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I have “Failed to fetch” errors and Usernoise does not load at all.

This happens during Usernoise’s AJAX calls when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN option is enabled, but the site is accessed with http protocol (not SSL). It’s best to switch the whole site to SSL in this case and add redirects from http to https. This can be done with Easy HTTPS redirection plugin with “Enable automatic redirection to the HTTPS” option enabled. Please make sure the rest of the site works correctly with HTTPS.

If you can’t do that, you need to tune your web server configuration to send Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers. You can read more on this here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Access-Control-Allow-Origin and here https://enable-cors.org/server_apache.html

Email notifications sent by Usernoise do not arrive to me.

It is a common WordPress issue, because by default it relies on the Linux / Unix system mailer which is not set up right frequently. You can check if you have issues delivering emails by installing this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/check-email/ When installed, open “Tools -> Email Check” screen and try to send a test email to the email address used for Usernoise notifications.

If you have issues delivering emails, an easiest way to fix it is to create a gmail account for outgoing emails and install my All in One Email plugin that adds missing email delivery settings to WordPress. You can also contact your web server administrator for specific instructions how to set WordPress email delivery up for your server configuration.

Can I show Usernoise button at specific pages only?

Yes. You can use [show_usernoise_button] and [hide_usernoise_button] shortcodes to show / hide it.

How do I hide Usernoise button and open the window using a link or a button?

  1. You need to disable Usernoise button. Log into WordPress admin area, goto Usernoise → Settings, and choose “Pro” tab. Choose “Nowhere” below “Show Feedback Button” option (screenshot).
  2. You can now show Usernoise window using an [usernoise_link] shortcode available at post editor. Also, you can use <a rel="usernoise" href="#">My link</a>,<a href="#usernoise">My link</a> or <button onclick="usernoise.window.show();">button</button> <li>If you want to show a version 4 style form - you can use <code><a href="#usernoise4">My link</a></code> </li>

I need a translation for my language.

It is quite simple. You need to install free CodeStyling Localization plugin, scan Usernoise and Usernoise Pro code, and then translate messages into the language you need. Don’t forget to click “Generate .mo” button to save your translation. I will highly appreciate if you’ll contribute the translation back to include it into main release.

Can I rename / move feedback types?

Yes! Now, Usernoise has an editor that allows to edit and reorder them.

My Usernoise settings screen is broken

Most probably, it is a conflict with third party code. An easiest way is to disable other plugins for a couple of minutes (and maybe switch to the standard theme), set up Usernoise, and then reconfigure everything back. You can also contact me via private messages and I can help you figuring the problem out.

Usernoise button does not show at all (yet I have it enabled at the settings).

in 99% it means the site has a JavaScript error before Usernoise javascript is executed. Please make sure your site does not have JavasScript errors. And feel free to contact me if it does not help!

How do I show feedback list in the popup?

UI design was significantly changed in version 4, and it does not contain a feedback list anymore – you can use [feedbacks] shortcode on some page instead. The main reason to remove it was that it was small and not too usable (especially on mobile screens). If you prefer the old look, you can install Usernoise 3.8 + Usernoise Pro 3.7 included into the full CodeCanyon download.

I upgraded Usernoise Pro and it does not work at all

This kind of problems is usually caused by caching and Javascript minifier plugins. Please do the next: 1. If your site is on WPEngine server – please make sure to clear all WPEngine caches. 2. If you’re using one of W3 Total Cache, WP Super cache or BWP Minify plugins – please disable them for a moment, make sure all works OK, and flush all caches (including BWP Minify minified file cache).

Popup behaviour does not match the configuration (missing / extra form fields, etc).

You need to make sure to disable any caching plugins (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WPRocket, etc), disable caching at hosting company control panel (if you’re using WPEngine, SiteGround or other hosts having it), disable mod_pagespeed apache module.

I want old 3.x interface, how do I do that.

1. First off, you need to delete all the Usernoise installations and make sure there is no wp-content/plugins/usernoise folder.

2. Unzip the “full download” file named usernoise-combo-4.xxx.zip downloaded from CodeCanyon. 3. Install Usernoise free version from usernoise-3.7.x.zip file the way you usually install WordPress plugins. 4. Install Usernoise Pro 3.8 from usernoise-3.8.1.zip the way you usually install WordPress plugins. 5. Activate both plugins at “Plugins” WordPress admin screen.

I want to change some of Usernoise’s copy.

Most of the text was customisable from the settings in version 3.8 (which is included into the download), but this feature was removed to allow easier multi-lingual site support. Starting from 4.0 you need to use WordPress localisations to do that. Please see how to translate Usernoisesection.

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