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aaugh, yes the script can track but only and only your domain name all trackers allow to track any domain name

Did you give yourself access to view data for that domain? Click Add domain next to the admin user.

We want a script that work on all domain without adding the domain.

What do you mean? This is simillar to Google Analytics. You need to add the JS tracking script to each page you want to track,otherwise there is no way to record the data.

Hey, nice plugin and I like the accuracy it is tracking. But I think the main menu needs some UX improvements and I would love to have even more statistics than only the referrer of a user. That way I wouldn’t have to use other tools additionally to yours.

I currently have the problem, that a recording (2 minutes long) takes very long to load until it starts and sometimes it just stops for some seconds. I don’t think my server is too slow. What do you think?


Yes, more statistics will be added. The plan is to make userTrack the only analytics tool that you need.

Probably the user didn’t do anything in the first seconds. Does it also happen if you check the “Skip pauses” button?


Sounds awesome! Yes, that solved it for me, thank you. Maybe you should show a small info notice, that the recording is running, but the user is not moving for X seconds.

The plan is to make it even cooler, add some small icons on the timeline bar to show user idle time, clicks, etc… :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi I’m looking forward to getting set up with userTrack. Unfortunately, I didn’t see that you had a WP specific plugin before I bought it, which is a shame, as it makes life easier.

Is there any way of changing it (and I will pay the difference)?

I understand it can all be done manually; i just prefer the plugin accessibility.

Many thanks…


You could ask for a refund for this version and purchase the other version.

But, the two version are very similar, if you already installed you only have to include a JS script onto your WP pages.

If you haven’t already installed it, the script has an installer and shouldn’t take more than 4-5 minutes to set-up.



I have approved your refund request. I don’t know if it shows up instantly on your side or how long it takes for the money to be refunded.

Let me know if you need any assistance when you purchase the WordPress version of userTrack.


Thanks a lot Cristy, I appreciate your effort and responsiveness!

I received confirmation of the refund. I will need to wait until the funds are back in the account so that I can repurchase (they say it can take 3 days)... Hopefully it is asap… I’m looking forward to getting it all setup!



Hi, I just noticed that your script is always calling https://www.l2.io/ip.js?var=ust_myIP, which takes about 500ms with SSL and is an additional security vulnerability. Could you please find a different way to detect the IP? Maybe you can detect the IP by calling addData.php the first time (http://stackoverflow.com/a/3003233/2515158).

And it would be cool to also see the IP-calculated city in the admin panel. Just as an additional info to the country in the tool tip.

Btw, do you have a bug tracker or forum for suggestions, or is everything happening here?


Thanks for your feedback!

1. Yes, I have a bug tracker, using UserVoice: https://tips4design.uservoice.com/ but most bug reports/feature requests come in the comment section and mail. I have to find a way to make people use that. :)

2. I used that IP service in order to reduce the amount of requests sent to your own server. I thought about making a request to your server instead, but usually splitting the requests over multiple domains/servers is faster. I am currently looking in further improving the addData.php request load, so I will also look into doing a local request. As the script performance got improved, doing an extra request to get the IP from your own server might be the best solution now.

3. I have actually just made some changes to the IP geolocation being used and now the City is also received, but not currently displayed. I will add this in the next version.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback!


Hi! While it works great with tracking desktop users experience, it absolutelly doesn’t catch mobile/iPad users taps on the screen and clicks on the buttons or menu.

Could you please help with this?


Even though mobile support is not 100% integrated, tabs should be tracked. Let me further investigate this!

Thanks for the feedback!


Hello, I installed this script on a subdomain. My main domain is an https so I put <script src=”//www.tracking.mydomain.com/tracker.js”></script> – In my footer, as well as reidrected the sub-domain to www, still doesnt work…Any idea why?



Try setting your server path in the settings with https:// in front instead of //

Let me know if it works.

Yup I did that yesterday, it seems to be working now, guess it took so time..Also when viewing recordings can I view by IP address? Bc im not sure if it was me, my friend or a random visitor who viewed the website…

Sorry, I got it, I had censor IP address’s on

Hi, could you please add a “delete all data” confirmation dialog? This is important, as the buttons can easily be mistaken and a fast double click deletes it all.

When is the next update coming?


New features and fixes have been implemented, I will release next week a minor version update (2.0.3).

Sure, I was planning to change those buttons because being triggered only by double-click they can not be “clicked” on mobile devices. I will switch to a simple click/tap plus a confirmation dialog. Thanks for your feedback!


Just bought, few questions/suggestion.

1. I am sure it wont hurt anything in OpenCart as I am using for eCommerce. 2. The header is very big in height, the interface need more improvements. 3. Few functions can be used from ClickTale / Mouse Flow. 4. Does it record checkout over https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.php 5. The Records, how they store, will they take size.



1. What do you mena by hurting anything? It does not change anything on yout site, userTrack just records data.

2. Yes, the interface is outdated and will be improved in future updates. Thanks for your feedback!

3. I don’t understand this question. All the features available are presented on www.usertrack.net/features.php

4. Recording over login sessions is limited. You should disable replaying the click on the checkout button so orders are not issued while replaying back a recording.

5. The database usage is mentioned on the same features page linked above.

Let me know if you need any other information.


