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Hi, is it possible to hide folders based on user role? For example, if I have 3 folders named Group1, Group2, and Group3 and I have user roles named Members and Officers, is there a way to, for example, show Group1 and Group2 folders to Members but not Officers and show Group2 and Group3 folders to Officers but not Members. I see the option to hide folders and that works but it doesn’t tie into user roles. One thing I tried was creating a shortcode that would return the appropriate folders to exclude for the exclude parameter but it looks like it doesn’t support nested shortcodes. Is there any other way? I realize I could probably do this with multiple instances but I’d prefer to do it with one if possible. Also, assuming this is possible, is there a way to have different permissions (upload, download, edit, etc.) for each of the folders by role as well?

It is not possible to achieve this with just one shortcode. So the easiest solution would indeed be to use multiple Use-your-Drive shortcodes: one for the Members and one for the Officers. It is not possible to set different permissions for different folders within one shortcode, so perhaps you will need even more shortcodes if you want the folder Group 1 to have different permissions than Group 2.

Hi Is there a way to show more that 2 breadcrumbs? thanks

The current version will only show you 2 breadcrumbs. It is on my to do list to make the breadcrumb responsive and show more folders when possible!

Hi man,

Is possible more prints the backend?? show me more options into the edit post.


If you create a support ticket I can send you some screenshots of the Shortcode Generator which you need to use to insert a Use-your-Drive instance on your page or post. Also, if you are looking for a specific feature, just let me know!

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Hi, this is a presale questien. I couldn’t find an answer in your documentation or FAQ or other comments- thks.

is it possible to view (and edite) the content of a single Excel file. Just like the beautiful embeded office documents – that aren’t editable unfortunately. What would you suggest how to achieve this? Thanks in advance! Regards Frank

With the Use-your-Drive plugin it is only to edit Google Docs (this includes Google Sheets). You can achieve this by setting the sharing permission for those files to ‘Anyone with link can edit’.

If you want to edit Excel Files, you can use the Microsoft version of this plugin: Share-one-Drive

Beautiful, thanks so much :-)

Hi, nice job, presale question here, 1.does the plugin only require one time authorization and after that every user can upload files at anytime without exceed any time limit or the links got expired etc? 2. In the demo upload page, I can see “or find documents on your device” and “drag yoru files here” and the “upload folder” button, can I remove them all? and allow user to upload files only? Thanks


  1. You only need to link the plugin once with your Google Drive account. After that users will always be able to upload files, etc.
  2. Sure, with some additional CSS you can just hide that button. By the way, this button will only show up in Chrome and it allows you to select a folder on your device. All the files inside that folder will than be uploaded

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any questions left, just let me know!

Thanks for your answers, I just purchased the plugin, I’ve also submitted a support ticket, please check it out, thank you so much~

for pre-sales question: can i share my files using your plugin, like i normally do in google drive? and one more thing can users access my files without login-in from my wordpress site?

You can use the plugin to share your file on Google Drive directly with your visitors on your website. The users don’t need a WordPress Account or a Google Account.

Can’t send you a ticket using your support https://florisdeleeuwnl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I’m getting an error ” I have question about the following plugin:: cannot be blank” a requiered field, but but I can put anything on this field. So I cant get support if I cant send you a ticket!! What I do?

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues creating a support ticket. I just checked the submission form, but I can’t reproduce your issue here. The ‘I have question about the following plugin’ field should be a dropdown box where you can select ‘Use-your-Drive’. If you are not seeing this dropdown box, just try another browser or send a support request via my profile page.

hey mate i submitted a ticket. Please help me regarding css or image is not loading properly.

thanks for quick reply. it solves now all my css issue. :D

Hi mate, can you please help me again in css. i need to add background-color in previous menu. please see my ss: http://prnt.sc/etni67

You can use the following CSS for that:

#UseyourDrive .entry.folder.pf {
    background-color: black;

Please note that in the next version this parent folder element will not be present any longer in case the breadcrumb is already present to navigate through folders.


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Continue to that Dropbox comment,
I was taking look at live demo and found the file uploading didn’t work and giving error
Please confirm that uploading is working fine as we just want to use this uploading functionality with gravity forms.

Uploading is working fine. It is just disabled in the demo!


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Ok thanks for quick reply :)

hi, is this plugin still working in new google drive policy? if yes can I upload files (images) in google drive then publish as content image?


