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in case of file transfer failure, does it support resuming transfer?

Yes! it will skip transferred files.

I mean, if I transfer a 600 MB file, it gets interrupted/fails at 400MB … so 200 MB remaining, does it start from scratch or does it resume at 400MB?

Well pleiadene! currently in case of interruption it will start from scratch. But its good idea we note it and will include this feature in upcoming update.

Would be great if you could enter host details for the originating server so that the server the script is hosted on takes files from another server and then transfers to the destination server… Any chance of that in the future?


Thank You! for your suggestion, we like it! Sure we will include this feature in our upcoming update.

Interesting script, I bought a similar script here at CC but it transfers the files only from the server which it installed on it to a remote server . I will buy it as soon as you add a function to transfer data from a remote server (any server) to another remote server (any server), same idea as @eventgroup requested.

Does the folder/file permissions stay in tact (unchanged) on the destination server after transfer? Thanks.

Great. Do you know when is the update date? Today, tomorrow, this week? I like to buy it.

We will update it at start of next week. Thank you!

OK, I will buy it after update, next week. Thanks.

If files with the same name already exists on the destination server will it skip these files? Or will it replace them? Meaning the entire folder’s contents is always uploaded.

Eg. The destination folder already has video_file1.mp4 and the purpose of using your script would be to continue to populate the destination folder with new content. Since the original server still has the video_file1.mp4 does this file also get uploaded again each time a new transfer is called?

Dear streamtitan, in current script’s configuration, it will override file. But we can modify its configuration so it will skip files that already contained in destination server. Let us know if there is any other question in your mind.

waiting new version with big file, auto resume, skip file

  1. Does it do Server Directory to Server Directory? So instead of copying ENTIRE Server to NEW Server. Can it do directory to directory / folder to folder??
  2. Can this support RESUME? i.e. interupted transfer, can it back-track 100KB and start transmission again?
  3. What is the maximum file size support? Thanks

1. Yes If you put script copy in sub folder , it will only transfer files contain in that folder. 2. No! it doesn’t support RESUME 3. It can transfer maximum file size set in php.ini file. Let us know if want to know anything else. Thanks!

is it not possible that we can select the folders with a tick because putting the script in each folder may be a challenge . this way we can circumvent size problem for the folder . does it do full or incremental? any eta for the update that u mentioned?

Hi, I am sorry to say but in current script version file selection would not possible, But we may consider to add this feature in upcoming update.

Sadly, this script didn’t work for me. It froze my screen and no files were transferred. I put in a support request a few days ago but haven’t heard anything so I ended up having to manually transferring. Because of this, I just submitted a refund request.

Sorry for inconvenient! Your support request is not in our knowledge, Where did you send ? Please share, where you are using this our script. Our developer will check and resolve the issue. Thanks!

Thank you for the reply, the request was made on 11/23 from the support form on the profile. Since it wasn’t wirking, and since I needed to get the files transferred and didn’t hear back, I ended up manually transferring them so I no longer would need the technical support, just the refund as the product didn’t work.

Okey! We will make the refund.

for my education purpose i need this. i created FTP server in FTP core Server and i run web server appserv to host php script to upload files so users can upload files in browser instead of use client. can you explain whether is this uTransfer suitable for my project?

Yes, we are available for custom work. You can contact us at emediaexperts@gmail.com

hi i have mail you.

It looks my .htaccees file blocking screipt and I am getting error on “utransfer.php” file is there is any temporary .htaccess file, which I place there. Thanks

Hi, please check your inbox for the reply.

woks, thank you :) very useful script, maybe want add selecting file feature (browse…)

Thank you! for the suggestion will try to add this in the future update.

Hello, I would like to start providing website back service to my customers. Such that someone sign up to my site with your script, he selects a package (e.g.5GB) and then he enters his personal website details and the script start to backup their website

Storage, i would wish the script to directory transfer or store website backups to my Amazon s3 account.

Do you think you can do that for me or can you recommend any script that can allow me to start providing website backup service?

Lastly can your script backup sites to amazon s3?

I will be happy to hear from you soon.

Thank you Ronnie

Will this allow us to transfer a file from a 3rd party server (we have the FTP credentials to access the file), to our own specific WordPress folder (if we supply the credentials/location of our own WordPress FTP). We basically want to grab the file any time its updated on their end (or via a cron job if that’s a feature of this).

You can transfer anytime but you have to do that manually. Currently, there is no cron job feature in it.

is not working in the server. I’ll supply the correct username and password, it said, “Oops FTP Connection Error” Please Re-enter Correct Login information:. Fix it please. Thanks

my ftp details are already sent to your email with screenshot. kindly check your mail. Thanks.

can buy by BTC

This error appear for each file, whats the problem? permission? its 755 “Error while transferring file”

I would like to use this on an intranet to transfer files between two machines…. possible with some modifications?

Yes! it is possible.