Discussion on UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

Discussion on UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

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Hi, is userpro can still fully function without buddypress installed? Can it replace what buddypress can do? Are there specific advantages installing buddypress and userpro side by side?

Yes, Userpro works without buddypress, it is not reply. It does not replace buddypress but It can work with buddypress if you ask about compatibility. :)

If you would like to use it along with BuddyPress, you can synch the BuddyPress user profiles and avatars with UserPro.

Can this plugin essentially replace buddypress? Meaning you can sync with buddypress then deactivate it? Buddypress is over kill for and this UserPro seems perfect.

Yes, you can sync userpro with buddypress but you need the buddypress plugin active in your site :-)


Does this plugin conflict with buddypress xprofile fields, and the buddypress profile templates? Can they work together?

It doesn’t work with buddypress xprofile fields.

If you can edit BuddyPress templates, you can show the whole user’s profile to a BuddyPress section or page using shortcodes.

does it work on buddypress profiles also?

It does not replace buddypress but It can work with buddypress if you ask about compatibility. :)

Does this work without buddypress? In otherwords, do I need buddypress to use this?


This works 100% WITHOUT BUDDYPRESS :)

hi, does it work with buddypress, buddypress plugin and themes? i’m building models site, i need different profile fields for model, photographer, artist. browse, search function for those talents. post job with buddypress classified plugin. i just want to know its gonna work with your plugin or not.

Yes. The plugin is compatible with all these plugins but it does not integrate automatically in buddypress. It’s compatible with all properly coded themes tho

i have a site built with buddypress, how can i integrate your plugin to work with buddypress?

Do you want to replace buddypress with userpro?

i cannot replace, if possible, i want to use both buddypress and your plugin

You can use both together but UserPro won’t integrate itself automatically in buddypress

Quick question before I purchase.

Does the plugin need Buddypress to be installed to show whether a user is logged in / online or not? Or does this function work independently of Buddypress?

UserPro does not need BuddyPress to check if a user is logged in – works independently of BuddyPress

Hi, As integrated with buddypress? Thanks!

This replaces buddypress features because it has many frontend features but it can work beside buddypress without integration

How does this integrate with BuddyPress?

Does it enhance or replace any features?


You can synch UserPro user profiles with BuddyPress.

It is not mandatory that you have BuddyPress installed though – it works independently of BuddyPress.

What features are you looking for specifically please ?

Sorry to say but this does not work with buddypress but replaces buddypress. Members page and profiles are replaced by UserPro. Login and Registration replaced by UserPro. Even if you sync buddypress, its pretty much useless because all or almost is used by this plugin. I have tested or used on friends website and its basically making buddypress pointless to even have on the site. I would say if anyone buys this plugin to just take the whole buddypress off because this plugin is paid and looks a heck of a lot better than buddypress.

If I had the money to get this. I would and take buddypress off.

Is it compatible & integrated with BuddyPress?

It is not integrated with BuddyPress, but is compatible with it


I’m currently working on a community. And your plugin has everything a need but i’m using buddypress. As i understand, the login and register is the same for wordpress and buddypress, wordpress handles that. Does this work with buddypress? Have you tested it?

Best Regards

Yes, some customers already tested it. It will work alongside buddypress but userpro won’t hook in buddypress, it has its own login/registration and profiles, hope that’s clear :)

works for buddypress 1.9.1?

Yes, works perfect with buddypress version.

Hi there,

Pre-sales question. I’m interested in using this plugin with the Kleo theme. I like some of the integrated features the Kleo theme has for buddypress and plan to use buddypress. I think i understand userpro is separate of buddypress, but integrates with it. So is there any issues using both userpro and buddypress at the same time (like do they sync up), or is this just not recommended?

You can use both plugins alongside. If you would like to use it along with BuddyPress, you can synch the BuddyPress user profiles and avatars & profile links with UserPro.

Hi, I think that this fantastic plugin is what I’m looking for. Is it possible to have a demo or showing as it works with buddypress?

thx michele

Hi Michele,

Apologies, We do not have any demo for this. There are settings available for BuddyPress Integration in UserPro Settings .-

Sync UserPro profile links with BuddyPress

Sync UserPro avatars with BuddyPress

Sync UserPro display name with BuddyPress

Many of our cuxtomers are using both the plugins without any issues.

Thanks !

Hi, question. i’m using a theme that is integrated with buddypress throughout completely. so i have to have buddypress running. however, there is no plugin that will allow buddypress to have multiple registration form types during sign up. if i active my userpro plugin, can i JUST use the registration forms during sign up? but then continue using the buddypress accounts and layout afterwards? i was just wondering if they work together like that. thanks!!

Both UserPro and Buddypress uses same WordPress users so after registering using UserPro you can always login to buddypress user profiles with same username and password used while registration however all other custom fields and fields that are UserPro specific will not be shown in buddypress profile view. Thanks

Will this plug-in work with Buddypress?

We need the ability to make Groups and work with a theme like xphoria in themeforest. Does UserPro work with buddypress?


UserPro does not make groups, and does not replace BuddyPress. Thanks!


I got a presale question and hope you dont mind answering it.

My first impression, this plugin looks good and promising. However, I didn’t see anywhere in the main page that this plugin supports BuddyPress. Is this plugin works well with BuddyPress? I can see you mentioned that this plugin integrates beautifully with bbPress, but I’m now sure about BuddyPress.

Sure, it integrates well with BuddyPress. You can use it independently as well -i.e. minus BuddyPress too.

Hello there, Can I use it with BuddyPress? Or this plugin is an alternative to BuddyPress? It replaces what page: wp-login.php or my login / register theme pages?

UserPro does not rely on BuddyPress. You can use it as an alternative to BuddyPress. If you would like to use it along with BuddyPress, you can synch the BuddyPress user profiles and avatars with UserPro.

About the login/ registration , UserPro has its own pages for login & registration. You can choose to have wplogin php / wp register redirect to the UserPro login/ registration pages or alternatively, have them continue to point to the default WordPress login/registration.


Not that I’m currently using BuddyPress, just in case that I’ll decide to use it, could you please tell me if your addon will continue working or will be replace by BuddyPress common functions?

Thank you

Userpro works alongside BuddyPress. You can also synch the BuddyPress user profiles and avatars with UserPro.