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Do not have the option to upload the user’s photo?

At this time UserPanel app only support for Gravatar. like WordPress do.

I installed and configured UserPanel according to the documentation on xampp. I have my root folder set to project folder. I have the UserPanel files in its own UserPanel folder as a child of [project folder], but when I try to access http://localhost/users/signin/, I get a “Page Not Found”. Database config is correct. For config.php, I’ve tried:

$config[‘base_url’] = ‘http://localhost/userpanel/'; and $config[‘base_url’] = ‘http://localhost/';

$config[‘index_page’] = ’’;

What am I doing wrong?

Hi jeq214,

The way you access files is wrong. thats the issue. If Userpanel files sitting inside a folder called Userpanel and as a child directory of root folder, then you have to access Userpanel login screen like this: http://localhost/userpanel/users/signin/

Regards, ScriptSeries

Thank you! Great script, btw.

have API for App iOS/Android Login?

Hi erolandoaq,

We still dont have a API for the Userpanel app.



Once a user has registered and provided their contact details can they later login and change their contact details? Also, your live preview is not working and instead goes to a page your hosting has put up.

Hi cyberconstructor

Yes, its possible, users can edit their info and account data e.i: username,email and password.

Yes, we are switching servers. DNS propagation can take max 48 hours.



Thanks for your quick response!

Hi cyberconstructor,

Now our both Blueshield & UserPanel apps demos are online. you can check if you like :)

UserPanel demo: www.scriptseries.com/scripts/userpanel/demo/

Blueshield demo: www.scriptseries.com/scripts/blueshield/demo/

Best regards,


How to secure custom php pages?

Is there any api or parameters that can be used?

hi wartw,

There is no ducumented api yet. but if you look at controller files, you can get all the available methods/functions that can be used to extend/scale this system. the reason that we didn’t document methods is most of the people who buy this script are programmers who has Codeigniter experiance and the other technologies e.i: php,mysql etc… so they can easily understand the structure of this script.

but if you need any help, please write at scriptseries.com@gmail.com email address. and we will assit you fast as possible.

thank you very much for contacting us.

best regards,


How to verify the login status? I took a look and I didn’t understand how to judge the login

Hello wartw,

In-order to get good idea about how this script is working, please check application “controllers”.

here is the path for contorllers: UserPanel_v2.0\UserPanel App\application\controllers

inside that contorllers directory includes all the main logic that controlle this script.

you can open the “Users.php” controller file and check the “signin” method to get a great idea about how the script verify user’s signin state.

to get helper methods like “signin state verification method”, please look at the “Helper” library file. here is the file path for that file: UserPanel_v2.0\UserPanel App\application\libraries

In this case to verify user’s signin state, please use “is_signed_in()” method.

for example:

if ($this->helper->is_signed_in()) { redirect(‘dashboard’); }

Best regards,


Good Afternoon, I have a question regarding this product. I want to create a login / Auth site so it can register someone before they are able to fill out form(s) for a camp. would I be able to place forms into their profiles that correspond to their type of signup? Thanks Tomasz