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Hello, the plugin does not work. I have had problems getting it to be displayed. What should I do? It is at the bottom: Http://www.albertomerani.org/bibliored-2017/

Hi there,

Thanks for your email and I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the plugin. It is hard to tell from here what your problem is, so I will need some more information. Therefore, please renew your expired support package and create a support ticket and I will gladly investigate the issue for you!

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Dear support,

Is this plugin actively developed?

Were is your changelog?


Absolutely! You can find this link to the change log on the product item page in the Update paragraph. I am currently rebuilding the plugin, so version 2.0 will be released soon.

Dear Support,

How is this plugin secure?

Will using this plugin cause any vulnerabilities to third parties accessing my google account?


The plugin is as secure as possible. It is quite extensively tested and there are no vulnerabilities know.

However, keep in mind that Use-your-Drive doesn’t need to be the weakest link on your WordPress site. If an attacker somehow gets access to your WordPress Database, they can find the plugins authorization token. Therefore, I recommend customers to use a special new Google Drive account to link Use-your-Drive which only contains the files that should be accessible via the website.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, just let me know!

Hi, I have thousands of audio files on Google drive that I need to add to posts for playing and downloading. can you please advise: 1- Can you do bulk import/export to your plugin using CSV? 2- Can I enable individual files download? 3- is the plugin compatible with Google’s AMP Project? thanks

Thanks for your questions. Let me answer them all:

  1. There is no import/export function in the plugin as it will just use your Google Drive as source. With the plugin you can simply select which folder on your Google Drive should be used for the playlist
  2. You can only enable or disable the download function in the Media Player, so it isn’t possible to set this per file
  3. The plugin isn’t AMP ready

If you have any questions remaining, just let me know!

Hi, Only looking for files? Do not search folders? Thanks

Hi there! I am not sure if I understand your question. Could you perhaps explain in a little bit more detail where you are looking for?

Hello there, The plugin seems not working, I have already inputted the Google Client ID and Google Client Secret information but the plugin is not authorizing it. I am sure of the credentials I placed, I double checked it but again the its having issues on authorization. Kindly please respond on this comment for we have recently purchased your plugin. Im looking forward for it to work. Thanks.

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the plugin. Do you really need your own Google App? Because you can just use the default app of the plugin by leaving the Client ID and Client Secret empty on the plugin settings page. That is the easy setup that 99% of the customers and companies are using as there is no disadvantage of using the default App. In most cases using the default App will solve any issues with the authorization process.

If you really need your own Google App, just let me know!

Hi! Thank you for the response. Id like to let you know that the authorization works now. Thanks for that. However were encountering another issue which is: 1. Unable to link the users to folder. This is on the “Link users to folder” option. 2. On the page dashboard, the “Use-Your-Drive Shortcode” button is not working, along with other plugin shortcode buttons.

Please let me know and we will be glad on your response. Thank you.

Can you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a closer look?

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Does it work on PHP 7.1? After I upgraded to PHP 7.1 version, many user say me that they cannot see the player or player say: Busy to loading playlist, and doesnt show mp3 file. (I’m using plugin as mp3 player). Thankyou

The plugin should indeed be able to run on PHP 7.1. Could you perhaps create a support ticket so we can take a look at your issue?

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Hi! Is it possible to print / download a file while it is embedded? The only way to do this for a PDF it seems is to click the ‘Pop out’ button into the Google Drive link, which presents these options. Any advice on how to get this functionality working would be appreciated!

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to embed the ‘Full View’ mode page of Google which includes the print options inside an iFrame. This is simply blocked by Google. If you use the File Browser to show your files, you can solve this by disabling the ‘Inline Preview’ setting in the Shortcode Generator. After disabling this option, you will need a small modification of the plugin to show the ‘Full View’ page instead.

  1. Open wp-content/plugins/use-your-drive/includes/UseyourDrive.php
  2. Search for $previewurl = $this->getEmbedUrl($cachedentry);
  3. After this line, add the following code:
    if ($this->options['previewinline'] === '0' && $this->checkUserRole($this->options['download_role'])) {
        $previewurl = str_replace('preview?rm=minimal', '/view', $previewurl);

I hope this answers your question and if you want me to help you with this modifications, just create a support ticket!

Thanks so much for pointing us in the right direction! Great support!


adpi Purchased

Hi, is there a CSS setting that will make the download button visible all the time on desktops when using the file list option? I see it show up on mobile devices which makes sense but I’d like it visible on desktop browsers also. Thanks!


adpi Purchased

Also, is there any way to have a download link or button on the preview popup? Thanks.

You could use the following CSS to always have the file menu visible:

List View:
#UseyourDrive .uyd-list .entry_edit_placheholder, #UseyourDrive .uyd-list .entry_edit{
display: block !important; 
Grid View:
#UseyourDrive .uyd-grid .entry_edit, #UseyourDrive .gridgallery .entry_edit{
    opacity: 1 !important;
    -ms-filter: 'alpha(opacity=100)' !important;
#UseyourDrive .uyd-grid .entry_edit{
    background-color: transparent;

To have a download button in the Lightbox I will need to write a modification. If you are interested, just create a ticket and I will try to help you out!

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adpi Purchased

Thanks! Works perfectly. I just submitted a ticket for the download button. Thanks again.


glaucio Purchased

Fatal error after last upgrade 1.7

Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can look into this immediately?

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glaucio Purchased

1.7.1 works fine

Thanks for your reply and I am glad that the new version solves your issue!

