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The update of this plugin breaks it. Revert back to the old version and it works. What is going on with this?

We got that error too, and after updating the plugin this morning, the error disappeared, site loads, but the USPS shipping method has disappeared as an options during checkout.

Any update on this plugin from all of us that use this? Is it being fixed? Thanks.

Guys, please, when will leave the solution to solve the problem USPS, i bought the plugin and i have checkout trouble , nothing appears to calculate the freight.

Please help me, I really appreciate your help.

this plugin doesn’t work with woocommerce’s new update.

Plugin broken since Woocommerce 2.6


devol24 Purchased

Woocommerce 2.6 Update has ruined this plugin. It no longer works with the new update and everyone who purchased this plugin is affected. When will we see an update?

This plugin no longer works but woocommerce’s own plugin does. Also the UPS plugin is not working at all.


TomWebb Purchased

Any fix for this in sight????


TomWebb Purchased

Not sure if I am the only one or what, but even the updated plugin does not seem to work.

The author has never replied to my emails about this issue. I’m giving up and paying for the real USPS plugin from WooThemes. Support on this plugin is pretty bad. I wouldn’t buy anything from them again. This plugin should be removed from the marketplace. Buyer beware.


TomWebb Purchased

Looks like there was another update, my install is now working.

I’m having trouble getting this plugin to show up in the shipping options. What version is everyone using right now?

I’m on WordPress 4.5.2, wooCommerce 2.5.5. And I believe I have the latest version of this plugin, 2.2.5.

Won’t let me choose to use USPS as a shipping option.

Thanks for replying!!

the latest updates work.. but the shipping method is no longer sent to paypal and as such the paypal receipts don’t indicate which method was chosen .. could you add this back please ? (the woocommerce order emails do show the shipping method chosen.. just not the paypal email receipts)


Vermino Purchased

Works now. Developer should definitely update their changelog on the product page. I personally go by the version not when it was last updated. Seeing an updated changelog tells me “Oh! i’m only at 2.2.1 and it’s now 2.2.4 – i’m missing 3 updates”


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