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Hello, I hope you add a signup with payment methods as membership

Hi sanayar2008, that’s a great idea!

If we create PayPal & Stripe gateways to our system we can tie them with the Role system and append Platinum, Gold, Silver & Free (or Paid/Free) roles to the users based on the package they have selected! I will definitely going to discuss this with the team!

Best regards, Flienky

Hey, add payment by bank transfer too, so after make purchased It will show bank account to them such: bank account name, Account number, bank name

and If I use this template to merge to another one, does it work or just to redirect ?

Hello vuekai, are you referring to the above comment? Can you please explain your question in more detail?

Best regards, Flienky

Hi, this script use PDO? is easy to modificated with existing script? best regards

Hi asterix_jv! Yes, this script uses PDO for the database queries.

In my opinion, i think that if you have knowledge of php you will not find it hard to merge this script with another one. The admin panel is extendable and it uses objects (which makes it easy to reuse and add features).

With what kind of script would you like to merge it?

Best regards, Flienky.

+1 @sanayar2008 comment. I’ll buy it for sure!

Thank you alerma! For any question do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards, Flienky.

I want to include a registration process for visitors and add paid subscription options (like a 30 day free trial then paid) with restriction for free users and full authority only to paid, what is the best way to do this? Is it possible with your script? My tools are located on http://freewebsiteaudit.contentvise.com and http://seotools.contentvise.com Kindly check and reply if feasible

Hello Contentvise!

Yes it is possible to group users in two categories. One category should be the free users and the other one the users who have purchased your product. This can be done through the Role system!

For example, free users should have the Role “Free” and the paid users should have the Role “Paid”.

Moreover, you can block users from accessing certain functionalities in your website based on their Role. For example, you can set up what web pages free users can access and what web pages they can not all through the admin panel (with URL-Based Rules)! Same for the paid users.

However, you have to set up the payment gateway for the paid users. The application does not provide a payment gateway. This can be done through third party tools easily.

Best Regards, Flienky


msne Purchased

After installation in trying to log in in administration but getting below error:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /PATH/forms/adminLogin.php:45) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 5

Any ideas what is causing this? The same continues if I log out.

Hello again, is output_buffering enabled in your php.ini file?

Best regards, Flienky.


msne Purchased

Hello, thanks for the quick response!

Visiting /forms/login.php is working fine. In the console I can see that there is PHPSESSID in cookies.

When I’m visiting /admin I’ll get below warnings:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /PATH/forms/adminLogin.php:45) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 5

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /PATH/forms/adminLogin.php:45) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 5

When I’m visiting /forms/adminLogin.php I’ll get only below warning:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /PATH/forms/adminLogin.php:45) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 5

When I’m logging out I’ll get below warnings:

Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in /PATH/forms/logout.php on line 3

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /PATH/forms/logout.php:3) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 5

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /PATH/forms/logout.php:3) in /PATH/classes/core/session.php on line 38

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /PATH/forms/logout.php:3) in /PATH/forms/logout.php on line 5

I’m in a shared environment, PHP Version 5.6.16 and as per phpinfo() output_buffering = no value.

I tried to made a fresh install but still getting the same error.

Dear msne,

I have replicated the problem in my own server and I can confirm that the problem is that your hosting provider has disabled output_buffering.

Please send me an email at support [at] usertask .co so we can fix the problem. We might have to exchange some files and other configuration settings.

Yours, Flienky

Is it intentional not to have an index page in the main folder?

Hello JJMillwall,

Yes there is not any index page in the main folder.

To access the administrator page, visit /installation_path/admin.

Moreover, all of the forms are inside the /installation_path/forms.

For example, the login form is at forms/login.php, the registration form is at forms/register.php and so on.

If you have any question, please let me know.

Best regards, Flienky.

Thanks for the reply. Only other issue I’m having is when using hasRole is getting an error that says: “Fatal error: Class ‘rolesAndRulesModel’ not found in /home/tacticalwebco/public_html/search/classes/core/user.php on line 39”

I have the autoloader.php included

Dear JJMillwall, it seems that a file is not included properly from the autoloader.

I will submit today an update to fix the glitch, it might take 2-3 days to be accepted from codecanyon, if you can’t wait, please send me an email at support [at] usertask .co so i can send you the corrected file.

Sorry about the problem.

Best regards, Flienky.

Fatal error: Class ‘config’ not found in PATHHERE/classes/core/security.php on line 38 When uploading the files and going to install…

I can’t even INSTALL… The whole config looks to be not working as in the security.php

I’ve replied to your email thanks!

Issue sorted, Resolved due to an issue my end with the directory setup I’m using.. SILLY ME! Amazing work, thanks for the support.

Do users have a profile page?

Hello bigfabi!

After the user has registered, he then can change his email, password and other info that you have specified through the custom registration inputs (eg First Name, Language).

However, there are not any profile pages available since every application’s profile pages are different (different settings, data, templates).

It is easy to create one, you can simply retrieve the user’s credentials from the UserTask api and then return a view with these data.

Best regards, Flienky.

where user can login? there is any page for user? login? and update user info? what is the platform? laravel? codeigneter? and db? mysql? i created users but i cannot login with usersname password.


The login page is located at forms/login.php. The user can view/edit his info at forms/change-info.php (only accessible if the administrator has created custom registration inputs, if not, there is no info that the user can change).

The application is not written on top of any framework.

Mysql is the only supported database, contact us if you want to use a different database.

Please email us the error that you get.

For immediate support, we recommend sending us emails at support[at]usertask[dot]co

Best wishes, Flienky.


It is working fine when i will place all file in root folder….but it is not working if i will place all files into subdirectory…..Please help ASAP


We will consider that thank you!

Thank for your quick and positive response, when you are going to publish update??? Please let me know, so that i will plan accordingly.

We have not planned to publish an update yet. Moreover, when we do we might not add all of the recommendations you have listed. I hope you can understand. Thank you!

Hay could you add pricing table, and profile picture for user??? If yes i will buy this software, also plz clear it is based on any frameworks or not??? Actually i dont want with any frameworks, i just want pure coding. Any your project is awesome, plz add above features. thanks in advance

Currently we would like to focus on more important features first. UserTask is not written on top of any framework. Thank you.

Worst app….basic features is missing, waiting for update from 3 month, but author is misguiding…..Very sad for me

Hello ukmsoft123,

I am very sad to hear that you feel this way. It is my first priority to deliver a product that will fulfill not all but most of the requirements for an administrator.

I am very sorry to hear that basic features are missing.. Can you please send me an email at support[at]usertask.co so we can discuss it in more detail? UserTask contains a vast amount of features listed at https://usertask.co/features/ .

In my last reply I said to you that currently, we are not planning to update UserTask, but we will for sure provide all of the necessary security updates.

Thank you for your comment..

Thank you! I really appreciate that you like UserTask!

Hello flienky

first: very good job

how user can change his email ?

can you add profil pages for user ?

Best regards, Flienky.

Hello vincent1890!

Thank you for your comment!

You should be very careful when you let your user change their email address, because you have to make sure, that the second email address, belongs to the user and not to somebody else. This is why, you have to resend an activation email and validate the user again. Also there are other issues about this. If you really need to let your users to change their email addresses, contact me at support[at]usertask.co.

Also, UserTask, contains, a page where, the user can change his personal information. It is the page /forms/change-info.php. You can modify this page, and set as a profil page. For more info, contact me via email.

Thank you!