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ReeX Purchased

As for, video playback from file galleries has stopped working. Gray box will open but no video playback occurs

Thanks for your bug report! Unfortunately, I am not able yet to reproduce the issue over here, and the videos also still seems to load on the Demo page. Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a closer look at the problem?

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Please check support ticket and help me :( important problem with me. Thank author with your great plugin!

I just replied to your support ticket!


Makkus Purchased

Hey there, first of all: Great plugin, great work! This plugin has improved our website a lot in terms of file and photo sharing.

Just one question: I wonder what is the criteria for a folder to be opened and selected in the shortcode builder? Sometimes I experience problems with selecting specific folders. I click the folder, the loading sign appears and stays in a loop. It doesn’t matter if I choose file browser or photo gallery.

I work with Divi. Maybe you have any idea. Most of the times it works.

Here is an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/131BUcVHbWPKzr8fojAVpRhaSrA_HjlZc/view

Do I need to renew my support for this? Would appreciate any comment!

Best Markus

Hello Markus,

Thanks for your feedback and I am sorry to hear that you are having issues navigating through your Drive. Based on your video it seems that the problem is caused by a combination of a Javascript/PHP error. Just wondering, are you already using the latest version ( If you aren’t using that version yet, please update the plugin first! If the issue persist in version, I will gladly investigate this problem for you.

As I can’t reproduce the problem yet on my development server, I will have to spend some time to debug this problem for you. Therefor, you wil indeed need to renew your support package. I hope this isn’t too much trouble for you!

Cheers, - Floris

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Hi , i’m interested in this plugin for a project i’m creating. Is it possible to have users on my site only able to see their own folders on the drive ?

Yes, that is possible when you enable the Private Folder feature in the plugin! In this mode, the plugin will make sure that the user is only able to access its own folder.

- Floris