I want that if any media is added into wordpress, it will should directly goes to google drive/dropbox. The media file should not be saved within wordpress website.

I want that visitors can not access the data through direct link.

Is it possible with your plugin?

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want your visitors to upload media files directly to your Google Drive via an upload form on a WordPress page, don’t look further because that is exactly what Use-your-Drive can do for you. However, if you want a something that integrates into the WordPress Media Library, than Use-your-Drive isn’t what you are look for. In that case, you probably have to look for a CDN kind of plugin.


oga23 Purchased

as my support has expired i would like to ask you what to do here in hope you’ll help nontheless.
when i update the plugin to the last version some color changes you made for me dissapear (red hover over color). how can i bring that back?
thank you. and for all people thinking about purchasing this plugin – just do it. it does amazing things and support is exellent.

I am glad to hear that it does work on your main site! And many thanks for reporting this issue!


oga23 Purchased

You got it!
Now i have another issue.
A customer just reported that not all folders and files are listed in her folder. WHen using the search function the missing folder and files show up…what could that be? Never heard about it before the upgrade and on my profile everything works fine…please help. again ;)

I also can’t reproduce the issue here. So lets create a support ticket with all the information you got and I will look into it.

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Hi Floris,

I am having a problem activating the auto-updater. There is no error message, just nothing happens. I have enabled on some of our other installations but not sure why this may be happening. If it is that we are out of licences, is it possible to see where the plugins have been registered and revoke old versions if necessary?


I can see that the plugin auto-updater is activated on different websites with the same purchase code. You should have a license for each separate website. Do you indeed have multiple licenses? If that is the case, just create a support ticket and I will look into the issue as soon as possible!

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webtek Purchased

Is it possible to link one user to multiple folders?

You can manually link a user to just one specific folder on your Google Drive. If you let the Shortcode link your users automatically to their user folder, than this folder can be different for every shortcode. Does this answer your question?

BTW: Manually linking to multiple folders will be added in the future!


webtek Purchased

So you can’t link a user to multiple folders unless those folders are under one folder? For example, I have Folder 1, Folder 2, and Folder 3 in the root directory. User 1 needs to see Folders 1 and 3 and User 2 needs to see Folders 1 and 2. There’s no way to do that currently?

I know that this is a missing feature, but I can’t add this functionality anymore due to the architecture of the plugin. However, I have added this to my TO-DO list of the rebuild of the plugin so it will definitely be possible in the future.

In the mean time, you can perhaps work with a smart work around. If you want you can create user folders on your Google Drive which contains all the folders you want. To do so, in the Google Drive Web Interface just press CTRL while dragging the folder you want to add to the user folder. This will create a ‘shortcut’ in the User Folder to the other folder. When you link that User Folder with the WordPress user, the User will have access to multiple folder which you have selected. Quite a difficult explanation, but does this make sense to you? Your final Google Drive structure will then look something like this:

/Folder 1
/Folder 2
/Folder 3
/UserFolders /UserFolderA  (You link User A in the plugin to this Folder)
/UserFolders /UserFolderA/Folder 1*  (shortcut to the folder in the Root)
/UserFolders /UserFolderA/Folder 3* (shortcut ...)
/UserFolders /UserFolderB/Folder 1*  (shortcut ...)
/UserFolders /UserFolderB/Folder 2* (shortcut ...)

Would that be a solution for you for now?

Hi DeLeeuw, the plugin does not work. I have had problems getting it to be displayed. What should I do?

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble after updating the plugin. Just create a support ticket and I will look into it! In the ticket, please provide some information on how I can reproduce the issue on your site.

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the file seems need to be put in a folder, can i just input the file id to get the player work? also is there any cache ? how long will the cache expire?

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i think i will use default one since it does work, thanks

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i want to upload ( .zip file ) google drive to my wordpress media file. is it work?

I am not sure if I understand your question completely, so let me give a quite general answer. You can use Use-your-Drive to share your Google Drive via your website. For instance you can use the File Browser to display a specific Drive folder on your website. You can also create .zip files of your Google Drive files on the fly. The plugin also has an Upload Form which you can use to upload files directly to your Google Drive! The plugin doesn’t integrate into the WordPress Media Library as Google doesn’t provide direct links to your files on your Drive.

I hope this answers your question. If not, just let me know!


kalich5 Purchased

I have a new completed translation for Czech. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxqENvliGlagM214Z3YwalRrSnM

But there are lots of strings that can not be translated. Can you add them to a translation? Thank you

Many thanks for the translation! I will add it to the next version of the plugin and I will make sure that all the strings (at least on the Front-End) can be translated.

Hello. I like very much the plugin and i want to buy it. But i have some presale questions.

a) The plugin refresh automatically? If someone upload an image, the show in site automaticcaly?

b) The style of gallery is changing?

c) If in my site i show images, videos or music, the resources consumption is from my site (host) or from google (like a youtube embed video)?

Thanks for your questions and I am glad to hear that you are interested in Use-your-Drive! Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. The plugin will automatically show the files on your Google Drive. If someone uploads a new image to your Google Drive, the picture will appear within 15 minutes (as the plugin has a cache of around 15 minutes). You can always refresh the cache manually by pressing the refresh button, if needed!
  2. You can adjust the looks of the gallery with custom CSS if needed. If you want minor adjustments for colors, just create a support ticket and I can help you with that!
  3. If you want to download or stream music with Use-your-Drive, you will stream the files directly from Google Drive. So there are no bandwidth or file size issues for your web host if you use the File Browser, Gallery or Media Player.

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