german university. The team had always between 20 and 30 people and they managed for more then two years all their vacation requests and business trips with VTM. There are for sure a lot of possible improvements for VTM but I garantee that the features already implemented are working correctly and that the structure is easy to understand that you can enhance VTM in the way you like.


The installation of VTM is very simple:

  1. copy/upload VTM to any folder of your webspace
  2. change the setting in the the config.php file with any text editor and configure it to your needs. The absolute minimum that you have to do is to set the database entries right at the beginning of the file (don’t forget to update the file on your webspace)
  3. open path of VTM …/__install.php with your favorite webbrowser and it will create the necessary database structure and some sample entries
  4. delete the __install.php file
  5. access the tool with the admin user to create new users (username and password is “admin”).
  6. explore VTM and have fun…

Please be aware that VTM is not a php class and not a function. It is a complete webpage coded with HTML, CSS and dynamic content due to PHP and a SQL database. The coding is clear and well structured so it should be very easy to adapt or integrate it into any environment.


  • Plan and maintain the vacations and business trips of a team
  • E-Mail based workflow to approve vacation of team members
  • Role based view of the page (only admins can define public holidays, create user or grant vacation days)
  • multiple filters for great clarity of the data
  • simple and well structured code ready for any extension

Please help me

If you are going to rate the script less than 5 stars, please tell me what I can do to make it 5 stars for you and I will fix it. I would love to hear your suggestions on how I could improve the script, leave me a comment or send me an email and your suggestion might make it in to a future version!