Discussion on UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

Discussion on UserPro - Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

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Burt37 Purchased

Hello there…

I just uploaded to the latest version 5.1.5 and I’m getting this error now…

[25-Nov-2023 01:57:20 UTC] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in public_html/wp-content/plugins/userpro/includes/class-userpro.php on line 222

Also running Avada…

Can you help?

Thank you


dainius-kiro Author Team


Thanks for this report. Can you tell me more about what exactly is not working and what is the website address? Let’s continue the communication in the Support ticket.

hello, please this plugin working with php version 8 ?

i have license with you, but the plugin not working with 8.2 can u help me plz

Sure, we can help. Please describe what exactly is not working, specify the address of your website and UserPro version. We may need your admin logins, so I will wait for your response in the Support ticket.

ticket sent , plz help urgently

Hello, I want to build buddypress website, where people can create subaccounts (sub users). Creating a subaccount will be a paid service and this service must be the WooCommerce product. Is it possible to create such a functionality with your plugin?

In short: User registered on my website can create and customize other user. And creation of an additional user must be a paid service. It must be paid through WooCommerce because the payment gateway I want to embed works only with WooCommerce. User also can fully edit subaccount.

Hello, unfortunately, UserPro plugin does not have built-in features for creating subaccounts as a paid service integrated with WooCommerce.

UserPro is a plugin that provides user profile and community features for WordPress, but it does not inherently offer the ability for users to create and customize other users or subaccounts. The primary purpose of UserPro is to enhance the user profile management experience on your WordPress site.

I bought this plugin a few years ago and have just installed the latest update on my website. Unfortunately there are a few errors, including:

1. Search does not work on the Members page 2. Invite Users (Enter Email addresses to Invite) does not work. 3. Import Users does not work.

The rest seems to work, but the fact I cannot import users in bulk or search for users is a big problem.

Thanks for reporting this. Could you provide your website address and plugin version? I answered you in the Support ticket, please reply there.

We recently updated user import/export for security reasons, so if you have an old csv file, it may not work. Try exporting the users now and importing them based on the new file.

Is there a demo login?

You can register and login as a simple user here: Logged-in users cannot see the admin environment.

presale question:

Is it available to download member as passbook or wallet? like a loyalty card on your phone. Downloading from email registration confirmation a .pkpass file for iOS. thanks

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Last download version is corrupted

Can you give a reasoned list of what is corrupted? If you have problems or notice a bug, please contact us in Support Ticket and we will try to help you.

We’re having an issue with the plugin. We have removed the “website (URL)” field from our registration form and click save and it does not remove. It removes it and appears to save but once I leave that page in the UserPro settings and then go back to it, it is there again. Is there a way to remove the website field from our registration fields for our form that I am missing? I need to get it removed as I think we are getting a lot of spam registrations just so that they have a URL somewhere on our site for rankings.

Try updating to a new version of the plugin (when available 5.1.2). If the problem persists, please answer me in support ticket.

dear team sir can i use one website or multiple website

Quick Question about the formatting for the Google maps Address fields that are added to the profile. I can’t see any documentation on what is expected in Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3

I have added them to the user profile but Google Maps is saying “Please enter valid address”.

I have 2 licenses and have not used Userpro in years. Its looking like it will be very useful for my project if this formatting of address is simple….

I have tried different Variations of 123 My Street, City, State, Postcode all together on 1 line, or split over 2 or split over 3 and still no valid address…

Hi Jayc,

Sorry for late response. Here is the documentation:

But I thing you don`t need 3 address fields. It`s enough just one. Simply add one field to you Edit Profile Fields following the documentation I provided before, enter address and country in to the field below. This should work. If not, please contact me in Support.

Why no updates for over a year?

When will you be updating this?

We have recently released an update, please check it out. More updates coming soon :)


drmoody Purchased

You probably can’t help me because my support has run out but I keep getting emails saying “xxxxxx has just created a new account at xxxxxxxx. The account is pending your manual review.”

But I have disabled registration so I don’t know how this is possible. My website membership is only created by the admin.

Hi, It is hard to tell without seeing your website. If you disabled registration maybe there are still old registration requests or just spam. Please check if there are no accessible pages with registration forms. You can use security plugins like reCaptcha to filter fake requests. All user requests you can see in admin panel: UserPro -> User Requests

I have been using their plugins since pre – covid.. Used to be one of the best teams i have come across always used to revert back to mails in 24 hours anmd every issue or bug used to be rectified within 24-36 hours..

but now lately since last few months i would say one of the worst developer team here on codecanyon…

been writing to them since almost 2 months now but no reply having some plugin configuration issue on my site but it hasnt been rectified yet. and the support team also is doing nothing about it…

dont buy their plugins pls look for some other developer

I asked for a refund and nothing happens. No answer. Time is elapsing. Not serious at all

Hi, Pre sale question:

1) I use WPML. Can you show me how the Email Notification are translated?

2) Can I create more than one Registration Forms?



1. I will be able to reply later, I don’t have this plugin on my system at the moment.

2. Yes, different registration forms can be created and used.

Hi this is a pre-sale question, I’m interested in restricting some content (e.g. blog post / certain pages) to members-only. But I want to encourage visitors to signup, instead of locking the whole page, is it possible to have half-page preview of the page that is locked and then a prompt telling them it is for members-only?

Thank you


With our Bookmarks plugin, you can set your content to private or public, so it’s possible to hide not the entire page, but only a part of it.

There are also shortcodes for restricting content by role, and in the settings you can choose what role to assign to new members, it should probably be possible to implement everything you need:

You can also try our demo:

I want to purchase this plugin. Two questions, please:

1. i want a 30 day-payment action to make registration done, and repeat this payment after each 30 days, otherwise user account will not shown public.

2. i want each user while registration choose a categorie for his/her account. So visitors can make search to members in categorie

is this possible and do you have any documentation regarding to this?

Thanks a lot


1. We have a setting for recurring payments, but I would suggest contact payment support for fee plans.

2. There is an option to create your own categories and then allow visitors to search by those categories:

xjox Purchased

hello, you can create additional profiles within an account, or something similar.


Yes, visitors can register on the site, upload their photos, provide other information, there is an option to change the appearance of the member list, and there is also an additional addon for this.

hello i want to use this plugin for , but it doesnt work properly on it, is there any problem with it ?


You need to open a support ticket from the account where you purchased our plugin, then we can take a look at everything.


ayoben Purchased

Recaptcha sitekey doesn’t gets saved



If you still have a problem then open a support ticket.


ayoben Purchased

Yes, I did that before commenting.