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I tried to download the latest version but Avast Antivirus blocks the download by reporting a virus JS:ScriptIP-inf[Trj].

What happen? In recent times I have had several unwanted users with the role of admin.


We have this function in admin.php file which redirect to our service page (

function load_services line 192-199 Screen:

This function redirects to our service request page link.

Your antivirus thinking that this is virus or suspicious behavior, but it’s not, its just antivirus mistake.

We removed this function and all antivirus software is green now.

Check screenshot below.

We plan to remove this for good, so you will not experience this type of issues.

Let me know if we can help you with something else.

Is it possible to for example translate the country names? When I translate it the country badge no longer appears, like it only knows how to respond to English. Same for the gender value. When I translate that it no longer shows a male or female profile picture. I could not find it in the .po file.

Hello, at the moment there is no way to translate country names and gender values, they are using English name for files. We will add this to our to-do list to fix it and will release it with further update. If you need this feature ASAP please raise a support ticket and we will provide you the solution.

Can you tell what is code for autocomplete for Addresses using Google Geo Location service on text field can you tell me what is code for it to put into ajax.php file in userpro plugin please provide me code thanks

Hello, we are afraid, but GeoLocation cannot be added with the current setup of the plugin. However, you can manually add the address details of the user, and the same location can be pinned on the Google Map on the profile page of the user. If you need customization services write us at and we will give you estimate of this customization.


senfdazu Purchased

Is it possible to insert a page or a link in the Wordpress menu and display it only for members? Guests should not see the link in the menu. I would like to have a page displayed only for members. But I do not want guests to see the “Restricted Content / Members Only” info box.

Yes it’s possible. You can use this plugin for this functionality:


senfdazu Purchased

Oh, cool. :) Thanks a lot. Nice.

You are welcome :)

Hey !!!! Can you answer our support ticket seriously? We are 12 days late for your lack of responsibility …

Attached image.

Hello, apologize for misleading communication. We are working on your issue right now and help you ASAP.

Hi, Can I show photos uploaded by members in any page, and can I categorize these photos ? Thank you.

Hello, all photos saved in the Uploads -> UserPro -> UserID folder in your server, you can get images from there. Apologies, but you can’t categorize them.


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Can I create a coustom group of fields like “registration” or “edit profile fields” group? I can only find the option to add custom fields and add them to the existing groups or make custom register forms. Is there a way to create groups like that?

Hello, no you can’t create “registration” and “edit profile fields” groups. We can provide customization services if you need.


MikesCo Purchased

Adding reCaptcha I only find the optin to add the Sitekey but not the field to enter the secretkey is missing. Frontend gives out following error: Site owner error notice: Invalid site key

Hello, could you please raise support ticket and share temporarily credentials to your website? We will help you to investigate this.


MikesCo Purchased

Trying to change the CSS of for example div.userpro-label label but they all have !important Flags on them. Tried and successfully activated the layout but most of the CSS labels don’t exist in there and adding them does not change anything do to the flag!

Hello, could you please raise support ticket and share temporarily credentials to your website? We will help you to investigate this.

Hello. When using a registration form, is it possible to autofill a field (like email address) from a query string in the URL? Example would be if my registration page was, I’m wanting the email field to be auto-populated if the user was at say “”.

Hello, this requires code customization, you can change code in the UserPro -> Templates -> register.php like this to achieve this. Then if user came to registration page like this E-mail address should be filled.

Hello, after disabling all plugins except the two for UserPro, i still have the same mistake and no solution to solve this issue..

Error in jQuery.ajax while submitting a form:

The plugin doesn’t work and i have no idea how to fix it and no answers when i contact the support.

Hello, we have answered to all your questions in support ticket and wrote once again before some minutes. Please find this letter and answer back if anymore questions left and you need help from us.

hi pre purchase question

I intend to have volunteers log their participation in activities and then be rewarded with badges and a certificate (to download automatically). Is this possible with your plugin? Or is similar possible?


Hello, thank you for getting in touch with us. This functionality is not available with the plugin, however this can be achieved by some code change. If you are interested in customization services please write at and we will arrange the estimate for you.


How do I setup a email notification so when a new user registers but needs to be approved by admin?

then a welcome email after they are approved?

Hello, thank you for your query. You need to setup New User Approval to Require E-mail Activation. This setting are in the UserPro -> Settings -> General. Also there is settings for email in the UserPro -> Email Notifications.