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The player not working on Mobile website, my site is tokybook.com, on PC: worked, on Mobile: blank Is it relevant to cache ? i’m using WP-Rocket. Please check it. Thanks

I am not aware of any issues with WP-Rocket. Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a closer look?

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Question, 1. How I can embed a specific folder/file viewer on a page I want to create in public so user no need to signup to view it? 2. How I can add upload button on a page or post, if I want to let user to upload file on my post/page in public without signup 3. if I enable the see back-end filebrowser to subscriber means they can only see their private folder or I can set a folder they can see?

  1. The plugin has a Shortcode Builder that will help you wit this!
  2. You can just enable the upload form via the Shortcode Builder
  3. By default subscribers will not be able to see the File Browser in the Back-End. However, you can change this on the Permissions tab on the plugin settings page. If you want to link your users in the Back-End to a specific folder on your Google Drive, just make sure that you have enabled the option ‘Private Folders in the Back-End’ on the Private Folders page on the plugin settings page.

I hope this information helps you out! If you have more questions, just let me know!

pre purchase: I need to export form entries from Gravity forms to google drive. is that a feature or is it just for crating forms from gdrive >> gravity ?? thank you

The Use-your-Drive – Gravity Forms integration, allows you to add an upload field to your Gravity From. So it is not yet possible to export (new) Gravity Forms entries to your Google drive (as PDF?). However, if you are interested in this feature, just let me know (via a support ticket) and I will be able to create this for you for a small fee.

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Pre-sale compatibility question; I just tested your demo files on Safari and Chrome browsers on desktop, ipad and iphone! Do you have a solution for not displaying top control menus on tablet (ipad) or on phone (iphone) , for google excel spreadsheet, words document or forms? It only works on desktop but not on ipad or iphone!

Thank you,

Hi there! The documents are rendered via Google itself and cannot be controlled. Google has decided to render the documents differently on different devices and on Apple devices the top menu will indeed not show up. Unfortunately, that isn’t something I can change!

I use the plugin to host mp3 files on my HP. Google Analytics is enabled for my whole Website, but i cant find any any event information from the UseYourDrive plugin in Google Analytics. Where do i have search for it?

Interesting! Just to be sure, have you enabled he Google Analytics settings on the plugin settings page? If yes, could you perhaps create a support ticket with a link to the page where you are using the plugin? I will gladly take a look.

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Hi, i have the Dropbox plugin which I love it integrates seamlessly with gravity forms (something you should plug more – I didn’t realise when I bought it and figured I’d have some coding to do)- just an en enquiry does the drive plugin integrate with gravity forms file upload etc in a similar fashion or is that functionality dropbox only?

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate that!

And to answer your question: Use-your-Drive has the exact same Gravity Forms integration as Dropbox!


cmagill Purchased

Can I force download of videos when selecting the “Download” option instead of having them play in the browser?

Unfortunately not. There is currently no method to force the download via the Google API, so you are depending on the behavior of your browser. And in most browsers the default behavior will be to play video files instead of downloading them.


cmagill Purchased

Could the file be made to open in a new window?

Yes, if you right-click on the download menu item and select “Open in new window”.

If you want to change the behavior of the plugin, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Open wp-content/plugins/use-your-drive/includes/Filebrowsers.php
  2. Search for: class=’entry_action_download’
  3. Replace it with: class=’entry_action_download’ target=’_blank’

rosati58 Purchased

Hi, can you list the pictures quoting the date and time?

That is only possible in the ‘List’ view of the File Browser. If you want to show the date/time inside the Gallery (e.g. hovering above the images), you will need a small adjustment of the plugin. In that case, just create a ticket and I will help you out.

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fando01 Purchased

Hi everything works fine but everytime I’m trying to upload or download file, I received error 200 or 500. How to fix this issue else this plug-ins will be useless for my website http://hiringuae.com

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the plugin. I am actually not sure what is causing your issue so I would gladly investigate this for you. Please create a support ticket and provide me with a temporarily WP admin login so I can take a closer look!

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Hey there. I . noticed that your updated version of the plugin contains different files than before so your instructions on having your own Google App & Redirect URI have changed. We DO NOT want to use your app for authorization of our Google Drive files. Can you please show me where you’ve posted instructions on your new update to fix this issue?

Your best option is to create another plugin where users can put their own API creds in. Average WP users dont use or need this plugin, i’d bet most users who use a plugin like this are savvy enough to create a Google API Key. Everyone knows how to do that these days using Google Analytics and various other google services. Its extremely easy to do, and when I search your comments area for redirect URI there is a ton of results. Regardless you are jeopardizing security of sensitive data, which is a bad choice.

Thanks for thinking along with me and I will take your feedback on board! And just for your information: you can already add your own Id and Secret via the plugin settings page (Tab Advanced).

This is a great plugin, solves a lot of things at the same time. I liked this from the outset. What I liked, even more, is the super fast customer service. I got a reply almost immediately and the developer did his best to fix a smaller issue. Highly recommended plugin and support.

i cannot print a embedded spreadsheet. is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks for the screencast, that helped me to reproduce the issue! I see that Google has changed the way those documents are printed. For some reason Google is now blocking those print requests in case the document is embedded. If you open the document in a new window, you will see that everything is working as expected.

Unfortunately, this isn’t some I can fix for you, as the everything inside the iFrame is controlled by Google. However, I will contact them about this issue and hope that they will solve it soon!

Please let me know if you have some update how to fix this. I really need the print option. thanks man!

Unfortunately, it’s out of my hands, but I will inform you if this bug is solved.

I have this idea I streaming audio on my website Tokybook.Com and i want to show a custom download link to my customer because my i stream a lot of file, each playlist often reach 100 audio files and my visitor take a lot of time to download it, i want a custom button so they can download all files with only one click Can you add this button to custom download link in the next version ?

Unfortunately, the Google API doesn’t have the possibility to download all files at once as a Zip file. If you want to offer your customers a direct link to all your files, I would suggest you to just add a ZIP file containing all the audio files to your Google Drive, and add insert a link to this ZIP file on your page. That would be the easiest and fastest solution.