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Looks interesting!

Thanks for the kind words keyhanjun , this plugin really adds some awesome user/author features to WordPress :)

When I try to call for example I get an error message Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_users() in /home/myuser/domains/ on line 101

Any idea why ? (the users sitemap is also not created … “XML Parsing Error: no element found” when call

Thank you for any support that might come :-)

Hi profitabil, we will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible :)

get_users() is a WordPress function so that should already be available to use from WordPress, really odd that it isn’t finding that, have you got the latest version of WordPress installed? Try putting the PHP code: global $wpdb; between line 70 & 71 (will put that into an update now for people to be able to download automatically as well).

As for the sitemap, have you got your permalink structure set up as “Post Name”? If you have, try clicking Save to flush the rules and hopefully fix that problem.

If these don’t fix it could I have the URL of the site you are developing so I could have a quick look, you can send it by email if you are not comfortable publishing it here.

Thanks for your really fast answer . I will contact you by email.

it´s compatible with produt_cat on woocomerce??

I wouldn’t have thought so unfortunately

I bought the plugin. My users-sitemap.xml is blank. Sometimes it says there is an “error on line 2” and other times it’s just blank.

Hi, Does the plugin use gravitar as default? Also, it is possible to show posts from each author?

The plugin does not support that and it uses the gravitar by default

Hi..Dose it work with latesr wp version?

Looks like the live preview is no longer working :(

Hi! Fot this website I need sitemap.xml by template of page. Can your plugin do this?