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We just brought this plugin. But question is our site use require.js. But the source code Hammer defined carousel.min.js. So the require js can not find the file even I change the path to our libs. I try to use the up to date hammer library but it didn’t work. Do you have any suggestion please?

I seem to be having a issues with the carousel its not functioning everything looks good but its not moving when I click on the buttons to go to the next team member.

If I set this up to show 3 images at a time will the same code also function correctly with 1 or 2 images?

Sorry for delay! Yes!

Ok. Is it compatible with latest Jquery and Bootstrap? (IE: Does not conflict with Bootstrap)


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It’s possible to start not from element 0 but from element 1 or 2?

You can use the API method after init utilcarousel, like this: //Init plugin $('#api-demo').utilCarousel(); //Get UtilCarousel Instance var utilCarouselObj = $('#api-demo').data('utilCarousel'); //Go to the specified index, index start with 0 utilCarouselObj.goTo(3);


Hi there! Great plugin, love it! One question, how can i point to the active ( visible/s ) item/s? Maybe add some css class in it?

Hello! I like your plugin, but my question is when an image is hovered over, if I can just show the icon for a link. I am just going to be using it for links and not for showing a bigger image (which is what the magnifying glass icon seems intended for). Can I choose what icon shows on hover? Thanks!

Your site is down (expired domain), you may want to look into that.

Is there a way to make it smooth scrolling? I did try these settings: autoPlay: true, interval: 0, slideSpeed:30000,

the result jumps around unfortunatly