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I bought a plugin. How many domains can I install?

Hello, you can use your license key only once.

I’ve been seeing a lot of scans looking for /wp-content/plugins/userpro/changelog.txt on my Wordpress websites. That means your plugin has a vulnerability. Hopefully this is something that has already been patched but I wanted to inform you.

Hello, thank you for giving us this information.

I am looking for a plugin that will restrict access to users based on purchased time constraints, weekly, monthly etc.. Can your plugin do this? Thanks

Hello, we have add-on for this, UserPro Payment addon, you can check it out.


is it possible to integrate 2FA plugins with your plugin?


Hello, we can offer you customization services.


thanks for your replay.

Can you please provide me a quote and when it can be done?

Regards Nikola

Hello, please write your requirements at and we will give you estimate of this customization.

hello, for some reason, admin can’t see a user profile, that means can’t edit a user profile except admin itself. as an admin, when i click “view profile” of a user from backend, it direct me to “admin” profile at the frontend instead of the user. is there a specific setting to make it work?

please advise me

Hello, can you please raise a new support ticket?

Pre-sale. I need to restrict the registration to people with a private code. An invitation code. Can I do this with your plugin.?

Hello, you can only restrict registration with the invitation code.


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Hello, I have upgraded UserPro from 4.9.22 version to 4.9.30. The memberlist’s profile pictures are incorrectly sized now. I have already tried to upload again some pictures and checked the settings. How can I eliminating this unpleasant issue? Regards


Hello, can you please raise a new support ticket?


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Why i cant edit users bagdes from non registered with userpro register page? I only see 2 accounts and i have 5 accounts, 3 of then without userpro.. can you check it?

Hello, please raise a new support ticket.


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I would like to restrict contents from non-registered users. For some reasons, groups and forums are not being restricted. Can you help please?


Hello, can you raise a new support ticket?


Does the newest version support google reCAPTCHA v3?

Thanks Philipp

Hello, no.


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How do you prevent specific profiles from being seen in the member directory? Like admin profiles, or non-subscribing users who simply bought something in Woocommerce and required a wordpress profile?

Hello, you can use this shortcode to exclude users by role – [userpro template=memberlist role=author,subscriber] or you can exclude users by id add this setting to shortcode ” exclude=1,2,3 “


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How do we access the classic wordpress user administration page? We need a way to get to it for simplified user management. How can this be done?

Hello, you should be available to reach the default WordPress administrator page, if you have problems with it, please raise a new support ticket, we are ready help for you.

Hello. Presale question.

I am using Newspaper theme for my blog. It’s likely the most popular theme on themeforest ( for news sites.

1. Do you have any info from your users like does your plugin integrate/work fine with it?

Since i am not sure is this plugin for me my main question is this (i’ll try to explain).

So basically i am running blog and i have my own review system (theme function). However i want to build community. Where users can visit (example) their categories such as pictures, music or videos. Free i don’t need monetization. And i want this community to have these options for me as an owner.

2. User (user role) can register or login via social. Once when in user dashboard User can upload specific type of files in specific community folder/post/page defined by category type (for this example i will use jpg. zip and mp3 files). And all other registered users can see and download these files. Is it possible with your plugin?

2.1 can i define top limit size of uploaded files? 2.2 can i define what kind of extension is allowed like non ordinary extensions? 2.3 can i define where this files is uploaded by the type of extension. I.E. if user want to upload jpg file in music category plugin will not allow it? 2.4 once when files are submitted do i have option to publish this immediately (so other users can see it immediately without me allowing it) or if decide that uploaded submission need my review until they are published (in which case i should get email notification)? 2.5 file rating – can other users rate this uploaded file and filter top rated files?

3. user credibility: i guess it’s done via MyCred integration right?

4. if MyCred is installed and some popular users are being followed – when popular user upload something can others which follow him get email notification?

5. is some other your extension/addon to UserPro is required to make above requirements happen please list it here.

Sorry if i am asking wrong questions – it’s been said in highlights of your product that one can build any type of community. I am still trying to understand what i am looking for i mean that what i need i don’t even know how is this called in wordpress plugin world :)


Hello, 1. Our product is compatible with any WordPress theme. 2. For this you will need our userpro media manage addon. 3. No. 4. No. 5. Media Manager for UserPro

Ok. 3 and 4 aren’t really that important for me at this moment. So answer to all my question under 2 is yes? That’s great!

5. MediaManager pro – i just checked it briefly. Sorry for asking but can i define other extension in MManagerPro? Like not just jpg, png or music/video. Can i add (for example) zip extension or some other custom 3 letter extension?

6. is there a download counter in MMpro? So i people can see how many times their upload is being downloaded.

Thanks for your answer and for your time.


Before I proceed to purchase this plugin, may I know the welcome email can have the submitted data in the form that he/she submit. Example, the name, email, facebook to show in the email as well.

Hello, yes, you can get this data in the welcome email.

Is it need to customize or already have the settings?

Please reply asap


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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it’s not understandable since I’m reporting an issue that affects anyone, not just me: uploaded profile images appear everywhere (Member Directory, Profile’s pages, Comments) with wrong sizes. You can easily replicate it on a new default Wordpress installation with any theme, UserPro 4.9.30 and without other plugins.

Appearance is not acceptable, especially when users upload their own photos. There are no UserPro settings that fix it. Any suggestions? Regards


> Hello, can you please raise a new support ticket?

>> Hello, >> I have upgraded UserPro from 4.9.22 version to >> 4.9.30. The memberlist’s profile pictures are incorrectly >> sized now. I have already tried to upload again some >> pictures and checked the settings. How can I eliminating >> this unpleasant issue? >> Regards >> >> Massimo

Hello, as I mentioned before, you need to raise a new support ticket and we will help you to solve this your issue.


Is there any option (shortcode or any other option) to display profile image in the top right corner after the login? (like this:

Thank you!