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I would like a full refund for this plugin as it does not work as described or as per preview. The table of contents widget doesn’t work and its very important to have that on our website.

I already mentioned it in the comments but still, haven’t received any feedback.



I’m having problems with the plugin returning errors when I click on certain links in the frontend. Is there any documentation? All of your links to help and demos aren’t working. Please help!

Thanks you :) hg

Hi! I have been waiting a few days for response on comments. Just wondering if there is documentation and support available as I am getting errors and can’t figure out how to change the template and such. Please let me know soon, or I will have to request a refund as this is one of the most expensive plugins I have purchased. Thank you!

Hi there,

We’ve just bought this for our site and it looks perfect for all of our needs, except one major bug – it’s the same as another user reported here: under “Frontend editing is bugged”.

We’ve got the exact same issue with the two boxes appearing and not working properly. We’ve tried it with all other plugins disabled and on our theme and the Wordpress 2015 and 2016 themes, but it’s the same for all of them.

It only happens when creating a new sub-page – creating a new top-level page is fine, as are discussions. Please help as this is the only thing stopping us launching our new wiki now!

Thank you

As per the due process to file for a refund, I am requesting a refund for this product. It does not work as described (or at all really) and no support is provided. This product should be removed.

Yeah, this item is unsupported and looks like no refund for you if you buy it. What are alternative Wiki solutions for this for Wordpress?

Has this been retired? The web address for the demos etc is dead…


I am interested in using your Wiki plugin but I have one question that I cannot find an answer to. Does your plugin support front-end submissions from users?

Thanks for your time.

Best, Brian

your demo is down