userResponse Flat File User Control System

userResponse Flat File User Control System

Easy to get started and use, userResponse is a simple, easy to use, Flat File User Access Control application written in PHP. userResponse uses a Flat File database system so if you do not have access to or would prefer not use a database, Flat Files are a great alternative.

userResponse is easy to install and set-up, and adding Access Authorizations to your front-end pages is pretty straight forward. As with all of my scripts, I put a ton of love into userResponse. I wanted to keep it light, simple and easy to use so I did not add a ton of features. My goal was to create a system that just about anyone could easily use, and I think userResponse fits.

userResponse Flat File User Control

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userResponse Flat File User Control Features

userResponse uses Flat Files, No database needed

userResponse Features

Application Features

Fully Documented & Clean Code
No Frameworks used, UserResponse is fully hand coded from the start to finish
Easy to use web-based installation & set-up
Translation ready via Localization files
Full Administration area to manage all Users and Authorizations
Unlimited Administrators
Unlimited User Accounts
Deactivate & Activate Users as needed
View timestamps when users login
Account Email verification and activation
Forgotten password reset
Unlimited front-end page Authorizations
Unlimited Authorizations
Full AJAX Interface, no page reloads
Intuitive and user friendly design
UserResponse is Built using Bootstrap 3.3.5 & Fontawesome 4.3.0
UserResponse REQUIRES PHP 5.3+ & mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt

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Change Log:

April 2016
- Initial Release