Hay, seems its not working, I installed and everything is fine but I don’t find anything in records, once I click on any button it keeps show retrieving xxxxx statistics, please advice.


Did you add the tracker on the paes you want to record? Do you get any errors in the JS console? Send an e-mail at support@tips4design.com with the URL of your site if you still need help.


You mention that this will not record clicks within an iframe but will it do so on an Object tag instead?


I never tried it, but the script records events on the current HTML document (adds listeners to the body). If the Object doesn’t pass those events further to the parent document, then the script can not record the events that were done inside that Object element.


Hello – in tracker.js the serverPath variable is automatically updating with other domain names which I do not own. Any ideas?


Did you change the default password for the admin user? Try changing the password again, maybe someone has access to your account.


Actually I noticed that the panel to change the settings could be accessed by any user. Along with the new Permissions system added in the new update 2.0.3 (currently in the review queue) I also added a permission requirement for the user to be an admin in order to be able to change the settings. So, I recommend updating to the latest version after it will be approved.

Thank you for your feedback!

PS: Your support period is over, I shouldn’t really be responding to users who don’t have a valid support period.


NuDann Purchased

Hey, when is the next update coming?

Hello NuDann,

I will post the changes that I made until now in a minor update until next week. The current major update got delayed as I have recently relocated and I’m still in the process of setting up my work station. Sorry for the delay.


I have submitted the new update, it’s currently in the Review queue for Envato to approve.

Hi! I cannot download the update because Google Chrome blocks it as a potential malware…can you check please? Thanks


Peobably because it is a zip, but I will check. Thanks for notifying me!

I tried downloading the update and I got no errors/warnings. I also scanned the archive with NOD32 and there were no warnings. I think you can just click the arrow next to the download and click “download anyway”. As I said, probably Chrome suggests that downloading ZIPs might be dangerous.


bytelaunch Purchased


When the UserTrack software is on a separate server/domain, and the admin shares a link to a recording, the guest viewer will see a 404.


Server 1—UserTrack App: https://usertrackserver.com/userTrack

Server 2—My Site: https://www.mysite.com

Location: Admin produces share link. Give link to user who has never logged in (no cookies).

Expected Results: 

If someone receives a link from the admin, the guest viewer should be able to view the recording regardless of their cooke state.

Actual Results: 

The guest user will see mouse movements, but the play.html file will try to pull the pages from https://usertrackserver.com rather than https://www.mysite.com.

Steps To Reproduce: 

1.    Setup a scenario involving 2 domains.
2.    Login as admin
3.    Generate share link
4.    On another computer, with clean cookies and cache, who has never logged in, open the share link.
5.    Observe you will see mouse movements, but the pages will not render and 404s will be generated as the pages are being pulled from https://usertrackserver.com rather than https://www.mysite.com.

file: ~/js/userTrackRecords.js

if (options.domain !== ’’) // <—This isn’t set, but the app is on another server

absolutePath = ’//www.’ + options.domain;

setIframeSource(absolutePath + options.url);

P.S. I know my support period is over, but I’m not asking for support :) I hope you still choose to respond to me, I have a few other issues I’ll be posting for scenarios I’ve come across.


Thanks for your feedback, I will investigate this issue!


Hi, Thanks for the great script.

I have a couple of questions to ask and some points that can be improved i think. I really liked your Script and it’s because of that i like to share some of them with you to impove UserTrack.

1- When using mobile as you said taps, scrolls and orientation changes is recording but when i open recording sessions to replay the user action on mobile it doesn’t show where user tapped. just scrolls are being replayed not actions.

2- When viewing heatmaps for mousemove and mouse click, as i scroll down the heatmap has a delay. The heatmap changes while i’m scrolling. I know it’s showing the heatmaps correctly but because it’s changing with scroll and it’s like a parallax on the original web page, confuses me. for example hotjar generates an screenshot and show the heatmap on the recent screenshot i think. If the heatmaps stay fixed on the webpage without lagging while scrolling would be awesome.

3- When i download the heatmap of my website, the downloaded image replaces the white background parts of my website with transparent color and it’s a little bit annoying.

4- Does UserTrack support login restricted and dynamic pages?

Do you accept custom development? Thanks.


Thanks for your detailed feedback!

1. I will further investigate mobile tap events as there are several reports of them not working properly.

2. I will see what I can do to improve performance of heatmap scrolling so the delay amount is reduced or unnoticeable.

3. That’s probably because your site doesn’t have the background color set so the default browser bg color is white, but the background color for the image viewer is gray (or other color). Setting background-color: white; to your body element should fix this. Unfortunately the html2canvas open-source library used to take a “screenshot” of your site is no longer well maintained and there are some issues with it in its current state.

4. UserTrack doesn’t store cookie contents or the content of the page itself, only the URL. If the URL is not accessible from your own PC (eg. it is password-protected and you don’t know the password) you can’t view the login restricted page. It supports dynamic pages and most actions done by the user are replayed, but not being an actual video recording 100% accuracy when playing back can’t be guaranteed.

I don’t do customizations mostly because when making updates to userTrack I might over-write exactly the parts that you had customized, so there would be a merging conflict when trying to update your custom version to the latest version of userTrack.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Have a nice day!