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Great work, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! :-)

Save Mp3, wav?

Hi. This plugin does not support saving of any sort, sorry. The only way to save your creations is through URLs.

This would be quite a bit better if you could place more than 1 note per bar.

Hi. I agree that allowing chords would be a fun option, however it would also increase the spatial complexity of the song data enormously.

For illustration: if I’m saving 3 tracks, 16 bars each that means I’m saving 3×16 = 48 numbers. If I allowed multiple tones on bars, that would mean that I’d need to worry about one more dimension and now I’d need 24 times as many numbers (because there’s 24 notes available). So for 3 tracks, 16 bars each it would take 3×16×24 = 1152 numbers. Not a big problem with 16 bars, since compression would (given enough repetition) take away most of those. But now consider 128 bars. 128×3 = 384, while 128×3×24 = 9216. In other words, the space complexity would go up quite a bit.

(I do however admit that I could maybe come up with a clever way of saving tones since more than 3 tones on a single bar would sound bad anyway.)

Anyway, that was my reasoning for why the app only allows one note per bar, because it lowers the length of the URL considerably. Besides, it’s a melody sequencer, and you can still create many interesting harmonies without chords, using just tones.

Thanks for the comment and your interest. :-)

missing D/D# also? if you decide to develop a little more i will consider to buy, chords is a must on a single track sorry… i make music for a living and i would love to add this to my site:)

i still might the new audio for web is good to learn:)


The app is not missing D or D#, in fact it has D and D# raging across 2 octaves.

I guess I will consider changing the app so that it allows chords. This would mean that the songs would be shorter because it would take more data store a song, and I would have to remove the little indicators that show you the tone, but I suppose it is doable.

I’ll think about it and get back to you.

Thanks for the interest. :-)


I decided I will implement this as well and I will include it in the update which should be ready in a few days at most.

I will include the old version in the update as well in case anyone prefers it.

any chance to get a radnom function?

to place notes randomly, maybe with some kind of logic

Hmm. Sounds like it would be difficult to achieve properly and not make it sound completely chaotic.

The aim of the application is simply to allow easy composing, so I’m probably not going to be implementing such a function.

Thanks for suggestion anyway.

this garbage dont even work , waste of money.

Works fine for me. Thanks for the colorful language and no actual description of what the problem is.