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How do you activate the XML Users Sitemap?

The XML Users Sitemap is automatically live as soon as you activate the plugin (usually after you install you click “Activate”). It will then be instantly available at

How do I submit the sitemap to the search engines?

The best way is to go to each search engines control panel for website owners and use there own submitters. Google has “Google Webmaster Tools” and Yahoo and Bing share “Bing Webmaster Tools” for managing website statuses etc. If you dont fancy setting these up and want a quick submission, you can just link to the XML Sitemap page with a normal link and it will eventually be found.

I have a custom author page URL rewrite system, will this plugin work?

This plugin was built to be as easily customized as possible for all sorts of rewrite rules. From the settings page you can change the URL that the archive and sitemap send visitors looking for specific users/authors by use of drop downs and text boxes

What’s the difference with your plugin and the existing Google XML Sitemaps or BWP Google XML Sitemaps, or even those sitemaps that comes along with SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in one seo pack?

This sitemap lists the users/authors of your WordPress website along with where to find the accounts thumbnail (which may prove useful in the future when images come up in search).

Strangely enough the other popular Sitemap plugins like the ones you mentioned don’t offer these features which we needed for several projects ourselves, so we built this plugin!

This plugin also creates a human browse-able archive of users for visitors to crawl and Page Rank to flow through to your user/author sections.

Im getting the error “Cannot find function get_users()” when I try and use this plugin

This is caused by the function get_users() being introduced in WordPress 3.1 which this plugin requires to work. Update your WordPress installation to the latest version to fix this problem

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