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Hi, pre sales here. I’m looking to create a knowledge base for work and I wanted to know if I can embed a specific folder to a post/page so for part widgetA it will show the widgetA GDrive folder (storing drawings and stuff) to everyone that visits the page and then wigetB will have it’s own folder too (these would already be made and filled.

Yes that is possible! You can just include the Use-your-Drive plugin multiple times on your post or page with different settings. So you can create a general shortcode of Use-your-Drive for widget A, and second shortcode besides for widget B which has the User Folder feature enabled.

If you need some help in setting up the right shortcodes, just let me know.

Hello, Let me describe what I exactly want to do, and could you let me know if that’s possible with your plugin:

1. User fills a form on my website with his/her details 2. User uploads up to 5 photos using the form 3. The plugin creates a folder in my company’s google drive with this user’s name (or email) and uploads his/her photos in that folder.

Is this possible to do with your plugin? If yes, will the user be verified by google?

hi, My users are not actually logged in on Wordpress. In that case, would all submissions be uploaded in the same folder?

they will provide their details within the gravity form

That depends. You can upload the files to the same folder or to a user specific folder (which has a random name in case the user isn’t logged in e.g. ‘Guest – 12345’). In case the files are uploaded to the same folder, I can provide you with some additional CSS and extra attributes in the Shortcode to hide the File Browser for your users.

Hello, i have a question before i buy the plugin, i have stored my movies in google drive and is there anyway you can add the videojs or jw player to play those movies? also jwplayer license is free so anybody can use it. please let me know so i can buy.

I can’t integrate the JWplayer to the plugin directly due to their licenses and pricing. Although it is free for customers to use it (to a certain extent), I can’t distribute it via my plugin. Furthermore, the plugin needs to be easy to setup for everyone, without the need for creating all kind of API keys etc., and that is possible with the current HTML5 Player that is integrated.

Is there a particular reason why you want to replace the current jPlayer with another HTML5 Video Player in Use-your-Drive?

Greetings. I would like to know if the plugin supports “pagination”. I have around 1.000 files and the page could get slow without pagination. If not, any other of your plugins does support? Thank you.

The plugins don’t support pagination, but depending on your server + site this doesn’t mean that 1.000 files should slow down your site. For instance take a look at this demo page which loads around 500 image files.

If you need some more information about this, just create a support ticket and perhaps I can help you with some speed/performance tests.

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Hello, just a pre-sale question, please.

I use File Manager Plugin by Envato (https://codecanyon.net/item/file-manager-plugin-for-wordpress/2640424) and this plugin automatically creates a new folder for each registered user. So, in wp-media directory I have a folder “users” and in this folder there are many folders, one folder for each user (example “user01”, “user02”, etc.).

I need to synchronize the folder “users” with another folder “users” in googledrive. So, if a new user gets registration in my web site automatically a new folder appears in “wp media”>”users”>”new-user” and this folder should be saved in “gdrive”>”users” too… is it possible?

I hope that my question is clear… :)

Thank you very much!

Wow, great! I’m contacting him…

His answer: “The google drive plugin creates files/folders on your google drive, the filemanager works on your site storage. It wont work with google drive plugins.” :(

Could you create an addon for synchronization wp-media/gdrive? :) I buy plugin+addon! :D

It is quite hard to implement this in the plugin yet, but perhaps in the future! Thanks for the suggestion!

How much do you charge for Installation services?

I normally don’t provide installation services as the plugin is quite easy to setup. It really is only a matter of a few clicks. So if you have questions about setting up the plugin, just let me know and I will happily try to help you out.

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Your plugin is working out really great for me! Thanks! Question about the gallery option. Is there more than one way to set up the gallery? Or is there just one option?

You can only change the size of the thumbnails via the ‘Gallery row height’ setting on the Layout tab of the Shortcode Generator.

The css doesn’t seem to be working

Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a look at your site and help you there with the CSS rules?

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I have a question, I manage 4 sites, buy the plugin, but I can not activate it at all … What should I do?

What happens if you press the activate button?


The plugin isn’t able to find the purchase of this plugin on your envanto account.

Strange… That should be a problem with the Envato API as I can see from your ‘purchased’ tag that you have bought the plugin. Nevertheless, the API seems to return that you don’t own a License.

Could you perhaps create a support ticket, include a (temporarily) WP admin login and I will make sure that everything will be arranged!

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Hi, can both out-of-box dropbox and ‘use your drive’ plugins be installed together? For example, I am running a school and would like to create access permissions to drop-box for instructors and student permission access to google drive?


Sure! The plugins can be active on the same time.

I got my folder shortcode created to show exactly what I want it to show file wise. However, it doesn’t display it how I want it to. I was hoping for a list view display, just like the one in Google Drive. I kind of get that view. Folders are show in a list view just like in Drive, however, if there are individual files in the folder they are shown at the bottom in a grid view format. This format is making it so I can’t see the entire file name of the individual files.

How do I make it so there is only one file on each row of the display window.

You can select the list view in the Shortcode Generator of the plugin on the Layout tab. Look for the setting Display files and folders.

I just see you also created a support ticket with some more background information on the issue. I will reply to that one as well!


stvnalln Purchased

Great plugin!

What we love the most about this plugin is the in-document search function.

I’m wondering if you know of a way for us to be able to restrict access to the files and charge users per view or download?

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any solutions with a pay-wall. I just never have worked on such a solution and have never seen one by my customers. Perhaps you can integrate the plugin in a WooCommerce Webshop?

I would love to hear if you find any possibilities so I can perhaps add a better integration in the rebuild of the plugin.


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Want to ask before buying, what is the limitation using this plugin If its using gdrive api then how many user can use this at one time, and what is the limiation for downloading and uploading. please can you give detail on this limitation. thanks

Google doesn’t mention any download limits for Google Drive, so they probably have a sort of ‘Fair Use Policy’. There are no uploading limits as far as I know. The amount of users that can use the plugin hard to answer, but in theory it is unlimited as one user can do 1000 API calls per 100 seconds while the plugin should only make a couple calls in the same amount of time. Does this answer your question?


jembrat Purchased

Thanks, that is great answer :)


jembrat Purchased

please check my message on email


mjeremi1 Purchased

Hello, i have problem with preview, they doesn’t show to me, if you want give me your mail so that i can sent you screnshoot. What can be a problem ?

I am not sure what is causing your issue, but a few things you can check:

  • Are you already using the latest version (currently If this isn’t the case, please update the plugin to see if this solves the issue
  • Have you change the setting ‘Manage Permissions’ on the plugin settings page (tab Advanced) to ‘No’? Or have you entered a Google App Domain on the same page, while you aren’t using GSuite?

If this doesn’t help, just create a support ticket and I will happily take a look at your issue.

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Pre-sale question: I would like to restrict content on my website using this plugin, with the restricted content being held on Google Drive.

If I have a user sign up does this plugin integrate the ability for the Google Drive permissions to change? For instance if my Google Drive files are set to private permissions does the signup process automatically work with Google Drive to adjust the permissions so that this user can view and download the files, or do I have to manually do this for each user. Note that I intend to use this plugin with Restrict Content Pro.

Thank you!

By default, the plugin will automatically change the permissions for you. The permission will be set to ‘anyone with link can view’ in case you aren’t using a Google App domain (in case you are using Gsuite).

Hi, I have streaming movies website and mostly the movies is embed from googledrive, so is this plugin mean I can use it as movie player and hide the google drive link movie right?

Yes! you can indeed stream your movie files via the Video Player of the plugin with using shared links. You can see a demo of the Video Player on my demo site.