The plugin absolutely working as you can see on my demo site. This plugin doesn’t use direct links to your images which indeed are depreciated by Google. Therefore, the plugin also can’t be used to show single images on your WordPress page or post. Instead, Use-your-Drive has its own Gallery onboard to display your images on your website. You can see on the demo site how this looks like.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any questions left, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be happy to help with anything further!

Hi Guys,

I just bought and it seems also indeed, kudos on your job here!

One question if I want to customize the image displayed when the user has no access to the folders or no folders set, how can I do that?


Thanks for your kind words! If you want to change the ‘No-Access’ image, just replace the /css/clouds/cloud_shield_128.png and /css/clouds/cloud_shield_256.png images. Or take a look in to the /templates/noaccess.php file to modify the source of the template.

One more question:

Does it only work when accessed through a desktop?

Because through the mobile I can’t see it.


Use-your-Drive should work on all devices. If that isn’t the case, please create a support ticket and I will look into the issue as soon as possible!

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Hello. Recently, I often get an error in the plugin. I do not know what the error is, but it often passes after the reauthorization of the plug-in. Screenshots: https://pageshot.net/E91oIUo7t9POJSHx/md7.info https://pageshot.net/b0MXs1PrNQ3r58oz/md7.info

I use the latest versions of Use-your-drive, Wordpress, SSL & have activated 2-steps-authentication Google Acoount.

That is, i must to periodically reauthorize the plugin to work. Is there any problem? Website: https://md7.info/de/buecher

System info: https://pageshot.net/d56tulpCHMcvJTEn/md7.info

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the plugin. I see that you already are using the latest version so it is probably not one of the bugs that were present in previous versions.

In most cases this issue is caused by a memory issue on your WordPress site. So, first of all, please try to increase the memory limit of your WordPress setup. To do so, just add a line (or change the value if it already exists) like

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '192M'); 
to increase the limit to 192MB.

If this doesn’t work out, or if you need help with this step, please renew your support package, and I will happily help you via a support ticket!

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Thank you so much for your attention! I have just checked the page: and some of the pages via Use your Drive works well: https://md7.info/en/books but another not working – https://md7.info/de/buecher.

For wp_memory_limit I use the AIO SEO Pack function: Screenshot: https://pageshot.net/bYJdwOVqrbPIxg5j/md7.info

And i tried to add the define…. to the wp-config.php, but it still not working.

Thank you so much for this amazing plugin.)) I will renew my support package, thanks.

Thanks for the info. In that case it probably isn’t a memory issue as that would affect all Use-your-Drive shortcodes. If I receive your ticket I will look into it as soon as possible!

Hi! Do you know when the next update will be coming? Please update as soon as you can. I really love this plugin!

Not new feature, It’s improve. Because you seem solved many issues here. I already bought it but not login this account to buy.

Ah, I see. Well the latest version is and I don’t have discovered any bugs in the current version so, until then I will not release a new minor version. However, I am currently rebuilding the framework Use-your-Drive is using, and that update will be big! So just stay tuned :)

Okay, I look forward to that day!


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Hi. What should I add to css-file so that remove border-radius (equal to “0”) for video player (in top and for play-list in bottom)? Thanks.

That depends a little bit on the skin you are using. But try this:

#UseyourDrive .jp-jplayer,
#UseyourDrive .jp-video .jp-jplayer video,
#UseyourDrive .jp-video .jp-jplayer img,
#UseyourDrive div.jp-playlist,
#UseyourDrive div.jp-playlist li:last-child
border-radius:0 !important;

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It worked. Thank you.

I am glad to hear that!

I have a shop with tons of products, each product have images. Can I transfer all my Media Files on Google Drive and then automatically call these images from Google Drive?

The plugin cannot be used to display single images. The reason for this is that Google Drive officially doesn’t provide direct links to those images. However, you can use the Gallery mode of the plugin if you need to show multiple images at once. But I am not sure if that is what you are looking for.

I hope this answers your question. If not, just let me know!


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Hi, is it possible to filter out search results that are in folders that are hidden using the ‘Hide these files and folders’ exclusion option?

Thanks for notifying me about this issue, the plugin is indeed not taking care of that! Do you need this straight away, or can you wait until the next update is released?


adpi Purchased

No, not needed immediately. We won’t be going live with the site for a few weeks. When do you expect the next update will be released?

Probably in a couple of weeks… It depends on the number bug fixes or if there is a major issue that needs to be fixed immediately. I will put it on my To-Do list, but don’t hesitate to reach out to me when I haven’t released an update yet when you need it!