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So nice, good luck with sales.

Hi there DEV, interesting plugin you have here :) A few questions before i decide :

1. does it work on the current blog/post structure or it creates another separate one ?

2. what about pagination and permalinks ?

3. how is displayed the best answer ? also, can the answers be voted for !?

- i don't like questionid=1  / /?tag=q2 / or /?action=postquestion


1) It creates seperate db tables for the plugin 2) No pagiantion yet. Permalink? You create a page and put a shortcode in there to create the question page 3) Displayed with a text see -> http://demo.uwebic.com/uwebic-qa/?questionid=2

No voting, thanks for the suggestion

For the url’s, i will try to fix that if i can.

Is it possible to give unregistered visitors the right to ask questions?

no there is no such option.

double post.

Is there any plans for making an update where unregistered users can ask questions?

I run a membership site where all the pages are protected. Spam is not an issue because of this.

That would be possible. We’ll keep you up to date.

Notice: Use of undefined constant php – assumed ‘php’ in post_question.php on line 70

Issue resolved. Thank you for your feedback

Nice! It´s possible to close future answers when the user mark the right answer?

I just implemented this last night. of course I did not release it yet.

This is a pre-sale question: I want to knew if users can upload images (not insert the link of an image, but really upload it) ‘cause in the demo is not possible :( but I’ve see it in the screenshots Another question: is possible to make a user register instead of only log in? If someone is not aleady registered, how can he make it? Thanks a lot! .

Currently the option to add images was disabled in the WP editor. We will enable this asap. For the registration question, are you referring to the demo message that is being displayed? That is pure for the demo, you can always include a link to the registration page on your WP website.

Hi before I purchase, can this plugin be used by different users. Each of my users have a webpage. Will they be able to manage their own questions and answers?

Do you mean in a Wordpress Multisite? In that case, yes

demo is down, looks like the project has been abandoned…

The demo is not down. and the project is certainly not abandoned.