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Cool idea.

What is to stop someone, unlicensed. Or Licensed, visiting a members profile page, grabbing the key. Then validating at the third party resource for access ?

Thanks for your comment :)

Of course the user should remove the key after they used it. But then again, if the user has completed his signup they would become invalid.

Things to make it even more secure:

  • Key auto expire in 5 minutes
  • Link key to IP and make sure they match
  • Match browser agent

That should make it pretty secure :)

Sounds like a good idea.

Could I make a suggestion, as we would have a need for something similar.

User registers.

User gets sent a key. via email.

User verifies acct with key, and then can proceed to login.

We have a need for this for the project ( we are still doing ) as you know, but we cannot police registrations at the point of registration, and so would like a verification system.

Could this be adopted to suit

Sport, something like that can already be made, check websites (such as phpeasystep) for example on how to make it

I am fully aware of what can be done, my posts are sometimes more to provoke interest in coders scripts than for our own benefit :)

Philo is very talented, I am an avid follower of his.

Thanks for the comment :) really appreciate it!

I currently got my hands full on some projects, but I will see what I can do in the next few weeks.

It Is Useful Script .. Thank You Philo ..

Great work Philo01.

They say the stupid question is the one that you never ask. :)

Here is the one:

I need to know if userVarification can used to create private pages/areas where when the registered client logs in, they are taken to their own secure private area where they can view their personal profile, update etc.

Thanks in advance.


Hi razzc,

The userVerification class is a tool to verify the ownership of something. It is not a membership manager ;)

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Hi Philo01?

I have a pre-sale question. Does the class work the same way the google style or the way envato market places work? such that you can signup with one account and use it to login to various services?


Hi tBeza,

This is not a signup / membership / login script. It is PHP class that can be integrated into an existing application.

If you have anymore questions please let me know!

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Please can you explain further how it works, so i dont buy something that i dont understand its core functions?


Please check the “How does it work?” text.

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Great little utility, thanks.

Demo not working :(